do spirits n angels fall in love with each other. in brian L.Weiss 's book named "many lives, many masters", i read that "spirits are always happy and in state of well being".., so when they are already happy. it could be more easier for them to fall in love for each other.

i would love to hear answers from u al soon. ur answers will be loved n appreciated as u al are..

love.light n blessings ur wayy..

supergirl.. :)))

asked 29 Jan '13, 05:52

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Barry Allen ♦♦

'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself. there is light in a person of light and it shines on the whole world if not it is dark.

(30 Jan '13, 15:53) white tiger

Yes souls fall in love, they also take of physical embodiments to test the extent of their love.

(31 Jan '13, 10:49) deleterjoe

what you mean souls and angels are all the same thing

(31 Jan '13, 10:56) blubird two
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Angels and spirits (as referred to in the book) are connected to "Source" .That being connected to love, thus fallen in love with everything.
Ask yourself,Does water get wet?Or does a leaf love the tree? Yes the leaf falls from the tree,in doing so it replenishes the soil and nurtures the the tree which produces more leaves. A never ending cycle of love


answered 30 Jan '13, 04:16

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fall in love with everything, love it :)) if i could i would have given you points x10

(30 Jan '13, 05:16) blubird two

@ursixx- wat an answer.., specially these lines ,Does water get wet?Or does a leaf love the tree? " , pure example of love.., thank u dear :))

(30 Jan '13, 05:17) supergirl

@blubird two your comment is worth 100 points @supergirl your truly welcome!

(30 Jan '13, 06:34) ursixx

@ursixx - NICE! I wonder about the leaves. When a leaf falls from a tree, does it think the tree died?

(30 Jan '13, 13:15) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill . I doubt, it's probably having to much fun flying around. :D

(30 Jan '13, 16:48) ursixx
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