For me personally, I have found that mental practice works well for enhancing creative skills (things like playing a musical instrument, or learning how to type).

But are there techniques or exercises that one can employ to enhance and improve one's overall creative performance and abilities?

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I think it is really about taping into the right brain, that would come with imagination, so it is in seeing things as a visual sense that helps. For example when I do math in my mind I see the numbers change into the answers and some times I see them as boxes or objects and the objects form patterns so instead of counting I recognize the number.

For example you see what looks like a tic tac toe pattern, you do not need to count them to know there is nine objects. a five pointed star is five etc. quickly you see 3 tic tac toe patterns you know there are 27 objects you don't need to count them it is clear there are 27 from the patterns that you see.

I think some of the best exercises for the mind and thought I have seen are from Avatar EPC you can down load many free right from the site. My God consciousness experiments are too but those are more for developing not as much creativity as awakening the God consciousness.


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Wade Casaldi

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Barry Allen ♦♦

+1 for the Avatar EPC courses. I'll have a look at them.

(15 Nov '09, 18:12) Vesuvius

Thanks I really think you'll like them, I have all their books and the Resurfacing workshop tapes too.

(16 Nov '09, 06:49) Wade Casaldi

The simplest way I know how to be creative is to simply slow down and focus or be mindful of what I'm doing.

What you focus on grows and expands. This is where the law of attraction and the power of focused intention comes into play. Anything that comes to mind and more is absolutely beyond possible. I apply this knowledge when cooking, playing an instrument and just about everything else.

Here are two mantras that might work for you:

"SlowDown" or "Focus"

or a combination of both:


Play around with these or add your own version and see what resonates with you.

Have fun with these.


answered 15 Dec '15, 09:42

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Yes @TheCreativeOne energy flows where focus goes ... and not forgetting that good old saying "necessity is the mother of invention" meaning difficult situations inspire ingenious solutions :)

(16 Dec '15, 02:26) jaz

I'm with you on this one. Difficulties aren't required but when we face them it's an opportunity to grow and become better in every area including our craft. They can be small difficulties such as insecurities and daily irritations or larger ones. Every moment is an opportunity to grow. Change is constant.

(16 Dec '15, 17:12) TheCreativeOne

Here's a meditation from The Wonders to enhance creativity:


answered 16 Dec '15, 17:06

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Luke Wonders


Thank you for sharing. Loved it.

(17 Dec '15, 13:38) TheCreativeOne
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