If there are multiple universes, then are there multiple consensus realities, one for each universe? Is there any reality that is THE consensus reality? If so, then in which universe would this reality exist?

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terrance,, i know my answer is long,,, but if u read it,, it will help this undersatnmding as it did myne greatly ,, lobve n light

(18 Sep '11, 13:31) TReb Bor yit-NE

I can answer this,,,I just channeled this entity that is the best friend of the one I channel. enjoy, you are all the first to see a part of the book. love n light rob

Listen here if you do not wish to read it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsjXgMB2QeQ

And please realize that you are only a portion of a much greater existence. An existence that is so vast and so different from not only planet to planet, but also galaxy to galaxy, system to system, dimensions upon dimensions,,, and so many different levels, that u can consider it to be quite infinite! Quite...... forever.....is a word you might see better fit and what do is you think that word means foreverness and foreverness. So think of this word. Think of this word greatly! And try to picture what it is to be infinite.... I will tell you, that even in our race, a race that has several fold of conciseness, the word infinite... is truly extraordinary, TRULY extraordinary! It is greater than any mathematical problem that you have. Even if an existence of one single life would have you having billions and billions of years to explore, and and to go to every planet instantly in the way that we do, with no time in between, stopping at one planet every second, you will l NEVER ever be able come close to experiencing all that is in the system of our own universe. Even if you take this time, and put billions of years, you will not be able to experience that is in our own own galaxy. And then you think...This is one galaxy upon billions, upon trillions. The observable universe that you have, is only a small portion of what is there. Understand this when you think of the word infinite! And it is because these differences and these vast amounts of realities, that we know can come together. Now through my great reptilian friend, through two men from Earth, on a small blue planet, quite frankly in the middle of nowhere, in a fairly small galaxy, we all make this connection. We can start to have a small understanding of what infinitely really means. If we take a minite,or a fraction of a percent of the realities, and the levels of existence, just in your ideas of the observable universe, It is still hard to comprehend this level. Now especially at your level of growth, you seem to be disappointed, diss- heartened, or still believe that you are so small and so insignificant. But this is what I am here to explain. You think of everything as much bigger than you. But what I want you to see, is that you are at the same level as we all are. That YOU are one with all ! Even with the parts that you cannot observe, even with parts that seem to allude you constantly, without you that existence can not be who and what they need to be! Because you are a very important part to this whole existence, you have to be there for the rest of us to exist! I am one that is indistinguishable from you. That means I can walk and talk and be among your race as one in spirit! And I know that this does not truly matter when you are going through this level any possible way. But if want to send you the message, that we are so greatly connected, that without you, the rest of everything that you see bigger, means nothing! And as i finish that thought, then I want to turn to a non-physical reality. I know that Treb Bor yit-NE has spoke to you all about the different densities and different levels, but i feel that if it is not explained to a higher extent that the understanding of your place within the universe and being a part of all of this will allude you. Let's explore the non physical realm because this is the way, that the physical existence works. It works from the top, to the bottom. From non physical existence, to a physical existence. This is the best for you all to see and understand. If it comes from top to the bottom. Now because I explained that there are infinite amount of realities and levels. I will explain for the first level. The top level of God, Creator, , or whatever name have given to this deity. This is where all consciousness exist. This is from where we all come. Let me tell you now, it is widely believed, among some higher density races, or what you see as higher density races, that the creator of all, is one of many creators. That there is a level of creators among creators. This is not a personal belief of ours, but it is one that I will share with you. Some you might see that even the biggest levels can go and extend. The creator is a great conciseness, and as I have said nothing more than what he is. Because he is, not only everything of physical reality and outside of physical reality exist within him, he IS all that is physical ( and non physical ) reality. He living and non living material that makes it up. His is not only all or parts of closeness, he is also in parts of relationships, and love, every joy, every tear. Everything that IS… with in all. And I know that sometimes this is hard for the human race to comprehend, but everything that you can imagine, and everything that you can not imagine, is what the creator is. The reason he made physical reality is so that he could understand and experience everything that there is to experience for himself. The best experiences to the worst, and everything in between. He is a part of all, and he is all, experience, energy, feeling and emotion, and every part of physical and non physical existence. Now as he breaks himself down, in the way you might see it to be understandable, the next level down, would be considered the brain, or the connectivity center. All other entities that connect to the creator must go through this next level of existence. Some have called this the God Brain, some call this a direct connection to the creator. Treb bor yit-ne refers to as the 12th density. The one where all smaller consiesneses feed experience directly into the creator. And as I say, I referee to these densities as Treb bor yit NE does to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. I assure you that no differences of wordings or or differences in levels that everyone must say, is a difference in the truth. The truth remains as it is, and we all have a different view of this. This deity that is considered 12th density