have you been in a situation that no matter how much you want or desire something, and you do anything possible for it to happen.. it goes the other way.. that insane stuff happens to prevent you from your goal?.. do you think it is that maybe no matter how much you want something the universe says no, that's not it for you.. no matter if you have always thought that it is what you want in your heart for yourself. and if so... do you keep trying?.. or after yourself, other people or situations have been affected enough decide to walk away and let it be?..

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Don't put so much pressure on yourself to deliver the goods :)

There is no conspiracy to keep you from having what you want. I think I heard Joe Vitale say somewhere that "you can have anything you want, if you don't need it". This statement, to me is what really struck home ...in terms of reality creation and law of attraction. We desire something and can get it (and any other thing we want), but the only thing that keeps us from getting it, is usually our energy or vibrational disposition towards it (the intended manifestation). That desperate vibration of "I have got to have it!" attitude...keeps that goal (or thing) just shy of our reach.

Change your approach. Play with the idea of having that manifestation already. Lighten up your vibration, release some resistance to it. Think of things that you would do...if you had the manifestation already. The idea is to do things to take your focus off of not having it...and switch your focus more to already having had it and/or enjoying it currently. Or, perhaps, try to get your mind off of it all together. You have to find that exact formula (key) that works for you. remember that --> pretend with intent, eventually makes it real on all levels.



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thx but I didnt mean conspiracy, I meant more of divine signs that maybe you should try this instead cause something else greater is coming if you chose this path instead of forcing the other one, I don't know I was wondering about the difference between being persistent and forcing a situation.

(18 Oct '11, 17:23) jinxx

Yes Jinxx, I do believe that we get divine signs and redirection from our higher mind (GOD)... The physical mind may want this"..but the higher mind (which is still You) knows you really want/need "that"...But----> Ultimately everything that happens to you, is because you desire it on some level or another. There is no separation. There is a duality there. EVERYTHING that "happens" to you on this earth is for the sole purpose of your expansion...which inturn feeds the expansion of the Universe. Our physical mind, is not always so adept at seeing the connection. ss

(19 Oct '11, 13:41) streetsanto

I think you have to remember Jinx that the Law of attraction is always at work. However it's only when we're fully in alignment with the source of all creation (doesn't matter what you call it) that it actually works in our favour. When things seem to be working against us or we appear to be "forcing destiny" it's really something within our own being telling us that we're not in alignment or even possibly the thing we think we want is merely an egoic desire that we think may satisfy us or bring us happiness but on a deeper level our higher self knows that transient thing will merely bring us temporary relief and below the surface it may in fact be working on attracting something much more beneficial.

I feel that it's also important to remember that the moment we begin to entertain seeds of doubt we actually put a screeching halt to the manifestation coming into physical reality... remember it already exists the moment we ask ( and we don't even have to be aware we're asking because we're constantly doing so through our thoughts without being consciously aware of a lot of them ). When we allow doubt in we are noticing the absence of what we want and so that's what becomes our reality. The key component in the whole process then is obviously faith... ask and totally let it go fully knowing that what you request already exists and you will experience it soon enough with your physical senses.

This is why all power lies in that Now moment...because it is only Now that we are creating (the future is just us catching up with that creation).

And I fully agree with streetsanto...there is only Source or God ( or whatever else you want to call it) and that source is All That Is. We humans are the only ones who assign the meaning to anything and when we fully realise this we also realise that the only thing that will ever hold us back is our own hesitancy to be completely honest with ourselves... in other words our own self delusions are the only thing keeping us from living the life we want and that realisation is empowering :)


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I truly love what you wrote and I agree.. Do you think that maybe if life keeps moving you to the opposite direction to WHAT YOU THINK YOU WANT, that maybe is a way of GOD of letting you know that maybe this path will bring greater joy in the long run? or that you should make this path work and you will see later?.. or do you think it is 100% us and our creation, I guess what I am trying to say is, maybe there is some sort of destiny to some things that happen and it is the way of the universe to tell you hey look this way, this might be cool just go with it?

(18 Oct '11, 17:20) jinxx

Hi jinxx... Since I feel my higher self never loses touch with God the really it's both letting us know which will bring us greater joy but we always get to choose and that's where freewill comes into play. However I think when we reach a certain stage in our evolution our choices can only be in alignment with our higher self or God and anything else just doesn't make sense or feel good... freewill seems to become obsolete as we make our choices in alignment with that higher power :)

(18 Oct '11, 18:10) Michaela

I think when you try and force anything, you may not get the desired results you are looking for. There are a lot of people in the world today trying force things on themselves and others and usually it doesn't have the greatest outcome.

One thing I have learned recently with the LOA is that forcing anything that you want is going in the wrong direction. You saying "and you do anything possible for it to happen" sounds like you are pushing against what you want instead of letting go of the oars and floating downstream. It really comes down to the ease and flow of things regarding what you get and what you don't.

I understand where you are coming from when you talk about really wanting something and thinking the universe says no but sometimes that wanting turns into yearning or wondering where my things are at.

Instead of thinking of it in a "keep trying kind of way" you would be better off working on the knowing that what you desire is done and just let the how, who, when and where work itself out. This is the part that we all get hung up on and it really comes down to where your beliefs are held on how the universe works its magic.

