hiii..friends.. i have read many such stories in which a person tries to commit suicide but, is unable to die..cos then, GOD comes n saves them saying that this is not there time of dying, they are yet to fulfill there purpose of life. is it true? or its like that the birth n the death are totally in the hands of god?

recently, i read a book by MRS.HELENE HADSELL.., "contesting-name it claim it game". where, she has mentioned that once in her teenage,when she suffered from rheumatic fever ,she asked jesus to give her death,but thn jesus appeared in front of her n said that .."ur yet to fulfill the purpose of ur life.so, u can't die now.." n the most interesting part is ..after jesus disappeared.., she was cured in a fraction of second. hope to hear from all of u soon.., thank you :))) love,light n lotts of blessing to all of u..

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Why Manifest? You could manifest with enough energy but, what's the point? That is not a direction that I would even start wondering about. God cannot interfere or you would not be free. This question is a nice way of saying, "If I want to kill myself, can I do it nicely?". I would stay of that line of thinking.


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I would stay away of that line of thinking. Sorry.

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@The Knights Alchemy.., thank you fr ur reply. its just a query which came in my mind..so i asked.

(13 Oct '12, 10:10) supergirl

This question has puzzled humankind forever.

Why do some people live long lives, while others die young???

There is the myth of the Three Fates: Atropos, Clotho, and Lachesis, who were three mythical sisters who determined your life span. Atropos spun the thread of life, Clotho measured it, and Lachesis cut it when it was your time to die. The book, Insomnia, by Stephen King, deals with this subject very well and is a good read, btw. (He messes with the myth, but you get the point anyway.)

My friend, Cathy, is a nurse who worked in a nursing home for years. She has observed many deaths, and has come to this conclusion, based on what she has seen: When it is your time, it is your time. This would indicate that it is up to God and not us. She says that she has worked on patients who she "knew" would be dead by morning, only to come in the next day and see them sitting up in their beds, eating their eggs and toast. Other people who were stable when she went home would die in the night and be gone when she came the next morning. She decided that when God calls, you cannot fight it. Period.

This is why I believe that God frowns on suicide, and that we all matter! I cannot believe that anyone could "manifest" their death short of suicide. There are people who do give up, though, but it is usually because of a great shock: the death of a beloved spouse, or child, for example. These people need our love and encouragement at such times, or they might waste away and die. But do they manifest it? I don't think so.

To manifest my death would be to commit suicide. This is not a manifestation, but rather, a direct act of self-will run riot. God does not approve of this.




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@jaianniah..- thank you so much dear, for ur wonderful reply.. :)) love,light n lots of blessings ur way jai..

(13 Oct '12, 10:13) supergirl
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