Plenty information is out there on how to change your vibrations, what vibrations are, and identifying what your vibration actually is.

Now bare in mind emotions and vibrations are not the same. Whilst yes, emotions can be changed, in some cases, instantly, how long do vibrations change? Are they as instantious as emotions?

asked 04 Oct '11, 14:41

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I would say it once again comes down to your belief patterns as an individual. Just like some people can lose weight fast and some cannot. Like some people can pick up new things quickly and others may take a bit longer to figure it out. It is about where we are at in our expansion and growth cycle in the Now moment.

I'm pretty sure there are people here on Inward Quest who can turn their vibration around in the blink of an eye from diligent practice and repetition compared to others who are struggling with turning it around at all. It really all comes down to a choice if we want to change the vibration or not.

I personally am still in the process of breaking old habits and changing patterns of thought on a daily basis. Have I learned to change my vibration quicker over the last few years of my evolution as a human being? Yes I have, and it's something that feels incredible. I would say for the most part though, that I still reside in the lower frequency of vibration more than the higher level, and that again is something my conscious mind would like to easliy label as a habit but it is my choice. This all comes down to what we choose which is something I work on every day.

I must also admit that I have seen a positive change in my frequency since I joined this site a few weeks ago. When we put ourselves in a much more positive and uplifting environment like I have coming here, it changes the way we feel little by little, until it becomes a chronic habit. That in my opinion is the key regarding the time it takes to change your vibrational level. Which side of the chronic habit do you prefer? The old negative side that may not serve you anymore or the new fresh and exciting aspect that you're not used to experiencing on a regular everyday basis.

Abraham's Emotional Guidance Scale is a great example. The higher up on the scale you are, the better and faster you will be at raising your vibration. I believe we can instantly raise our vibrational frequency when we arrive at the top of the scale.


answered 04 Oct '11, 17:41

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Cory it's nice to know you're becoming a better person due to Inward Quest, it's changed my life as well as many others.

(05 Oct '11, 23:38) Nikulas

Glad to hear it Nikulas. It's always nice to spend time on an internet site where you can get help and help others every once in a while as well.

(06 Oct '11, 03:04) Cory

One's vibration can be changed instantaneously, but the game is changing your predominant vibration. That means you have changed your subconscious vibrations, and you automatically offer high vibrations without putting any effort for it. That is the whole game.

Abraham says that if you do the work, in 30 days you can have, do or be anything. 30 days of meditation (15 minutes a day) and reaching for better feeling thoughts (or in other words reaching for relief) is enough to turn your life around.

Of course it demands lots of will power and discipline to be so persistent for 30 days, so it usually takes longer.


answered 04 Oct '11, 18:28

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Thankyou Benjamin. I agree about the 30 day journey.

(05 Oct '11, 23:37) Nikulas

Dear Nikulas, Vibrations are not emotions but our emotions are an excelent measure to judge our vibrations. Wnen one loves and is in love and happy everything goes right in their lives because they are on the highest vibration. When one is miserable and unhappy and everything goes wrong one is of a low vibration.

To change your vibration can be done instantly by changing your emotion. Put on some happy music and dance and soon you feel happier. There are many different ways to do this and doing whatever makes you happy will do the trick. This of course is short term and does not last unless you consciously do happy things all the time.

To realy change your vibration long term put love in your heart for everything and everyone and see love arround you. Help others to the best of your ability and do happy spotting. That is to look for happiness wherever you are or wherever you go. If you are at a shoping mall look to see how many happy smiling people you can see. Look at beauty and plenty arround you and once you get used to doing this your own vibration will lift and stay high.

This doesnt mean that you have to ignore suffering or the uglier things in life but to see them from a view of love. Shine your love light and you will be on a happy high vibration.


answered 05 Oct '11, 07:53

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Paulina 1

I take shine to looking for smiles in the day from other people. :)

(05 Oct '11, 23:39) Nikulas
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