Is it all right to try to change other people directly, or should we focus on changing ourselves and hope that others will be influenced accordingly? Are there areas that are "off limits" in reality creation? Should we try to change another person's will, for instance? Should we try to change their beliefs?

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Thank you John for best answer

(23 Nov '09, 06:23) Wade Casaldi

I believe to an extent we are all doing so already, we all influence each other even here the questions and answers have made me grow very much, many things I had forgotten and haven't talked about in years are now fresh again.

But I believe you mean on a more existential esoteric influential level as in by willfulness deliberately set to cause change in this person through mental influence. I believe everyone has free will, but however can be influenced unknowingly from outside influences. On a more exoteric level this does happen every day from the news, have you ever met anyone that sounds like the news? All their beliefs are exactly the same as the beliefs of these 24 hour news stations. All their words they say and what they find to talk about is everything they heard on the news. They are being unknowingly programed by the television programming that they insist on watching every day, like it is a drug! Then there are the subliminal advertisements, in the 50's it was flashed on a screen for one second every few seconds "I want coke and fries" their sales went through the roof with that experiment.

Now in an esoteric way we can influence people and I know it works, we can be in a crowded place that is going to break out into pandemonium at any moment. If we stay in our calm mind and broadcast that calm everything is okay peace love peace love cooperation happiness agreeableness. Yes we are affecting others "free wills" however as a parent would not let his children fight to see who wins, we in this higher perspective have to step into that role as parents and say lets bring this down lets all calm down everything is okay. I have done this myself mostly for crying children let them know they are loved and everything is okay, it calms them down and before you know it they are not upset anymore. This is all from thought alone, blessings of love and peace.

I believe it is our duty to influence others if there is going to be harm, or if we feel a lot of annoyance, for example in a food court it was very loud everyone was practically screaming to be heard. My dad said I can't eat like this everyone is upset I can hardly hear myself think, he put his hands together and in quiet meditation for just a few moments, everyone became quiet in the food court and relaxed, they were all trying to not disturb anyone and the yelling became just quiet talk at everyone's table.

I know that seems like he went against their free will to want to be heard over everyone else but here is the question, did everyone enjoy their meal before or after his change? He affected the mass mind for the better.

I know as well someone can affect the mass mind for the worst one name springs to mind Hitler he was a master at affecting others but he did so for the worst.


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Wade Casaldi

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You definitely ask thought provoking questions, John. :)

This links into the ideas I elaborated on just a few minutes ago, concerning me drawing the line at freedom. Changing another persons will, or beliefs I would consider a restriction of freedom (if done through some means other than discussion). As to reality creation for others...some do things for others. I tend to be a bit more selfish - although occasionally I have involved myself with meddling in others affairs. When it comes down to it though, doing that is a bit of an egotistical assumption that we know 'what is best for them' or that we 'should save them.' Whereas, the fact is - we often don't consciously know what is best for ourselves (or at least, I don't), let alone for others.

It seems I cannot help getting personal - so a short story. In my late preteens, I developed a crush on one particular girl in my school who I had merely passing knowledge of, Amanda. She was short, had a cute laugh, cute button nose, eyes I could fall into - and she was half-Asian. I can remember, the last image before sleeping and first thought upon waking was her face, with a particular quirk in her 'smug' smile - that I can remember this day. One morning - or afternoon, I cannot recall quite - I was heading to French class with one of my best friends at the time. We were sharing crushes, and I told him mine. Almost immediately, he burst out in the hall "Liam likes Amanda!" At that moment, I was shattered inside that one of my best friends would betray my trust. A moment later, I was shattered at the disgusted face of Amanda as she walked into class...and took an out of the way, long route through the room to her desk, to avoid walking past me. I later heard another of my better friends (female) this time, saying to Amanda "at - least - somebody like you." I took a deep blow, when my mind placed emphasis on the word 'least.' I lost trust in my friends and family and became much more reticent, taking to seclusion. I began to hate females with a fiery passion - I was a raging misogynist - for what I felt to be unjust reactions to my affections.

As a result of this, I took to a deeper study of 'these things' (which I already had an interest in prior). I started trying to meditate for hours. I took to restricting my sexual thoughts and feelings - a feat for anyone, and I was already highly sexed. My whole life changed course from where it seemed to be going in those short moments. I definitely didn't enjoy the long nights of salty tears. Other people around me were worried, and wanted to help me. (In this case, the more they helped - the more I resented them as I didn't trust them) I wouldn't want to go through it again. But - I also would not trade in those few moments for a 'happy ending.' Were it not for all my issues at that time (and they went on for years...until the last couple or so - and I still have some deep seated issues not entirely worked out) I would not have stepped on the path I did. I observed people from the sidelines a lot, I tried to wrap my head and heart around relationships of all sorts and their value. I delved into my beliefs, why I had them. I looked into the world, and questioned. To put it short - I began to really think - and really feel.

