A few months ago I met someone. We instantly connected. He is the most beautiful, funny, talented, sweet, adorable, smartest, most witty human being I have ever met in my life. If I ever had any doubts about love at first sight, they were gone when we met. On many levels this is my dream partner in life. He is what I loved about every boyfriend I had ever had all in one person. I can see like never before with anyone a life with this person. I felt as if he was hand delivered to me and I felt with no doubt "there he is....that's him" from the moment we spoke to each other. It was pretty amazing.

He lives in another state, and so we talked via email on average every other day or so for a couple of months. He did also have feelings for me. Things died down a bit. Since then I have been using LOA & manifesting techniques to bring him back around again. Since I have been doing this, I have had some pretty incredible signs. Not just small, but ....let's just say that some that I have gotten, I have had the wind knocked out of me. I have acutally had to sit down. My problem is I get discouraged (always temporarily) and wonder if I am trying too hard. These signs are no doubt meant for me to see, and I have read that they are the universe telling me that it is working on it & it's on the way. Has anyone ever had any experience with this?? I have manifested things almost instantly. With this particular thing am I doing something wrong?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Yes you did it right, this happened with Jai and I she put my name in the manifesting jar and here I am with her now. So you have done the same the only difference is now you need to claim him like Jai did me. You can't expect him to be delivered to you by courier now, God did his part, now it's your turn.

The trap has sprung you need to open the trap and claim your prize!

Good for you and way to go! :-)


answered 11 Jan '12, 17:07

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Wade Casaldi


Wat a beautiful love story. Glad Jai acted on the promptings of the universe.

(12 Jan '12, 03:09) Paulina 1

@Wade Casaldi- Can you share your story about you and Jai? She put your name in a jar? Thanks!

(15 Feb '13, 16:19) OceanSize

well i agree with what every one have said here go and look if it works or not. and i will not elaborate more because i did not find the perfect match yet. most often they put a mask and it does not take long that i see through it and i give chance and they do not take it so its adios i wish you the best.


answered 11 Jan '12, 20:42

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white tiger

Maybe IQ is turning into a dating site. HE HE

(11 Jan '12, 20:55) Tom

na i hope not tom. usely on dating site most of it is lie. they say proportionnal to the heigh and put picture of someone else or use photo of them 20 year ago or using photoshop. so let iq be a spiritual place please.

(11 Jan '12, 21:02) white tiger

White Tiger! Your name I consider another sign! A subtle one, but definitly a sign.

(11 Jan '12, 22:07) believer1

It's normal to have more questions related to dating since after money, relationships are probably the 2nd most desired thing (or maybe even first for some)

(11 Jan '12, 22:17) kakaboo

speak your mind believer 1. what is the sign that you perceive?

(12 Jan '12, 00:44) white tiger

A tiger bears a strong signifigance of this person I am talking about. I had seen him this past weekend briefly. When I was going to get off the plane on the way home, I saw a girl wearing a sweatshirt with a gaudy tiger print. THAT was a sign pertaining to him and only him. I had never seen a sweatshirt like that in my life. When I saw it, I said I wanted to see a real tiger in any form that day. I didn't think I would seeing as I was tired, and planned to sleep all day. Walking thru the airport there was a siver shop with a table full of silver tigers big & small right out in front.

(12 Jan '12, 01:12) believer1

TIGER, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry? http://www.bartleby.com/101/489.html

(12 Jan '12, 01:44) white tiger

White Tiger you have a brilliant mind that no ordinary common garden veriety mortal will understand so you need someone special with a brilliant mind to mach yours. Frankly I think I.Q. is the perfect place for you to find that someone special.

(12 Jan '12, 03:19) Paulina 1

well thank you for the compliment paulina. but like i said i do not want to be know. i have no interest in popularity.

(16 Jan '12, 03:26) white tiger

When the stars threw down their spears,
And water'd heaven with their tears,
Did He smile His work to see?
Did He who made the lamb make thee?

(16 Jan '12, 03:34) white tiger
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