Reality creation can bring things into your life that you ask for. But what about asking for something a little more fundamental?

Is it possible to improve your mental capabilities? Does everything have to be learned painstakingly, bit-by-bit, or is there some inner energies that you can draw upon to help you learn faster, retain more, and generally be vastly more capable and competent at whatever you do?

How would this be done?

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I'm a great fan of quick, easy and effective practical methods so here's one that might help you.

  1. Stand up somewhere alone and with a clear space in front of you.
  2. Think of someone who has the qualities, skills or talents you want (can be fictional)
  3. With your eyes open and looking at the clear space in front of you, imagine that person as vividly as you can in front of you. Try and feel the existence of that person.
  4. When you've made that feeling as strong as possible, take a deep breath and step deliberately into that you are now in their body.
  5. Feel the qualities, skills or talents washing over you as you become that person. Imagine yourself now as that person. There should be no feeling of separation between you and that person.

If you do this properly, you will actually feel that you now have those qualities, skills or talents.

I've used this approach in all sorts of endeavors from playing musical instruments to winning at sports to public speaking.

Have fun :)


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Excellent answer and yes I have used this with my guitar playing and channeling. It could be called tuning as I like to sometimes call it or channeling.

(10 Dec '09, 08:47) Wade Casaldi

Wouldn't you get their bad habits too?

(28 Apr '11, 12:50) Fairy Princess

@Fairy - No, you get what you choose to focus on. You are not becoming the other person, you are just choosing to model some of their qualities

(29 Apr '11, 07:06) Stingray

@ Stingray - We could in a way term it visualization? -> "With your eyes open and looking at the clear space in front of you, imagine that person as vividly as you can in front of you. Try and feel the existence of that person."

(23 Feb '12, 15:18) MagicalUniverse

Funny.. this practice is taught to vocalists for use when trying to impersonate an unfamiliar style of singing.

I think using role models as a source of [positive] inspiration to improve whatever [positive] traits you want is one of the most valuable ways of self-training in any category, spiritual or not.

Very old answer, but a great one.

(23 Feb '12, 16:39) Snow

@Snow - you're seeking to unlock your inner genius? You're the Snowy Owl. Restless?

(23 Feb '12, 18:45) ele

Of course not, I'm already a genius. ^_^ [har har]

No, but I felt like reading this question and found this answer particularly enlightening to me. Not because of its original context, but because I was recently contemplating effective methods of adjusting my physical abilities in a few categories. A method like this is something I used to do and had great success with, but I had forgotten about it.

I often find answers here to my life questions from answers unintended for me or my topic.^_^y

(23 Feb '12, 20:24) Snow

@Snow - We've established the fact; you're brilliant; but you took restless out of context.

(23 Feb '12, 21:24) ele

@Ele: That part was a joke, I am not that arrogant. ^_^

And yes, I know.. Because I didn't understand the context. Hence saying I think I missed the reference. I still don't get it, by the way. =)

(23 Feb '12, 22:57) Snow

@ele: I'd respond, but I think we're approaching that "using IQ as a chat service" boundary again. ;) I greatly appreciate the complements however. Yay for being fascinating though, sounds like a specimen for study. =P

My email address is still in my description you know. ^_^

(23 Feb '12, 23:26) Snow

@Snow - at the risk of a reprimand; if comments have NO value to anyone else; they should be considered chat & deleted. You said once, you read many of my answers; so I'm very puzzled...

As for your email; it will remain in your profile. I didn't forget. Thanks for the reminder though.

(24 Feb '12, 02:27) ele

@ele: I have. And after you said that I immediately went looking through them again looking for whatever I missed. =( I am so very confused.

(24 Feb '12, 03:11) Snow

@Snow The question was not how you failed to interpret "restless". Didn't you see my edit? I later deleted the entire comment Really, forget about it - I don't want to be responsible for your confusion.. You make me laugh.

