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i would love an invitation to void. i have been seeing energies for as long as i can remember... i really have no idea when i started noticing them... i know in 8th grade when i was around 12-13 i started seeing things/energies more clearly. i would love to be able to just talk to others about this and get advice on how to make my gift stronger.

i want to be able to see things even more clearly and focus on the different colors.

i want to be able to talk to people without being embarrassed because some people think i'm making it up or just make fun and ask me to look at their auras on spot and ask me questions i can't answer... i want to feel comfortable with myself and with other people that have this gift in common with me.

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I would love to talk to you iStarr.. we should connect :)

(19 Sep '11, 09:57) jinxx
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Especially with the advent of the internet, I think information about improving your "psychic sight" is now rather prevalent. If you search around the internet, I'm sure there are plenty of articles and courses with specific advice.

The question, of course, is which advice is right for you? How do you filter down the information overload that is out there? How do you draw information, and related people, that will help you take that next step?

A simple technique is as follows:

  • Get yourself into a state where you naturally have a happy smile on your face. Do whatever thing you need to do to get into that state - it's different for different people.

  • You now have a direct connection to the "inner" You.

  • In that state, simply state your desire and the "inner" You will hear it. For example, say to yourself out loud (or in your mind): "How can I make my gift of being able to 'see energies' stronger?". The more specific your request, the more specific your answer.

  • Now forget about your desire and let the "inner" You do its work.

  • Over the next few days, you'll receive an answer to your request in some way. It might come in the form of an idea, a dream, a person, something you read, something you find on the internet....there's a zillion different ways it could come. You'll recognize it because you'll feel inspired and enthusiastic about it.

  • Follow that inspiration when it comes and see where it leads you


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@Stingray, this is another jewel from you. I just never thought of writing about it, thank you. I like the way you just say to you inner or whatever Deity. Like You say it outloud the inner hears it and boom your done.

(05 Mar '12, 18:52) Tom

@Stingray, great job in reminding to seek our Inner Council. I love you for that.

(05 Mar '12, 19:36) Tom

I feel the easiest way is to relax into these energies. What I mean by this is to simply stop focusing on it. These energies are guiding you,and your job is to let them.When you focus on any one part of these energies, you create a division and you weaken your overall connection.

I was constantly doing this and all it succeeded in doing was throwing me way off balance,(chakras).I have learned since, that understanding the Truth we move through the Transparency. This can be described as the Veil as well, it is much thinner now than ever before.

I am sure that clarity will come to us all, once we get the Point."ONENESS"

love and light


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