This question is now in my mind as I am always looking for what I am passionate at. Then again, I see some people who believe that they can do and love whatever they think is best - and specially when it comes about career. On the other hand, I believe that I am capable of establishing myself in most of the field - and even those field that I really don't think I like at all i.e. I don't love. Now the question is: is being passionate for something is something developed later or natural or mixed of both? If it is natural only, then how do we know we are passionate at in easiest way - and if it something that can be learnt, then how to nurture it - and if it is both mixed, then how to figure out what I am passionate at and how can I nurture it? Quite long question - but this is the most difficult question I have been trying to figure out quite a long - and even tracing back to my childhood does not help me - as my surrounding back to my childhood is totally different than where now I am at. I am grateful for your participation in this discussion - on or against of it :)

asked 16 Apr '12, 18:46

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Passion is the way of looking at life.

(17 Apr '12, 01:44) CalonLan
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inborn within the wisdom
of individuality, but
yet as a seed
which when watered
and nurtured unfolds


answered 16 Apr '12, 20:11

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Thanks @fred1 for the short and simple answer :) To rephrase it so that I correctly understand: Is it wisdom that we need to figure out what we are passionate at, and something called environment (both internal and external) unfold it?

(17 Apr '12, 14:25) ZDCobran

zdcobran, actually it appears that for this earth life we brought into it what we had learned up to date. some see it as intuition and others wisdom. yet this current adventure has an agenda to further our development of which we need to be a form (of flesh and blood) to continue. the struggle of how to harness passions and use their power is a step on the path to our human heritage

(17 Apr '12, 16:49) fred

when you decided to experience this world you add a passion. and now you are in that experience to make that passion happens in that journey that you are having so keep on walking experience and enjoy.


answered 16 Apr '12, 22:50

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white tiger

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