(24 Feb '12, 03:19) ele

@MagicalUniverse - Yes, the entire process is effectively visualization with physical action attached which is an old, old, old trick for adding more realism to visualizations and vibrational intents. Many mystical ceremonies involve physical motion and symbolic "acting out" because of this extra power that the physical actions bring. The more "real" you make another reality feel, the more you tune yourself into that reality.

(24 Feb '12, 04:27) Stingray

@ Stingray - Ahh, I see! Thanks a ton for the great answer :) Your answers always enlighten us all the more!

(24 Feb '12, 06:38) MagicalUniverse

@Stingray: Could we please have your photograph?? :) :) Would like to install all your wisdom into ourselves :D

(26 Feb '12, 00:37) Sourabh

I would second that @Sourabh hehehe. I'm a drummer and I know I will find it helpful. I'm definitely going to try it. Thanks for the answers.

(02 Mar '12, 14:25) Kriegerd

Great Answer! Napoleon Hill met with a group every morning, in his mind, consisting of some of the greatest thinkers known. both past and present.

(15 Apr '12, 13:08) Dollar Bill

@Stingray: It's been a long time since I logged in. And here is a miracle of obtaining the good with out a whole lot to work. Since I have many things I want to acheive this is right on time, thanks

(13 Feb '15, 21:20) Tom

@Stingray, how often should someone do this. I have an inner genius but I haven't used this way before, so say once a day for 30 days. I realize one of the qualities of the new man could be learning this,say twice a day for 30days, every time it comes up or what? I would really appreciate an answer.

(14 Feb '15, 09:23) Tom

@Tom - "how often should someone do this" - In return, I could ask you how often should you eat? :) Generally speaking, most people eat when they feel like eating :) Similarly, how often should you do this method? ....whenever you feel like you should do it :) Not a satisfying answer to the logical part of our minds but it's the most honest one. Everyone's in a different vibrational place, moving in different directions with different beliefs towards different destinations.

(22 Feb '15, 06:16) Stingray

@Stingray, thanks that is a great answer.

(15 Mar '15, 01:04) Tom
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I like to look at the words people choose to convey their thoughts...thus my interest in the study of English.

You asked about two things at once- have you caught that? You said inner and genius. When I link those two words together, I get an impression of a special type of genius...perhaps something that is well-hidden or buried or ignored...only suddenly, it has come to light! The "genius" is "asking" to come out! Do you see what I mean?

(I may be all wet, but let's run with this idea anyway....)

For example, I was interested in photography when I was young, but did not have the money or time to pursue it. I deliberately said, "I will wait until I am older." The Universe presented me with a digital camera a few years ago,and I took the hint. I began photographing the sunrises over my backyard as a start. I made many mistakes, but I kept at it- and I let that hidden, inner genius "come out". It was time. I am just an amateur, but I actually have a little place on the Webshots website where people can view my sunrises if they want (under jaianniah, of course!)

What I am saying is that first you have to realize that the urge, the talent or whatever, is there! The rest is sweat and love.

You also used the word unlock. That implies that this talent got locked up somehow. Why? Who locked it up? In my case, it was me. But parents can shut us down, or fear, or even money. Conspire with the Universe, and turn the key in the lock, and let it go free! What a great feeling!

It is the best feeling in the world!

Blessings, and Happy Hobbying, Jai


answered 11 Dec '09, 02:32

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+1 Very perceptive you are.

(11 Dec '09, 06:42) Vesuvius

@Jai - i enjoy your analysis ... just like to say that for me, we can be conscious channels for " genius", the real genius is the natural force that permeates everywhere including humans, plants, animals ... :)

(24 Feb '12, 05:10) blubird two

I think I won't anwser your question precisely, but here it is. As stated in Initiation into Hermetics, by using autosuggestion you can change EVERYTHING about yourself, which means you can cure "incurable" illnesses, remove any trait of your character and gain any skill that you desire. You can affect every level of your being: mental, astral and physical. However, autosuggestion applies only to the person using it.

