My first lucid dream which I've remembered better than mostly any memory since my childhood ended in my death, and I regularly feel pain in my dreams, is there a meaning?

I was spurred to ask this question because answers in another question suggest pinching yourself to be sure you're awake and not dreaming. My problem is, whilst in the dream my perceptions can at times be as vivid and lifelike as my 'real life' perceptions, including the pain from pinching myself.

My first experience with a lucid dream was when I was very young and it was very successful. Simple version I was out walking around, realized I was dreaming, and decided I wanted to mix up the scenery. I held out my palm to the landscape, and everything began to slowly ripple. The waves went through everything in my sight, simply like a warped / distorted view of the same objects in place, the landscape, and horizon, and passed between them without changing 'shape' or pattern if you will. The ripples hastened, and I appeared in a barn shortly after. A matter of seconds after arrived I was killed by a creature with scythes for arms (which at the time I likened to a Pokemon =]).

Very rarely since have I been able to reproduce the lucid dreaming abilities I had as a child, including voluntary flight and the sort. It seems my ability has worsened with time. Also worth noting, I used to regularly experience dreams where I feel sensory perceptions, particularly pain. Later during a darker period in my life (around when I came to these parts) my dreams were filled with lots of self mutilation, death, or general unhappiness. Most if not all contained some degree of sensory perception, some to a very extreme and agonizing extent. My dreams have since calmed down a great deal, mostly nonchalance not worth mentioning at the present time.

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Wow Snow I have died many times in my dreams even gruesome like my throat cut or a shotgun hole through me.

While I have died even since as a child. I used to be thrown into a grinder juicer as a child.

I can honestly say although I was terrified there was never pain associated with any of it.

I do know however what you mean since Jai has terrible nightmares with full pain.

It does make one think even if hell is all in the mind that doesn't stop the torture from hurting.


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I encounter pain and death in my dreams because I went through a very hideous childhood,and it sometimes gets into my mind, even after all these years.

There is a drug called Minipress, or Prazosin, which can calm down nightmares a lot. They have begun using this drug on Veterans and others with PTSD with good results. I am just putting the info out there for all to investigate...if you have nightmares, ask your doctor about this drug. It has shown to be effective. I take it when I get a run of nightmares, and it really helps.

I used to lucid dream more in my young childhood, too. I think our minds are more flexible then. I used to leave my body and fly around and journey, too. I am sorry that your journeys haven't always been so great.

Thanks for asking this question- sorry I took so long to answer!




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