As to changing others will and beliefs - well again I think it is very delicate. In the few above moments in my life...I got a lot of value from holding onto my negative beliefs for all those years which I wouldn't have gained had someone snapped them out of existence. I have an interest in marketing, although am not actively involved at the moment. It is an ethically questionable area - and many seem to have a disdain for it and feeling like they are being manipulated. Through discussion, I think we should always be free to argue for our beliefs with others...but I don't think with the idea of 'changing their [wrong] beliefs' but rather with the approach to 'discover the truth' (admittedly, this is remarkably hard - since we all like to think 'we are right!' - even me, with hardly two decades this time round). I have had some experience with telepathic suggestion - and also from discussion with others who have done such - I have found that though many can affect changes short term through such...people tend to switch back into their old beliefs after some time. Now, perhaps I and those others were just inadequate. I have noted a similar thing happening occasionally when I have meddled in external affairs...though the thing will show just doesn't want to stick around for some people (though for others it does seem to).

The above is honestly all over the place I admit...and once again I went on far too long, perhaps without quite hitting the mark I sought to make. I have things to do, so it'll have to do for now.


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well liam what if you know that it is good for someone should you not change is reality?

(02 Oct '11, 20:20) white tiger

God gave us free will to choose right or wrong, good or bad, to believe in him or not, to choose each an everyday we are making choices rather we realize it or not. Some are making choices by default. In other words by not choosing than you still have choose. If your mind is clouded with drugs or too much alcohol than you can not make wise choices for you are not fully functional mentally.

No, I think you should not mess with free will God gave us that choice. I think other wise that would be crossing the line.

But on the other hand if it is for the person best interest and for the good that will help the person than maybe yes under special circumstances. Like trying to get them off of drugs so they can again make wise choices on their own and live an healthy, abundant life.

But than that goes into our own ethics code of what we precieved to be good or evil, right or wrong, cause and effect.

I think it would be wise to talk to them and try to explain our belief system but not presuade them let them choose. Yes, I think there are "Off Limits" in reality creation. There again goes into morality and what we feel is right or wrong. There is ethics standards that are different among different people.

Now passing happy energy, happy thoughts on to another to lift there vibrational frenquency to pull in more postive abundance of happiness, good health, and money would be an good thing I would think.

I think it is alright to send out your good, happy, higher vibrational feeling out there and who ever walks into them and decide hey this feels good and tries to keep them that is different. For you can feel strong negativity coming from an person or an area you walk into just like you can feel the postive happy vibrational feeling when you walk into them or they are radiating from a person they may not be aware they are sending them out to you or who ever they come in contact with.

There are young adults who need an pick me up good energy higher vibrational feeling sent there way but should we do it I would say yes. Just don't take over their free will. I think we should help them to feel better abuot them selves.

We need to help up lift and remove this deep dark depression that is hanging over countries and people that people are feeling now in this recession in our history. Mother Earth needs help as well. So, I say if we can heal and make people and things better for the good of themselves and mankind with God love and permission than I say yes lets heal the earth, and the people through the power of Jesus and God love an power.

Again I say lets try to bring them to the point where they are able to choose. You usually try to do all you can for the ones you love dearly.

But we have to stop an think everything through are we making wise good ethics choices for our selves an others. We are ambassadors of Christ and we should help spread Jesus love and goodness and to help others in the ways that we can.


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Naturally we want to focus on holding ourselves in a good feeling place so the influence we do have on those within our care is positive and beneficial. However I do believe that we were all born with free will and a lot of the problems we have as humans derive from the fact that we are not always given the space to exercise that free will. Each of us came here to learn and grow in different areas and as such there should be diversity. Relationships just cannot survive when one party is trying to change the other as we send out a message to the other party that we don't think they are good enough the way they are. We have to Be the change we want to see and everything else will fall into place.


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Excluding philosophical reflections, "free will" is the first law of our Uniwerse. Extraterrestial beings must abide this regulation, and that's why we haven't got any contact with them. It is known from various channelings records. We also have Aleister Crowley with his:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

So that's why the Law of Attraction shouldn't extend to changing other people. I don't even know if this was really possible, though.


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yes it is asklepios but what would you choose save or destroy? or do you have enuff knowledge to make the right choice for someone else? its alot of things to consider because what you like and what other like is not always the same things so are you wise enuff to make that choice?

(02 Oct '11, 22:52) white tiger

Nothing trumps free will, so we can try to change others, but they are not going to change unless they want to. It can't ever be forced in the long run.


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LeeAnn 1


Have you heard of Viktor Frankl? While in a Nazi death camp, he wrote: "“The one thing you can’t take away from me is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me. The last of one’s freedoms is to choose ones attitude in any given circumstance.”

(25 Nov '09, 08:38) John

That's an amazing quote. He was an insightful and resilient man.

(25 Nov '09, 18:41) LeeAnn 1

if you stay in harmony and it is for the better you can affect their free will for the better. experience and enjoy.

(30 Aug '11, 16:57) white tiger
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well john every one as free will. you should stay in harmony and only change other people stuff if it is to help them and is really needed. example: someone allways arrive late and you make that person arrive soon the next day other wise she would have loose that job that she needs. that person will never know that you made that happen. because you did not do annything in the physical world to make it happen.(you did not speak to anny one you did not do anny physical change) so that person does not even know that you have influence her or affected her free choice. experience and enjoy.


answered 30 Aug '11, 16:48

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white tiger

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