That is because the mechanism of autosuggestion is entirely different than the law of attraction (speaking of which, law of attraction is only simplified version of process that can be fully comprehended with hermetic knowledge. When mental body is trained properly, the manifesting process is much quicker, because capability of creating mental images is much more intense). But with autosuggestion you can directly adapt your mental body to your need. It is your body so it is easy to affect it by getting control over the subconsciousness. Then your wish manifests on astral and then on physical level of your being. The rule is mental -> astral -> physical. On mental level your will manifests at once, but it takes time to reach the physical.

I have already descripted this technique here. However, it is very easy, so I can do it again: You will need a string with 40 beads and an affirmation (has to be positive, without the "not" word!) according to your current wish. The time to do it is evening before sleep and morning after getting up. You say the affirmation aloud 40 times (beads help you count it). You also have to visualise that you already have the qualities you want to obtain. When you are finished, you keep your wish in your head until you get asleep (in the evening only). I said you'll control your subconsciousness - that's right! Your action is to implant your affirmation into it, and the subconscious takes the lead when you're sleeping.

What is also important, this mental work is not enough for your will to change an aspect of yourself. You have to pull the vibration down to your physical body for it to manifest. Here's an example:

Let's say your will is "I am bold" to overcome your shyness. You won't get any effect - or perhaps it won't be quick - in becoming bold if you won't take any action. You have to rise your hand at school/academy, try to talk to random people in the bus, say few words to saleswoman in a shop, or take any other action that will draw you to your objective.

When you have your successes, make sure you memorize them well. Then recall them during autosuggestion to ensure yourself you're making progress.


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Asklepios you are an Ocean, thanks.

(06 May '10, 12:12) MUHD

You are welcome.

(15 May '10, 14:37) Asklepios

Different people learn different ways some do better in a visual sense, some more in an audio sense, some more in logic, some in abstract, some need to be shown in a physical sense.

Now for me I learn things best when I "see" them, it could only be in my head but still I see it and learn it. Like when I am learning something new in Karate everything I am learning I am making a duplicate of in my head watching it done perfectly then I do it outside physically.

When I was learning high math for my GED I would see all the numbers in my head moving into each other transforming into the new numbers, the math problems would be "alive" in my mind moving and transforming. So I would come up with the answer without writing it down on paper just by looking at it and letting it "speak" to me.

So with this understanding that I am a very strong visual learner I try to put things in a visual sense, I remember Jimi Hendrix was similar he talked about the colors of music apparently he saw in his mind notes and cords have colors like a painting.

It is said in my mystery school that everything we see or hear is a result of the data transmitted through the nerves and had we to switch the nerves of the ears for the nerves of the eyes, we would see a symphony as a beautiful painting of living colors and hear a painting as a a beautiful symphony.

Now for belief part, as belief plays a huge role in learning, do we believe this is hard or easy? We must realize whatever we may believe to be hard is easy for someone else so the possibility of it being actually easy is there. Also since our minds are an off shoot of the big mind, supra-conscious, mass mind, or God consciousness we know this already we just have to realize we do know it already.

So my answer is in two parts: tailor it to how you learn best, and second believe it is easy and you are learning it and can learn it. Better yet believe you know it and are refreshing your memory! :-)


answered 10 Dec '09, 02:49

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Wade Casaldi

edited 10 Dec '09, 07:35

Thank you for your Practical and grounded answer! Sometimes, if you have the desire, you must still practice and practice to get to a high level. 1% desire, 99% sweat, in other words! I also think genetics plays a part in what we learn easiest. That does not mean we cannot learn something well we are not disposed to learn- but it comes easiest when we have the right genes. Many blessings to you! Jai

(10 Dec '09, 23:42) Jaianniah

Here is another approach how to learn to do things fast and easy using the biology of learning success to accelerate your learning ability, some example are: speed reading, coaching, consulting training high performance memory, color filter overlays, omega 3 oils, vision therapy activities, brain map it, the Mozart effect, listen to imusic, learn by osmosis, Binaural beats to produce, alpha, beta, delta, and theta waves, used along with exercise, electronic delivery system, book tours without leaving your home, for super learning Quantum learning model, memory technique, NLP super learning, E learning, and there are many accelerated learning resources available out there that you can use to enhance your ability to learn to do things fast, and easy, cutting down on both time, cost, and effort.