is the deity has no true density. It is just what it is. It is a collection of thought and experience for all smaller levels of conciseness. So they feed this energy directly into The Creator. And as we go form there, we will go down tote next level. And the next level is more hard to explain, but I will try and explain it in terms that you might understand. What I mean is that there is a system that is set up and carries their own laws and dictates its own ideas of existence. There are infinite in number and kinds. But to give u a better idea, I will give you small examples. As I do, close your eyes and imagine all that distracts you from this and think of diffracts form than ours. Do not think of the universe as a physical nature as we have, but think in a general sense, This is a GREAT way to show you the dimensions or densities the we consider as 11th. There are more levels than can be explained and the examples i give you will be these. Examples will include systems that are so vastly different from one, that they are made only with love and only with light, and only with sound waves. So this whole density is made only of these three basic elements. That is one example. Another example is that there is very high gravity, love, perhaps negative charged particles, and light. This is another system. This is another universe. This is another sewerage 11th density entity. And yet another example that I will give you, is that one system only has love, and only has light. And the reason that I repeat love and light in example is because all of this is part of The Creator. This is something that he hands all densities as a gift. The love and light is physical light, but it also is wisdom. And he hands this into every level of conciseness that he produces from himself as a gift. There are no exceptions to this rule. Every system has love and light. The difference is, that some conssesneses that are in each one, accept this gift or do not accept this gift. This is the difference. Now theist being said, include in, love and light in all new examples I give you. And I will give you a few more ( examples ) just for the understanding. In some systems, conciseness exist in structures that appear to be material to you in some form. Rock, metal, fire, electricity certain ones of these elements. And the last example I will give you so that it might make more sense, is that are many systems that are similar to yours. Only slightly different with rules. Perhaps gravity is a dominant force, unlike it is here in this universe. Slightly different rules, slightly different conciseness, there can be small differences built there can be great differences as well. Now understand that as well with every system of conciseness, there is one separate form another. They all have different laws, different makeup’s, different amounts of conciseness, and they are all different sorts of consensus form each other. They all have different laws that dictations for this. The preference of each entity that creates them. As I explained before because there are an infinite amount of these, it is impossible to traverse some of these. Some systems are similar in the rules they have and some are not. Some you can not travel to because conciseness will not fit in to the laws that are made there. I understand that this is complex and hard to understand, so I will try to move on as quickly as I can in these matters. But the 11th density is what you might consider to be an entire universe, entire cycle and the time that exist within itself . Conciseness evolves much as we do in our densities and evolutions here. Now I will explain to you the decrease to the next level of conciseness, because these are the most relevant to your existences, at least in a physical non physical existence for that matter of this universe. It is more prevalent and important to you. the next level down is one that Tre Bor yit-NE explains to be the 10th density. And this entity of 10th density is a collective group of conciseness’s. A large amount of conciseness’s that are grouped together. They manifest their selves to what you see in physical reality as complete and entire galaxies. These are billions of stars with many multi billions or trillions of planets depending on the size of the galaxy. This is very self explanatory. This is what you see as complicate galaxies. Under this level is one that you consider to be the 9th density. Each of these galaxies or part of the galaxies, from the previous or higher density, is made form densities that are collective from, a lower density from below this. And these are the ones that manifest their self as the galactic center. The one that gives this energy out. Much as the energy that is connecting to you as you make an assional move to the higher density. This part of your physical and non physical evolution for your conciseness, one that you will go through in your cycle, that this part is one that is very very small senses of individualism. It is more of group conciseness connecting together. They still are separate, but you have a feel of high connection into these. And that must be explained here. Now we move to the next. The next level is entities that are defiantly non physical still. And they are a density that is known to Treb bor yit-ne as the 8th density. They manifest their self in a physical way, as you see stars. Every star that has planets around them, that we live on in physical reality. These are where these conciseness’s come from. This is one of the TRUE last points of individualism in the area of conciseness, that are started as smaller groups of collective conciseness’s from planets. The one conciseness that makes the planets. which is the next level.
It leads us to the 7h density. This represents a density for collective conciseness’s that are make up of all entities that create the planets to physical reality, that manifest themselves in that way. And they group up together to make up planets of a solar system. So as they connect their consciousnesses, they help manifest the next level upwards. There is a buffer area or a buffer time too, that is between graduation in physical and non physical existence in this way. There is connecting of these conciseness’s that are form your planet at the end of the incarnation cycles of each race. When the incarnation cycle, of your planet Earth will end of physical existence, all the conciseness collect as the collective conciseness of the higher 7th density and then moves upwards. And this is the level that is in the lower 7th .Some split this into two different densities, but we are not going to do this here.

