I have been having more and more frequent interactions with dark shadows which i feel is probably Shadow people. In bottom paragraphs below is all I have found on them that actually resonates with what i feel. Does anyone have any more insights as to why a person would have so much dealings with them, or why i particularly would? and also interested in any experiences others have had. Some of my experiences with them when they enter where i am at, they will cast a shadow over me from hovering between me and a light from the ceiling. So thats pretty profound that they are dense enough that light does not penetrate through them, thus casting a shadow.

(What are shadow people? From reading several accounts, it appears that these entities start off as seeing something dark dart around a corner or behind an object. At first, it is only seen out of the corner of your eye. As time goes on, the shadow people become more daring, showing more and more of themselves.)

(What does a shadow person look like? A shadow person is a dark figure colored blacker than black. The entity blocks out all light and objects behind it and most people who have told their stories say that shadow people emit evil. It is unclear if all shadow ghosts are evil or if as human beings.)

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Not sure if you saw this already, but someone recently asked a similarly-themed question of Inward Quest's own TReb Bor yit-NE:


And I believe it was answered somewhere in this video (sorry, I don't remember the exact point in the time code):



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Thank you very much for your answer and the links! Very helpful =)

(06 Nov '12, 20:43) Skuldr

Within the last couple years I have become used to seeing formless black energy or 'smoke' in the corners of my vision or directly above me. Such is startling but not frightening. I only see such for a brief moment. The moment I notice it it's gone!

In actuality, I find this experience exciting! :o) I most frequently experience such when I am sharing or engaged in passionate and uplifting communication exchange with one or more people.

What TReb says on the subject resonates with me, but there is much he leaves out and does not address. In my case, when I see formless black energy, I get the distinct feeling I am being observed.

Anyway, regarding ghosts and shadow people, I transcribed TReb's comments on such from the above video.

TReb Bor yit-NE:

'The entities in which you see to be ghosts and shadow people - the great majority of those who are experienced on Earth are actually physical entities, who have lived and died within your own existence. They are in-between lives. The reason that one would appear to be light, the other appear to be shadow, and yet others come in ways of bringing out cold (physical coldness to the body) is that they are using different mediums to manifest themselves back into your reality.

For example, if you see a shadow person, it is because they are using all light molecules with an area to manifest a physical body or physical entity within your own existence. For someone who comes in who is very cold to the touch, they are using the heat molecules within one area to manifest themselves into your existence. If you see one that is of light they are using the electro-magnetic forces and an energy within your existence to manifest themselves. So they are all different. Many people have misconceptions that the shadow-ones are evil and the light ones are good; this is not always true. A negative entity will tend to use light because it is more accessible and easy to manipulate; and also because there is a lack of want in light to be within their existence, so if they are using it there is no vacuum within the physical make-up.

Most of these entities are human. There are great exceptions: some are higher density entities, who are also between their existence, and they have been brought down a level instead of one up. A human who dies will go between a 3rd and 4th density, and a 4th density entity will go between a 4th and 5th density, unless they are of great negative self, if they are tortured within their own existence, then they will be brought down between the 3rd and the 4th instead of going up to the 4th and 5th.

The in-between life is a basis and setting that is used to grow; to learn more; to set up your next existence: so most of the time you must go up to do this. But within this existence - of a tortured 4th density entity that must come down (and this is an idea of heaven and hell): heaven being above you, in-between a 3rd and 4th [density], and hell being below you, between a 3rd and 2nd density.'


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