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An Important Message

asked 19 Oct '11, 19:31

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closed 30 Dec '11, 11:30

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I'm closing this to give you a chance to add more detail as to what this is about, and give it a more meaningful title. Please consider what effect it would have if everyone on this site gave vague titles to postings like "An Important Message" without any explanation

(19 Oct '11, 19:44) Barry Allen ♦♦

well kings mind when people will run like chiken with no heads that floods wash the earth and that the ground open to swallow up people and that the finger of God destroy the wicked then you will know that it is to late for people to use their free will to do the right thing. until then do not fear and do the right thing. experience and enjoy.

(20 Oct '11, 03:10) white tiger

This is not a question just a link to an important message that I feel users of this forum should listen to.

(20 Oct '11, 08:27) AboveBelow

Well, without a description, I don't really want to click on that link.

(20 Oct '11, 14:08) Fairy Princess
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