I believe that Treb bor yit-NE has explained all of the densities bellow this very well, but we will do a quick description as well. It is important to know this because this gives you the proof of how great the systems are, of great reality, the physical and non physical existence, and how your conciseness plays a part of this.
  The 6th density is where I am now. There is no boundaries that are within the system. We can move from one direct part ( of space ) to another. With no space ship or craft needed. And  even though you can do the direct traveling in 5th and parts of the 4th density, its not done with a ship as you must need for these. We are more of a level of semi physical. One that you would not recognize to be physical from the density you are. 
     Now we go down to the 5th the density. And  this where Treb bor yit-NE exist. It is a level of learning of physical existence. It is a great period of connection and action. And there are two different ways, two different parts of this. One that learns for their self, and the other for a greater aspect, for a greater cause, for the need of all and not one. There are only two sides to this density, as there is the 6th and the 4th.
      And the 4th is dealing with love. And once again, it can be, either for yourself or for others. 
      The 3rd density I do not need to explain for this is where you are now. This is what you are feeling now. This is how you are and what you are doing at this time. 
      The 2nd density has been explained. It is any conciseness or alive being, as you would see alive. 
      And everything below that, is what you do not consider to be alive, that makes up the physical existence. This si the 1st. I am sorry that I must go through this but again in is a part that must be explained so you understand. 
      And now that we have spoke of the ideas of densities well go into the part  of the universal structure. Because the densities are not all of levels of existences that you have, I will have to explain to a different level of consensuses. This is an evolution of vibrational, and harmonic differences, But now i will explain the differences within the physical structure. Where in each universe you might see as the 11th density entities, that are considered all of a universe, have different ones. But in this one there are twelve different levels, matrixes if you will, that have different realities. So when you hear terms as parallel realities parallel existences, or parallel universes, some of these terms explain this. Because this is 12 different levels of existence within one universe. this is where there are 12 different versions of yourself in higher or lower form. And within these 12  are still all of the six physical and the multiple non physical. They have the same rules and the same laws, but there are 12 different ones. They can be traversed through higher density existences or higher density entities. And these can be traveled very easily, and that is what you consider to be parallel existences, or parallel universes. And this is what some mean by referring to dimensions. This can be one explanation of the word. As Treb bor yit-NE has spoken to you of before, there can be many different meanings for the similar words This is one separate perspective. 
    And now that all this complex stuff is over, I want to explain to you that one more element exist within your reality. And this is a consideration of time. And it is a separate part of your existence. At the level that you are at now yourselves, you experience it in a different way. And the density that is higher than yours, time is experienced in a much much different way. The future and passed can be traversed, but this is the way you  see the future as fluid. And when you see the future as being fluid, this means there are different amounts of possibilities and infinite amounts of possibilities. And so they are able to be experienced, not always permanently or solidly in reality, but is one of many different experiences and many different outcomes. When you travel through these,  none of theme are put solidly. But there are mostly grantee that they have been manifested, in one of the 12 separate parallel levels, or they would not exist for us to travel through. And now that this is the end of the evolution lessons that I want to speak to you of, if you take this and you  read this over and over and over, and you look, you will see that all of these thoughts all of your perceptions of who you are, the way that you see itself at the bottom of the list of such a long list of various make ups, universes conciseness’s. Sometimes humanity tends to be very upset, or maybe you feel like your intimidated. But I want you to understand, but I want the complete opposite from this. This is the way to be experienced. This is the way I want  you to feel is excitement!  But when you feel the way of loneness it does not benefit you in this growth. I did not only want to show you this for greatness show you not only the greatness if this existence , but also to show you a way you might see ourselves to be a part of all that is. It is the best way to see this. If you know that you are one part and that part is not full without you. This way can ease all of those feelings. I know that humanity has these feelings in a great way. It is from the top down, and you see that that’s the  reason I started there. When you look at conciseness from the top down, realize that it goes from bottom to the top as well. So you do not only become a part of something larger, you have a chance to be a part of everything above you, or larger than you, as you might see this. I want you all to understand the great significance in all of this. When you look at yourselves you might see yourselves to be small or insignificant as you might look at a rock. Then you say to yourself, " IN this rock, how is this important ? How is this significant ?" But when you think about it, it makes all the planets that all of life stands on. So I want you to understand, even if you feel that you are this rock, You are more brilliant and more beautiful than anything you EVER could imagine ! You are a part of ALL that is ! And sometimes when you see yourself, in this way, then you understand your true nature and roll in this reality. You understand the transitions and explanations of all of this into a greater picture. 
     And I would love for you all to feel a part of this ! Now I understand that I spoke many of the great existence and your place in it, but now I want to speak to you of your world and things that are going on now and the way that you might be able to be helped within this system. For this is truly important to you. You have levels that you see as financial levels where money is being made by a very few. And they are not giving things to the others. I understand that this frustration is from all of these things but when you focus on this negative you bring down the vibration that fits this life style. So when you can see past all of these things that are bad, or that are not good in your eye, and you live in your best way, and your greatest happiness and greatest vibration, you come above and beyond all the things that you see as pushing you down. You see that you yourself, have a chance to make a difference among the world. All of the wars, all of the diseases, all of these things are very negative and bad things. Bit when you focus on them, you manifest them to a greater degree. The best way to get through this, to the next level, so that you can all feel better in a way, and to progress in a higher vibration or higher level of conciseness, is to love, to accept, to open your hearts and minds, and to open yourself up to all possibilities of all of the greater things that we have spoke of. The way that it is best done for humanity is through meditation. Some times when you do this meditation you connect to the energies in the chakra lines of your planet. This conciseness is fed into all other higher conciseness’s. So when you learn to do this, you are able to go into the depths of space. You are able to go and visit different races, in a soul astral projection way as some might see it. And if you do this I invite you to come. I invite you to come to my planet and to feel us. That is very easy to find. When you go on the planet that is next to yours, it is called Mars, go to very top of the planet and look directly up. Sit there for a while until you see the starts moving around. Look into the sky. And when you use two stars that are at the very top, that only move slightly, that only move around each other, go to the brightest one. And when our people feel you, and we feel that come in love, ands we feel that you come with an open heart, and ready for experiences, we will be there to greedy you.  Thank you for listening to me and I do appreciate all the time and consideration that you all have given. And I want to express our true love and our true want for your betterment and our support there. And we will always be there for your support. 

