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Dear friends, I’ve spent some time reading all of the interesting questions and answers concerning chakras on Inward Quest, but haven’t found anything truly inspiring. My intention with this question is so that anyone looking for reliable information on chakras can find it in one place.

Maybe you have enough knowledge to list each chakra with one or two paragraphs of text or you know of a great web link etcetera. If you can provide any relevant information from your personal perspective and/or elsewhere, please do so.

I have searched the Internet for chakra information of course, but there’re 16,000,000 + websites existing, many of which haven’t even been spidered by search engines, so I’m sure I’ve missed a few.

Additionally, I’ve noticed a lot of guesswork and conflicting information between the various sources offering chakra information, which, in my opinion, merely adds to and creates confusion.

Can Inward Quest users help to clarify and define chakra meanings?

What do you say?

asked 17 Sep '11, 09:24

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Dear Eddie, The best books on Chakras are "Anything Can Be Healed" by Martin Brofman and "ANATOMY OF THE SPIRIT-The Seven Stages of Power and Healing by Caroline Myss, Ph.D. Any other books simply pale in comparison. Read the answer I gave recently on the question of Blue water.

If you want to make a study of Chakras than a good Reiki book like "Essential Reiki-Compleate guide to an ancient healing art is also good but the top two are a must for any healer worh his salt and is excelent informaton for physical and spiritual problems.


answered 17 Sep '11, 15:20

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Paulina 1

Anatomy Of The Spirit is excelent in that it gives the symbolic power of the Seven Chakras-the symbolic pover of the Christian Sacraments-the symbolic power of the Ten Sefirot and how the Chakras, Sacraments and sefirot work together as well as a whole lot more and I can highly recomend it for gaining esoteric knowledge on healing.

(17 Sep '11, 15:36) Paulina 1

Thanks Paulina :)

(19 Sep '11, 02:24) Eddie

I was not a fan of "anatomy of the spirit."- The author just seems to drill into your head that life is a hard battle with lessons to learn.

(29 Jan '13, 10:01) Nikulas
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My favourite information on chakras, that I feel is the most accurate in accordance with what I have felt while doing energy work is "Energy Medicine" by Donna Eden. Her book doesn't just consist of re-hashed information, she has a genuine gift for clearly seeing and feeling energy. I would love to meet her in person.

Although to be honest I feel that most of the information on chakras out there seems to pretty accurate. The only issue I have is with the functions of the sacral and root chakras. Usually the sacral chakra is seen as the sexual chakra. From what I remember from Energy Medicine, the root chakra is more associated with basic sex drive, while the sacral chakra is more the centre of creativity and sensuality, to some degree. I have never felt any sexual energy from my sacral chakra, for me it stems from my root chakra.

Energy Medicine is, overall, the best book I have read on energy systems in the body, it encompasses everything from chakras to meridians to other things I had never heard of before, and it also has some excellent exercises for tuning up your energy body. Donna Eden's book was what initially taught me how to feel subtle energies.


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Although we have more than seven chakras, put simply, this is the general conscensus and definitions of the base seven point chakra system many people believe we have:

For the most part, I agree with the definitions stated, and agree that these systems are in place in all of us. I call such 'systems' as they are not natural to our spiritual expression of organic being and makeup. These systems are a cosmic or galactic overlay; an artificial software programme of limitation, introduced by non-physical entities who wish to control us; not just physically but conscious-wise, as well.

Granted, our Over Soul cannot be manipulated. But as our Over Soul is fractilised, and as we are all fractals of our Over Souls, as fractals we can be manipulated. Observe how easy it is for one to be manipulated by our parents, siblings, peers, mainstream media, mainstream educational systems and science; politicians, religions, economy, pop culture and cults, New Age propaganda, etc.

Having conscious awareness of the chakra system is good. Defining oneself as one's chakra system is limiting.

The genuine core of our eternal essence is our heart centre, not our 'heart chakra'. It is from our heart centre - unrelated to the chakra system - that our genuine essence emits Light and Logos.


answered 13 Apr '14, 02:25

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