Learn what works for you, and learn how to bring out the genius in you for a more productive life.


answered 11 Dec '09, 02:58

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Inactive User ♦♦

well vesuvius we are all genius at different level so there is nothing to unlock has you said. we just need to share and appreciate. but many get stuck in the judgement act and value more some people compare to other people on many different factor. go look at a garden do not all plant share the earth the water and the light and grow? some plant give different fruit but will you judge a plant to not have grow has fast has another plant to have give you a cucumber at the place of a tomato. do you not like both fruit? how would you enjoy a salad made only of one fruit? we all learn the only difference is how we apply take the first step and keep on walking. experience and enjoy.


answered 23 Feb '12, 16:06

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white tiger

There are people that are effortless learners, and their are people who has to really work at it to succeed. There are people who were born with natural talent, and there are people who has to pay someone to learn the same talent. We all have different strenght, and weakness, and sometime we do not know how best to use our strenght, or how to improve on our weakness.

Perhaps, someone may have an idea on something specific that they are good at, and they may decide to put their idea at work for them, and suddenly, they realised that it was one of their hidden talents. They decide to promote it, and market it, and they are in business. They had no previous training from anyone, but here they are selling their invention, and people are buying it. In the same token, someone else may have to take a couple of course to be able to do what the other person did on his own.

No one taught 12 years old John Doe to draw, but he loved to draw on his own since he was very young. To date he has never taken any lessons on learning to draw, but yet he can look at any photograph, and make a perfect drawing of it. And when you ask him, where did you learn to draw like that, his reply is I did not learn to draw from anyone, I just draw, because I like to draw.

Frankly, I would have to pay someone to teach me to draw, but for this young boy it is easy, and natural. So, my take on this question, varies in the sense, that we are all different, and we all different talents, and abilities. Some of us are good at creating for everyone else to enjoy, and some of us will always need to learn from someone else to create what we want. Some of us can learn effortlessly, and some of us has to work a little harder. Some of us knows how to harness the gifts from within, some of us need someone else to teach us how to harness our own God given gifts.


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Inactive User ♦♦

We are all using genius all the time simply by being alive ... we live in a world of duality that we name the law of attraction, this means that the limited physical world in which we are physically, has a non physical unlimited counterpart ... the more we become conscious of the power of the law of attraction and how it works, the more we consciously control it, the more we can harness the genie within ... the story of alladin's magic lamp really can come true.

So "how do you unlock your inner genius ?" ... when thinking of this question, these words from Bashar speaking of the space-time antenna, that i had noted on paper came back to me, that you may find useful

"imagine it in imagination, play with the idea ... and play with what that shape does when you get it in your mind's eye in terms of opening you up to other levels communication because you can use it that way too.

You don't have to physicalize it to get an effect within your own consciousness, but you can physicalize it to get an effect in physical reality ... if you also do it in your mind and you see that shape in your mind, if you can also learn to view it three dimensionally and start turning it and rotating it in your mind and seeing it in different angles that will absolutely heighten and increase your ability to tap into other dimensional frequencies as well"

As The Prophet said "it is the shape of Consciousness" ... as above so below, an eternal loop :)

alt text

a very similar shape to a merkaba

have fun


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blubird two

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"Is there some inner energies that you can draw upon to help you learn faster, retain more, and generally be vastly more capable and competent at whatever you do? ... Yes Yes Yes.

And what is genius but the discovery and accretion of your inner capacities. I am a light being just as everyone else on the planet :) As an energy being light flows through me (and you) at the speed of light (and perhaps even faster). The following exercises will enable you to train yourself to strengthen and control the energies flowing through you.