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Wow let us know when the book is published.

(18 Sep '11, 05:32) Paulina 1

well,,, it will be on shelfs in a month or so,and i am geting it oin pdf for people who cant afford it, i need to have everyone be able to read it beacus eit will help everyone i think, love n light

(18 Sep '11, 13:26) TReb Bor yit-NE

yes at one time the child will become like the father and they will create other universe. experience and enjoy.

(19 Sep '11, 03:04) white tiger

yes my freind, thank u agian white tiger.

(21 Sep '11, 12:16) TReb Bor yit-NE

shorter paragraphs makes easier reading. i hope you will break up the second paragraph. worth reading and highly recommended.

my favorite statement: you are at the same level as we all are.

(11 Mar '13, 07:54) don

@don Thank u for ur love of this. if u wish to hear this again without having to read it, please, feel free to listen here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsjXgMB2QeQ

(11 Mar '13, 08:04) TReb Bor yit-NE
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If you consider quantum mechanics of entanglement then all realites are connected. And what happens in one happens in all of the- your perceptions are yours here and now the other you /yous seeing and preceiving are theirs.Yet they are all the same due to the conections we share.Your reality and theirs have no boundry:yours is one of many and yet it is the only.


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everything exist in the absolute. even if some view it as impossible all truth exist in the absolute truth. the truth will set you free.

(19 Sep '11, 03:09) white tiger

we function in this universe because we see and feel it,
what is referred to 'of sympathetic vibrational frequencies'
and that is the reality that matters,
that we ought to learn all about,
to get prepared for moving on


answered 18 Sep '11, 16:29

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their is no moving on we are all ready there. we just need to learn and grow. experience and enjoy.

(19 Sep '11, 03:13) white tiger

white tiger, so does our 'ring-pass-not' expand until we are one with the All?

