My mind is centered around what I call "Associations". For me, Associations are generally centered on music, times, and places. For instance, when I want to think about (or am in) the countryside near my house, I listen to mostly alt-rock. But when I want to think about (or am in) a town about 20 miles south, it's always 80's pop. Always.

None of this is etched in stone, though. I could change the arrangement, but I like my current set up.

Also, if I'm talking and lose my train of thought, I can just look at what I was looking at when I was thinking of it, and I'll usually remember it.

Basically, I want to know if there's anybody else out there who's set up like this. Am I a freak or a phenomenon? Or is this more common than I think? Any and all answers are welcome.

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nope i would say pretty normal. memory is a faculty that forgets so you need to make it work and by seeing something that is in your memory the memory just simply pick back on it, why should i call you a freak or a phenomenon? i do not judge, why would i do what i hate? so people do the same? i prefer to do what i like and if people want to do what they hate it is their free will and they are responsible of it.

(22 Oct '12, 20:17) white tiger

Thanks White Tiger! Appreciate the answer

(24 Oct '12, 14:49) ExistentiaLux
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Hi @ExistentiaLux, welcome to IQ!

You aren't alone in this. A lot of my life is set to music.

When I cross the desert, it's got to be U2's Joshua Tree.

In the mountains, Mozart.

The little winding lanes in the forest in Northern California, Matchbox 20, not sure why.

Along Pacific Coast Highway, really anything fun, and loud!

In the little gold rush town on the river, the local country station. Or, back to Mozart. Any place of great natural beauty deserves Mozart, in my opinion.

Especially Serenade For Winds; K. 361; 3rd Movement Ahhhhhh. :) Listen for the oboe to come in at about the 23 second mark.

"On a page, it looked nothing. The beginning simple, almost comic! Just a pulse...bassoon's, basset a rusty squeeze box. And then, suddenly...high above oboe. A single note hanging there, unwavering, until the clarinet took it over. Sweetly let into a phrase of such delight! This was no composition of a performing monkey. This was a music I've never heard. Filled with such longing, such unfulfillable longing. It seemed to me that I was hearing the voice of God." ~ Salieri, in 1984 movie Amadeus.


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@Grace. I like the title of the video "Recommended Mozart "

(22 Oct '12, 17:48) ursixx

Thank you, Grace! It's good to know I'm not alone on this!

(24 Oct '12, 14:49) ExistentiaLux

No, it isn't just you. Different people have different levels of organization in their life, both on the inside and the outside. What you describe are implications that you enjoy structure, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Could be mild OCD or similar conditions, but likely nothing derogatory. Being well organized can be invaluable. =)

It's not that it is more common than you think, just that you rarely (if ever) can see what is inside someones head. Some of the most controlled people on the surface are extraordinarily chaotic on the inside, and vice-verse.


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Thank you, Snow! You make a good point

(24 Oct '12, 14:50) ExistentiaLux

You normally organize your experience in terms of time. Your usual stream of consciousness is also highly associative, however. Certain events in the present will remind you of past ones, for example, and sometimes your memory of the past will color present events.

Association or no, physically you will remember events in time, with present moments neatly following past ones. The psyche deals largely with associative processes, however, as it organizes events through association. Time as such has little meaning in that framework. Associations are tied together, so to speak, by emotional experience. In a large manner, the emotions defy time.

Source: The Nature of the Psyche (A Seth Book)


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I like this. Gunna have to check out that book. Thanks for sharing. =)

(23 Oct '12, 19:26) Snow

I appreciate this, thanks! My mom reads the Seth books, too

(24 Oct '12, 14:51) ExistentiaLux
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