Well, let me first start off by saying that I do not believe in Satan at all nor karma, so please leave those quotes from the bible out because it tends to confuse me a lot.

Now we know that the universe can mould almost any kind of things you want with your thoughts, including spirit entities such as Abraham (Abraham-Hicks mentioned in some of their videos that they were actually summoned and called upon by most humans before even existing in our reality).

If that is the case, then wouldn't humans be able to mould and create evil spirits in the same way too? Would some humans not be able summon devils even if they have never existed before? How is this any different from the normal way?

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You create your own reality and it is the power of belief and thought that fuels this reality. Only those that belive in evil spirits ever get bothered by them. Sometimes people are influanced by the sugestions of others weather they be human or books or films and fear will do the rest. Refuse to believe that anything or anyone has power over you and that becomes your truth. Never create evil for if you create it you will be influanced in beleiving in it and therefore can create evil circumstances in your own life.


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WE create our world as we see it. If you have fear in your heart, then you will have to express that fear in some way. The rub is that they are YOUR evil spirits. Now if you decided to send them to someone, you have to be willing to take the same medicine. It is a double edged sword. So the answer is yes, but be forewarned in venturing to that place.


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it is said to be possible, that it has happened, is
happening and most likely will continue to happen.
it may lead however to 'karma', reincarnation and the divine plan.
white and black magic still battle


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