Is it being made in the image of God, that we have a soul and spirit, that we have the ability to go through all of the emotions like love, hate, happiness, joy, sadness, fear, depression, and etc., is it our higher intelligence, our ability to comprehend right and wrong, good or evil (bad), that we are connect to God and have the ability to communicate with him, is it our blood which which sustains our life or that God placed us over the fowls, animals, insects, and other? I feel like we are losing some of our humanity and maybe becoming more animalmalistic, by that It seems to me that we are losing our ability love, respect, and care about one another, mother earth. Animals eat to live, reproduce for the survivor of the species, and fight for territory. Yes, there are animals that do show love back to us.

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I think the human condition is the thing that makes us cry when we love, makes us hate so harshly. It is the extreame polarity of our consiesness. Its the planet we are on and the way we have found to loose all the ancient teachings that seperated it from some of us. I think being human is the great light and the horrible darkness we are all cappable of.. I think this page is to small and I dont have the kind of time to TRULY answer that. I think the gathering of thoughts and the OBSESSION to learn, the never ending thirst for knowlege, the wondering of what life is, what it was, and what it will be, all makes us HUMAN! " I have got life , I have got laughter, I have a happy ever after, I have got dreams and there finaly comming true, I have joy, I have got music, I have got a love and I'll NEVER loose it, I have got heaven on earth cause I got you (my love/my wife )" thank you to B.J Thomas, its funny i was listening to this song right when i needed it! love n light, rob


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So you are saying it is our conscious ability to think, love and hate to the extreme and our ability to learn and think and feel the joy of living on earth as a human if this is what you saying and thanks for your answer.

(16 Apr '11, 02:25) flowingwater

yes i think thats a VERY generic answer ,, but yes ,, that about somes it up, ty for your comment as well :-) love n light

(16 Apr '11, 13:17) TReb Bor yit-NE

I think our ability to feel is what really makes us human. We have a gamut of emotions that we experience at varying degrees throughout our life and I think the ability to really feel and find an authentic way to express these emotions is what contributes to a healthy human experience.Sometimes we experience pain and fear, other times joy and happiness... both are equally vaild experiences of being human and only become right or wrong when we label them so.

This can often mean getting in touch with those emotions that we label as wrong and realize that they do play a part in our human experience and are only unhealthy when we let them define who we are.

I think a crucial part of being human is making mistakes and learning from them. Often those who are truly successful have had to make many mistakes and experience many failures before realizing true success.Mistakes and failures then become something positive on our journey.

When we trod a spiritual path we sometimes tend to forget that we are human and chose to come here for a human experience. I think we can only live that experience to the fullest when we integrate both our spiritual being with our human being. Personally I believe that the heart of humanity is ultimately good and the more we realize this as individuals, the more it will benefit our species as a whole.


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Thanks for your answer.

(23 Apr '11, 02:43) flowingwater

You're very welcome :)

(23 Apr '11, 18:44) Michaela

it may not be a case of either or but how to balance the two forces.
ancient wisdom discusses the revealed hierarchy of ourkind, where we came from and where we are going.
may not be the same story line as your beloved bible, but related many years before. most gods no longer have physical form, they are transformed into more ethereal beings or more distance from earth.
so the 'made in the image and likeness' may instead be the spiritual likeness, the possible attainment of the man-christ.
is it our to choose


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So are you saying that it is our free will to choose which way we are going with our life than if so that may be it that we indeed do have a choice "with our free will." I forgot that one and thanks for your answer fred.

(16 Apr '11, 01:18) flowingwater

I would like to say that one of the hallmarks of human behavior is Senescence. We are self-aware. We know we exist, and we are aware of the passage of time, and know we are going to die. This awareness makes us uniquely different from animals. But I also believe that perhaps some "animals"-perhaps dolphins, whales, and the higher apes- might have some of this awareness also. It would be very interesting if what Adam and Eve found when eating the apple was actually the point of senescence for humankind. Just a thought to ponder!

Blessings, Jaianniah


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So, they have proof that dogs are aware of time when their masters are coming home. Some sense their will be a earth quake, or a hurrican, some animals can take on the sickness of the human.

(23 Apr '11, 02:58) flowingwater

I don't know, out of all of the species that have roamed the earth, only one learned how to build a rollercoaster. And ride it :)


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SO I intellectual knowledge makes us human. Is this what you are saying?

(23 Apr '11, 02:42) flowingwater

In a nutshell, it is the fear of not knowing who we really are as humans that makes us humans, for the spirit that lives within us is of the spirit!


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(23 Apr '11, 02:31) flowingwater

Our ability to think ,analyse and our Conscience make us different from animals.


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Thanks for yor answer.

(23 Apr '11, 02:30) flowingwater

You are welcome.

(25 Apr '11, 08:10) Zee
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