If you dream of other people(what they think what they live what choice they make and what it brings them) with out even thinking about them in the first place. then why does somepeople are not ready to accept that? is it because it affect them that someone can see those things that they think are hidden from people?

asked 11 Oct '11, 01:57

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white tiger

There are dreams and than there are dreams. The dreams you are talking about are prophetic dreams and they are rare and not the norm. You should consider yourself lucky if you have such dreams. The majority of dreams with other people in them dont allways represent the people dreamed about but different aspects or problems of yourself. It is just our psychs way of trying to process the stuff that we go through daily.

To learn the differance between prophetic and ordinary dreams isn't allways easy but prophetic dreams do seem to be brighter and more colourful and more real. Keeping a dream diary is a good way to tell for when a person finds a dream that actualy happend in real life thats when one realises that dreams have a certain kind of magic.

Here is wishing you pleasent dreams.


answered 11 Oct '11, 06:40

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Paulina 1

yes paulina there are dreams prophetic( with probability as symbols, people life line or future of one person for life, or direct view of the future event and acknoledge why it will be so reading the peoples mind.) and their is also other category that i cannot put a finger on it to name it for now like having your conscience split in 7 and being all of them at the same time in different place.

(12 Oct '11, 01:28) white tiger

also what you can predict you can sometime also change. not by trying to change what is set in stone but by changing small things that will change the big things.

(12 Oct '11, 01:31) white tiger


(12 Oct '11, 03:06) white tiger

I agree with you Paulina...

(12 Oct '11, 13:54) LeeAnn 1
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Yes, it bothers some that some are so gifted and know so much. Anyone can ask their dreams to answer questions if they ask sincerely and ask for help in receiving the answer. I know many people who got answers to questions that noone could solve that way. Just food for thought.


answered 11 Oct '11, 02:05

Lily%20Bhattacharya%20PsyD's gravatar image

Lily Bhattacharya PsyD

Lily it should not bother them they should be glad that someone can help them at that level with out them even knowing about it.

(11 Oct '11, 03:07) white tiger

We are all connected on some level.


answered 11 Oct '11, 03:27

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LeeAnn 1

yes we are and nothing is hidden in the absolute truth. experience and enjoy.

(11 Oct '11, 03:29) white tiger
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