There are 16 simple exercises you can practice that will wake up and reinforce your natural latent capacities and put you on the right track.

  • The 1st exercise involves a drawing of a magnet

alt text

it's the symbol of universal magnetism and when you magnetize it you enter into contact with the great flows of universal magnetism, you reinforce and participate in their power, you are of the same nature as magnetism.

Stand with the drawing flat on a table in front of you and wish to saturate the drawing with your magnetism, represent a fluid flowing from the ends of your fingers to impregnate the drawing.

Magnetize the drawing by slowing passing your hands from the top to the bottom of the drawing

alt text

when you reach the bottom of the drawing slightly close your hands place them at the top of the drawing and repeat the process.

Magnetize the drawing for one to two minutes, practice once a day.

  • For the 2nd exercise a drawing of the solar disk is used, it's the symbol of vital and spiritual forces

alt text

Remain supple, natural, relaxed and orientate your mind towards the aim of the exercise by simply thinking;

by this exercise I practice to continually draw upon the magnetism that I irradiate at the very source of terrestrial magnetism: the sun. In other words, what I diffuse around myself, I automatically recuperate in the environment. It's a mistake to believe that the magnetizer draws all from himself, he receives as much as he gives.

Now magnetize the drawing for one to two minutes, practice once a day.

  • The third exercise involves the drawing of a human male

alt text

man is a generator of magnetism.

The mental orientation in this case is;

this is self-training to influence others just by my presence and without doing anything special.

Magnetise the drawing from one to five minutes, practice daily.

  • The fourth exercise is about cultivating the regard; the regard magnetic - soft, smiling,loving and relaxed is a powerful source of influence. Here's the diagram

alt text

sit with the diagram at 45° in front of you on a table, calmly look at the small disk situated between the two black points. Smile and keep your eyes fixed on it without blinking for one to two minutes. The mental orientation in this case is;

I am training to attract sympathy and confidence, everyone will love me soon.

alt text

  • The fifth lesson involves the drawing of a lozenge, symbol of the evolution of forces and of their duality. "As above so below to accomplish the miracle of duality".

alt text

Magnetise the drawing for one to two minutes, the orientation in this case is;

I represent a very dense fluid flowing from the ends of my fingers and impregnating this drawing. In this way I participate in the exchange of forces that are in constant evolution in the universe.

  • For the sixth exercise the drawing of a human female is used;

alt text

Woman, source of magnetism just as powerful as that of man.

Magnetize the drawing for one to two minutes, the mental orientation is;

I wish to completely magnetize an indeterminate woman.

  • For the seventh exercise the drawing of a cube is used

alt text

the cubic stone, symbol of the realization of aspirations, the accomplishment of goals, of works.

Magnetize the drawing for one to two minutes with this mental orientation in mind;

"The act of developing my magnetism will engender my goals. My gestures, my words, my movements, my thoughts, my methods, all that will convey a stronger fluid, an increased magnetic power"

Magnetize the drawing for one to two minutes, practice daily

  • For the eighth exercise the drawing of a 5 pointed star is used

alt text

Sit with the diagram at 45° in front of you on a table, calmly look at the centre of the star and repeat to yourself in a machine like way the phrase that is shown under the star;

"Everyday from all points of view I get better and better"

The 5 pointed star , the flamboyant star of all initiations, symbol of equilibrium, harmony and of the highest humain ideal.

The mental orientation in this case is; I naturally draw upon exterior forces. I retain and fix them within myself. In this way I become more and more strong, more and more magnetic. Putting it otherwise my potential incessantly increases.

Practice this exercise from 1 to 5 minutes every day.

Text and drawings are from the book "Méthode expresse de magnétisme personnel" published by Servranx

Once you have practiced these exercises daily for at least three months and up to 12 months, (or more if you wish), your magnetic energies should be nicely flowing and you can move onto the next stage; beyond duality and polarization ...


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