During the day I try to be conscious and awarefullnes/mindfullness using breathing techniques like inward breath and outward breath, and when I forget that I am NOT aware of myself/fully consciously breathing. To regain my consciousness again throughout the day I tell myself to start re-using the breathing technique.

But the question here is after a nights sleep, How does the body or mind knows when to wake up if at all?

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consciousness may be used as awareness. Taking the example of an alarm clock (outside of our being) creating the sound and our mind faculty hearing this awakens our consiousness awarness and we wake up the body and use its functions. BUT what is it that awakens our cosciousness from WITHIN us, that we come to a state of awareness? IS it that we are ALL collectively ONE Conscious THE DIVINE CONSCIOUS - and our normal state living life less conscious, if so then there is definately levels/states of consciousness.

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The human organism contains a clock called the Circadian Rhythm. This clock is entrained to a 24 hour period by the observation of light cycles (i.e. the rising and setting of the sun). This period corresponds to certain chemical changes in the body, such as the levels of melatonin and cortisol in the blood, and is controlled by a pair of distinct groups of cells located in the hypothalamus called the suprachiasmatic nucleus.

In short, we awaken naturally when our body's sleep needs are met.


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