(19 Sep '11, 15:21) fred

fred to answer your question we are all ready individual that are connected with the all. we share together and we share with the father God the source. all the i am talk or share to each other in the same way you use a computer to send picture information sound etc. the only difference is that they send each other emotion and though through the golden light. i hope it answer your question fred. experience and enjoy.

(23 Sep '11, 01:04) white tiger

i will add fred that being in a mortal frame you cannot see it but when you leave it and see all the i am that will come and meet you then you will experience it and you will say the white tiger was telling the truth.

(23 Sep '11, 01:10) white tiger
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Good question.

We're all senders, receivers and transmitters at the same time.

Our ideas, our perception, our reality cannot come from nothing. They always build upon a long chain of former ideas and inspirations from others. A baby will die if it is fed but does not otherwise receive any attention from outside.

Thus, our realities will always be a influenced by others. It's like a feedback loop resulting in that consensus reality. The more we are aware of that process though, the more we can influence it.


answered 17 Sep '11, 20:10

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yes we all share and create. experience and enjoy.

(19 Sep '11, 03:02) white tiger

A group consensus is specific to the group. Therefore each parallel reality would have it's own "consensus reality." Since the word 'universe' by definition means 'everything' then there could not be multiple universes. There is one universe and within the universe there are an infinite number of realities. We choose which reality to accept by the choices that we make. Each action takes us in a different direction than if we had made a different action. Many actions will lead to the same reality, but also different ones. Like the Choose Your Own Adventure books.


answered 18 Sep '11, 22:46

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Fairy Princess

fairy princess, maybe some choices discern an individual preference to our sense of harmony, not part of and parcel to the named reality of what we collectively believe there is all to know. And yes my actions sets in motion a vibration that will be received or rejected and sent back.

(20 Sep '11, 00:10) fred

Sorry, Fred, I don't understand what you are saying. :)

(20 Sep '11, 00:33) Fairy Princess

Consensus reality is simply the reality experienced by the consensus here.. that being available through the 5 senses. Our senses are faulty and incapable of experiencing even simply things such as radio waves or UV light, hence it is logical that "other realities" exist beyond our 5 senses, not to speak of alternative universes and time/space zones that we have yet to discover.

The short of it though, is that none of it matter, except what we experience here and now. That's the only thing we can work with, and all that is needed to uncover the false limitations and false self we think we are (which is limited to "consensus reality").


answered 19 Sep '11, 03:54

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I have seen television shows where a family would jump dimensions. I remember one where Germany won WWII it was a cold, dark, and foreboding place to be.

I imagine if there are all of these other worlds we wouldn't like them because we are not used to them. We would be like a fish trying to survive on dry land.

I myself see this more like Dr. Quantum. These other worlds do not exist until we make a choice. In other words they exist as potential only. Every possibility exist right now as potential from this moment forwards. Every moment melts back into potential as soon as it is past.


answered 11 Mar '13, 22:37

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Wade Casaldi

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The first time I had knowledge about what you are explaining in such a perfect way was when i saw a conference by indigo child Matias de Stefano on youtube, he explained it with powerpoint, I recomend it, there is one with english subtitles. :)


answered 18 Sep '11, 02:40

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ty my freind, but when you suggest a vid or a link, you can add it easly by highlighting a small group of words or one word then clicking on the picture of th earth with an arrow on it and when u hit that u paste the url; in that and it works out well,,wehn u do that, yopu give us all a way to experiance it without looking for it ourselfs. unfortunaltly some people dont have teh memory to do it after they read it. just a suggestion my freind, love n klight,

p.s. u can hit edit and do that now if u wish :-)

(18 Sep '11, 14:50) TReb Bor yit-NE

by small gorp of words i mena like thsi,,, if u want to see thsi vid watch here....... the highlight the word here ,, or wathc here ,, hoe that helped, love n light

(18 Sep '11, 14:57) TReb Bor yit-NE

ok I will look for it right now.. I appologize, I am new at this forum, I will do so from now on.

(18 Sep '11, 18:38) jinxx


they say on the video that they are working on the subtitles for it in English so everyone can understand, there are many videos, I do thank this kid, I hope if there is any spanish-speaking people here they can enjoy.. happy sunday :)

(18 Sep '11, 18:41) jinxx

no no,, just a freindly tip ,lol,, it helps us all enjoy things together , lol, i been here a hwile and people still tell me to spekll good eniuff 4 others to read lol,, i am glad u shared and i will watch soon, ty , love and light

(19 Sep '11, 00:36) TReb Bor yit-NE
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