hii..friends.. recently my dad showed me a psychic reading which was taken by one of the very famous psychics of our country. n it was taken when I was just 10 days of age.he wrote almost all the important events of my life.

when my dad read out the reading..up till now whatever happened is absolutely correct.but , to my amazement.., the events which he has written and what I have planned (by law of attraction) for my rest of the life are exactly same.

so.. I am not getting ..how did it happened? am I having psychic abilities or Were these events precognitive? and what do you u think, will actually happen.., predictions told by psychics or that which I want to manifest by law of attraction???

thank you friends for reading and replying me in advance...,

love,light n blessing to all of you :)))

Examples like- I am very interested in social service and I am sure I'll be doing that only..and that psychic has also said the same that "I will be serving to society". and the way I have planned my material life, soul-mate,kids..,he has told exactly the same thing. I always wanted to be in a medical profession and he already predicted that.

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Hey @supergirl could you edit in a few examples of these events?

(11 Oct '12, 16:57) ursixx

@Barry Allen...thank you..dearo, for editing it..:)))

(12 Oct '12, 01:07) supergirl
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No I would say not because this is the type of stuff that ruins your power. It says you are powerless to the predestined plan laid out when you were born. Like it was just luck that you were born on this day at that time which corresponds to this life path.

That is like saying we are like robots with computer programs built into us and only think we have free will but actually we are doing exactly what our life path says we will be doing.

This takes away the fact that we are supposed to reign on earth! God gave us free will to be the rulers over our experience of life on earth. If we take fortune telling as real we are saying "I am powerless, it is my destiny to be this way, it is in the stars, the cards, the dice, the dominoes, the runes, the tea leaves etc... Anything but not in me!

This is a lie, you have no idea who you were meant to be. Here are two Bible quotes to show you who you really are.

Psalm 82:6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

John 10:34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

Do not let outside influences be more powerful than you, if you do you are diminishing God.

God said to Moses his name is I Am, he also said have no other Gods before me. If you give things outside of yourself authority over your life you are putting these over God and thus these become your God. Don't let the stars tell you who you are, you tell the stars who you are.

You are free, a slave to none and nothing, you reign, you decide, it is your choice.


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Wade Casaldi


@Wade casaldi, thank you so much for ur wonderful reply..,i myself thought the same thing bt wanted to confirm it with someone.., n tht means..wow..only n only those things will happen tht i want through loa n i l get everything through my manifestations..yess..yess...yess....m so happy ..thank you again :)))..., love ,light n blessings to u wade.

(12 Oct '12, 01:12) supergirl
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