Hi there! I have a question about something I've been experiencing in my present round of reading IQ (like, I'm guessing, many people, I sort of drift in and out at random/in some vibrational cycle I don't understand yet). What happens is that I will come across either a question I asked, or an answer I gave (or even a question someone else asked or answered that I can tell I read, because the little upvote arrow is staring me in the face), and it will seem various flavors of baffling to me.

For instance, I have happened on my own old answers or questions and thought "I vaguely remember really feeling the way I'm writing about feeling, but now I can see that I had no idea what I was talking about" or "Wow, I was really lying to myself elaborately about how I felt at that point". And yet sometimes the answer I gave seems quite good and sensible, but clearly I was not actually applying that information in my own life, or something?

Or I will read an answer or a question from a community member that I clearly read and upvoted previously, and the wisdom contained within it will stun me with its power and clarity, and I will basically feel like: "How could I have failed to completely understand the power of this idea? Obviously I didn't Get It or my life would have changed."

(Also, talking about all of this is difficult, like there's a fog over it. It's really hard to explain. Do I sound like I'm going crazy?)

Is this recognizable to anyone? Do you think this is something to do with deja vu? Or shifting frequencies? Or do you think it's normal to sort of cycle in a spiral or fractal way through the same questions for a long time before you shift into the next gear? I'm doing my best to be okay with being on a journey, but I think I have a little bit of paranoia left that I will never make it through the "wild vibrational swings" part of this trip, so noticing that I've apparently been wondering the same exact things over the course of a couple of years is sort of weird to me.

(Sorry if this makes me sound like a loon. You know how it is, possibly. It's hard to talk about the details of reality when you're a person who thinks "reality isn't real, maaaaan" without sounding like a crank!)

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Many years ago, before I came across these Law of Attraction "reality creation" ideas and entities such as Bashar, Abraham and many others who promote them, I read a book that altered my way of looking at the world in many ways.

It was a book about the teachings of George Gurdieff, a remarkable character, and not just because of his impressive moustache. As for how he could affect the ladies with his eyes...well, that's another story :)

alt text

I already quote him endlessly on IQ about Good vs Evil and it might be time to pull out another life-changing (for me, at the time) quote of his...

"Man such as we know him, the 'manĀ­machine,' the man who cannot 'do,' and with whom and through whom everything 'happens,' cannot have a permanent and single I. His I changes as quickly as his thoughts, feelings, and moods, and he makes a profound mistake in considering himself always one and the same person; in reality he is always a different person, not the one he was a moment ago.

"Man has no permanent and unchangeable I. Every thought, every mood, every desire, every sensation, says 'I.' And in each case it seems to be taken for granted that this I belongs to the Whole, to the whole man, and that a thought, a desire, or an aversion is expressed by this Whole. In actual fact there is no foundation whatever for this assumption. Man's every thought and desire appears and lives quite separately and independently of the Whole. And the Whole never expresses itself, for the simple reason that it exists, as such, only physically as a thing, and in the abstract as a concept. Man has no individual I.

But there are, instead, hundreds and thousands of separate small I's, very often entirely unknown to one another, never coming into contact, or, on the contrary, hostile to each other, mutually exclusive and incompatible. Each minute, each moment, man is saying or thinking 'I.' And each time his I is different. Just now it was a thought, now it is a desire, now a sensation, now another thought, and so on, endlessly. Man is a plurality. Man's name is legion.

P D Ouspensky (quoting G I Gurdieff) from "In Search Of The Miraculous"

The reason I quote this is that I still today find it useful to think in terms of "Man is a plurality" rather than an individual. Even though our modern day terminology, thanks to various non-physical entities, relates to parallel universes, differing vibrational setpoints etc., I find thinking of yourself as completely different "I"'s from one moment to the next is still a handy analogy.

When you write an answer or ask a question, it is the I of that moment that wrote the answer or asked the question. Later on, when you are a different I, you can read the same material and wonder who wrote it.

I've mentioned previously on IQ (can't find the link at the moment) the phenomenon whereby I'll read an answer sometimes and think "Hmmm...not bad. That makes a lot of sense" and then discover I wrote it myself some time ago :)

It can happen the other way too whereby people (including myself) can forget what they wrote from another I...for example.

