So I have been working on becoming a better me, and I am learning to love myself, and heal myself from old wounds that was affecting my present. I learned that taking responsibility for my own unhappiness, and gained a whole lot of knowledge on how to help others as well.

I have been getting better at meditation, and manifesting and I am in the process of actually learning to trust and let go of the things and relinquish control. I will seem to be doing so great, and I have even started writing about my experiences hoping to turn it into a memoir of some sort.

I have even stopped smoking learning to understand that my mind isn't master. My problem is as great as I could be doing, as soon as my boyfriend does or says something that makes me tick, It's as if I backtrack and I feel so bad almost like a fraud. I am so sensitive and I am emotionally connected to him,

My question is how can I start to become stronger against these kinds of things that seem to work on my emotions? Please help

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ilovetruth718, part of the package with spirituality is discernment and learning that what is impermanent brings strife. compassion will over-ride disappointment

(30 Apr '15, 05:44) fred

@fred could you elaborate that for me?

(30 Apr '15, 11:04) Ilovetruth718
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You have a number of options:

First and foremost, don't take yourself, your spiritual journey, your mood swings and your life so seriously. Nothing matters, including me, you, your spiritual journey and your mood swings. In the great scheme of things all these are nothing but blips that the universe couldn't care less about.

Now to the practical nitty-gritty.

You could accept that you will always have mood swings - although over time they will be father and farther apart.

You could also tell yourself that having a good old bust-up is not necessarily anything bad - it was meant to happen, so it happened. The question is: have you learned the lesson behind the experience. Your primary demand from life shouldn't be "I want a tranquil life where nothing ever goes wrong", because that's not going to happen. Your motto should be "I want to be very, very good when it comes to dealing with difficulties and getting swiftly to the lessons hidden behind them".

You could have a right go at your higher self. You could shout at it, "Yes, I punched him in the stupid face. What did you expect? Put me in that situation again and I'll break his bleeping legs... You'd like that? Huh? I swear I'll do that - you give me one chance - and see what I do. Just you dare you useless piece of God..." and so on.

Try it. It's great fun.


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Dear Ilovetruth, "How to stop being so sensitive, when trying to upgrade my spirituality, Alignment, and Vibration?"

What you actually want to 'upgrade' is your ability to work with the principles inherent to the law of attraction. Your emotions or emotional responses play a key role in this effort. They act as a compass of sorts, giving you a clear indication of your alignment or non-alignment with what it is you desire to become and the beliefs you hold that are going to help you or hinder you in your endeavors to fulfill those desires. Our emotional responses to circumstances is our way of telling ourselves that we need to explore the beliefs we have that relate to that particular set of circumstances. This allows us the opportunity to make adjustments to those beliefs and thus, the emotions that accompany them. Being more sensitive equates to having a better compass.

My advice is to go back to whatever sources you rely on to explain the principles of law of attraction and review everything you can find that addresses the topic of emotions and the role they play as signposts, "red flags" or whatever term you prefer. A better question to consider might be: "How can I recognize my emotional responses for what they really are rather than reacting to them as if they were something that they really are not?"

When considering the 'big picture', (the one where you are a soul who has lived multiple lives as part of your never ending existence) you will come to realize that even those seemingly major "ticks" provided so graciously by your boyfriend, are nothing more than his way of occasionally tapping your compass to make sure that it is still working as in should. Based on what you have said, it appears to be working quite well. All you really need to do now, is to learn how to use it as it is meant to be used. This may not be an easy task (for most of us) but the opportunities to practice are continually put in front of us on whatever path we choose to follow. I hope this helps in some small way and wish you the best in all your endeavors. :)


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@i4cim2b do you think you could work with me on a more personal basis. I love the way you break things down, and I would like a chance to speak with you more either by email or kik.

(30 Apr '15, 14:51) Ilovetruth718

@ilovetruth718 I would be happy to assist you to whatever extent I am able. You can email me djd 9668 at live. com

(30 Apr '15, 21:47) i4cim2b
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