You ended your last sentence perfectly. Think of your desire and feel the joy that the desire flows through your body, believe and know that it is done, and then just let it be.


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yes I was wondering where the line between being persistent and forcing is.. basically.. cause trying within the lines of not hurting yourself or anyone is being persistent.. then if you don't try you might be too much of a conformist.. so, at this point I will go with the flow and take the next events that come as signs from above and see what happens..

(18 Oct '11, 19:46) jinxx

Beautiful answer Cory

(18 Oct '11, 19:51) Paulina 1

Let me start by saying that I believe in God.

With that said, I can say that I dislike terms like "The Universe" and "The Source"- we are talking about God! So, if there is a God, then I can also say that there must also be something like Not-God or even Absence-of-God- in other words, Evil.

With me so far? Okay.

So, if we believe in God, then we must also believe that God created the Law of Attraction. Why would He do this? Because, in truth, Everyone is connected to All that there is in some way. The Universe could not work without these connections. I saw this when I saw into The Mind of God, which was truly amazing....

Anyway, so if we are believers in the Law of Attraction, we are actually seeing into the workings of the Universe and the Mind of God. Now we come to your question: Can we push too hard? What you might actually asking is this: Is there some Force which runs counter to the Law of Attraction?

We have danced all around this topic for two years...Those who believe in The Law of Attraction alone try to convince me that if I do not get what I have desired, I must not be vibrating right or must be doing something wrong! Without a belief in God. All the Universe becomes, if you think like this, is a big, fat, machine that delivers what we want if we apply the Law of Attraction formula in just the right way.

I just cannot buy this set-up.

I have run into the very same resistance as you have, and I know it for what it is: Absence of God, or My-Will-Run-Riot, or even, sometimes Evil .

Hmmm. What do I do now? The LOA is not working for me? What am I doing wrong? Perhaps one of these things rings a bell with you: 1. You are being tested by God. Yes, He wants to get our attention really bad, and He sometimes wants us to Believe in Him so much, because He loves us dearly, and wants us to turn to Him for what we need. He wants this so much that He shuts off the LOA and waits for our Hearts to Come Unto Him. 2. We are being blocked by Evil. If this is the case, James 4:7 of the New Testament gives anyone who believes the Authority to cast out Evil. So do it if this is the case. 3. God's Will, in your case, is NOT being done! It may be as simple as that.

Sorry to be so long-winded, but this is really important to me. In MY view, the Universe, which is really the sum total of God, is not a slot-machine or a formula that spits out what we want if we do everything just so. The Universe is God! So, if you are not "creating the reality you desire", think about prayer- yes, i said the "p" word! Prayer! Pray, and ask God to show you His Will. Then be patient, and you will get an answer!

Blessings, Jaianniah


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Jaianniah...I'm not understanding how there can ever be the "absence of GOD". I'm not an expert on the "definitions" of God...but I would humbly submitt to you that God always existed and exists in all things...therefore cannot be absent in anything...because GOD is in fact all things (and no thing). And, all things are God (collectively and individually).<---the duality in all things ss

(18 Oct '11, 13:53) streetsanto

I believe in the love I feel for who created everything, not the terminology I use to call him or her or it, it is personal, way too personal you don't offend me you surprise me. have a nice day.

(18 Oct '11, 16:33) jinxx

also, I dont know if you read my post correctly, I never said I want this against all will etc, I said is it healthy to walk away and let it be.. for the most part that is always my reaction and I thought maybe I needed to wait it out a bit longer. that's it.. :)

(18 Oct '11, 16:38) jinxx
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Jinx, sometimes the answer is no. We don't have to like it, but that is true. Perhaps something even better is right around the corner. Perhaps others and their free will are involved and there is a lack of cooperation. Perhaps it is not for the best. Perhaps you will be thankful later!


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LeeAnn 1

Hello jinxx , remember that everything we want to manifest in our lives comes much easier when we let go, feel relaxed and confident. Act happy , create happiness within yourself , be joyful for no reason at all and you'll be surprised how quickly things turn around and become positive.


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blubird two

thx for the time you took to answer my question. What I meant was more along the lines of what LeeAnn said, I don't mean that I personally want something and I am frustrated that it is not happening, I am one of those people that believes that if something is not happening, and even if you try your hardest strange and unexpected things keep putting me in the other direction, that maybe it is time to make that direction work.
As for happiness, I guess you guys don't know me but I don't want to sound like a conformist, but I always think well, everything happens for a reason and maybe this is how it is supposed to go, maybe not having what I want happen Is part of a divine plan. I was curious to see what you all thought cause I respect the opinion of the people in this forum.
I call the light the UNIVERSE cause until now, I thought it was a term that did not offend most people, that people that are religious knew I meant GOD. I am a little sketchy about telling other people how to call who they believe in, I believe in RESPECT for what others believe in and letting everyone call however they want to call there own GOD, because it is personal and its whatever makes them feel comfortable, for me I call it the UNIVERSE,GOD or light. but that is just me, and I think I will call it the way I want it until I die because it is my life and I think I am allowed to have my own personal beliefs and no offense but in a nutshell this is what makes me feel comfortable. I am happy, I am joyful, I thought I was being a little to joyful accepting what comes and looking for a silver lining and thinking well, maybe what I want is not what I should have..

you all have a great week.. :)


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