Because we are ever-evolving beings, it shouldn't be a surprise that when we try to revisit where another I has already been, it can often seem like a different experience.

So what's the value in understanding in this idea?

It's this...don't ever think you've understood something just because you've looked at it before :) You've only previously looked at it from the I of that previous moment, not the I of the present moment. The I of the present moment may see and experience different things from the same information.

I've said before that I think Life Moves In Spirals and I think that's because the I's, though different, often share common themes and rotating through the different I's while focused on those themes can give us different insights to them...like walking around a sculpture in a room to see different views of it.

So now, coming back to your question...

Do you ever come across your own older Q and As here and feel surprised to read them?

...yes, all the time. Some of my own I's are smarter than others, and I enjoy reading what they have to say sometimes :)

As for my dumber I's, they should just focus less on writing and more on growing an impressive moustache :)


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Thanks for this, @stingray. It's reassuring to know that this is a thing and that others also have it, but man, funny too. I just for about the hundredth time read a post of yours I had clearly read before (I had upvoted it) but this time I think I'd had the "words don't teach, only life experience teaches" thing a bit more, so I actually got what you were saying in a way I know I didn't previously. It makes me feel like I should really dial back on having opinions, since they're based on (1/2)

(29 Sep '15, 14:35) corduroypower

...incomplete data from just one angle of looking at the proverbial sculpture. Another teacher I follow (Melody Fletcher) talks about how there's always so much more data than you have access to right now, and as you raise your vibration or zoom out, you have access to these totally different, previously unimaginable perspectives of the same topic. Another metaphor for the same thing. (2/2)

(29 Sep '15, 14:37) corduroypower

@corduroypower - "It makes me feel like I should really dial back on having opinions" - As one investigates these ideas more and more, and realizes how fluid physical reality is in response to pure thought, I find it becomes more and more fascinating to observe people with strongly-held opinions ...makes me think of a mouse running endlessly on a mouse-wheel but getting nowhere :)

(30 Sep '15, 05:15) Stingray

@Stingray - it's humbling how I can see in other people how having a very strong opinion about something that has nothing to do with you is just a way to pinch yourself off from the flow state you want, and in myself my own strong opinions still seem real and necessary!

(30 Sep '15, 15:51) corduroypower
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I can definitely relate to this,

I must have read hundreds of answers on IQ and countless Abraham videos on the subject of FEELING your way into the vortex and I would nod and agree that it was FEELING that was important whilst being busy with focus blocks and visualizing and trying to THINK my way to my 'stuff'.

After quite some time it actually clicked that I wanted the house and the career and all of the stuff so that I could FEEL better and so I just let go of all the thinking and just felt better. It was instant change and I mean instant!

I remember one of @releaser99's answers that I must have read about a thousand times about a drug addict wanting the good feelings from the drug more than a pile of money and it was only when I had found the good feeling that I could truly relate to that.

You want the desire so that you can feel the good-feelings. You want stuff to look at that generates the feeling good. But, Abraham was right all along you can have the good-feelings anytime. To the point that once you have the good feelings you often don't want half the stuff. Or, if you do still want it it's more like 'that's nice' rather than 'yahoooooooooooooooooo!'

Many different versions of ME just could not get that to click and then one version of me just got it. Easy!

We really are a different person moment to moment moving and shifting. Isn't that exciting? :)


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@yes, I recognize intimately the process you went through! Now, at many points I can glimpse that what I really want (to feel good right now, no matter the external circumstances) is within my reach, and at many other times I'm still in my old habit of trying to control how I feel or what I think in order to get "my stuff" (even when the stuff is now often a feeling), and then I can tell myself those types of "Just feel good now" words and it's like bad acting, haha.

(29 Sep '15, 14:41) corduroypower

No, I still relate to a lot of the questions I previously asked. I'm amazed at how much I've learnt over the years, but still the same questions do keep popping up for me from time to time. Although I have to say that this happens much less often - and when it does though the questions/circumstances are still as challenging, I am able to resolve them more quickly..... probably by going back to the answers I received on IQ to my previous questions!!! :-)


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Inner Beauty

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