I know about LOA since last 2 years. But, then also I am unable to manifest something big, which I desire. This is putting me in frequency where I am losing my confidence. I know LOA is 100% true because everyone is succeeding.

I think its tough for me to re-wire my brain. I prefer to write my desire as in manifestation box and forget about it. but, nothing is working for me!! I think I have lot of resistance in me . How can I remove it unconsciously and be in the flow? Right now, everything is going wrong. I cant be in that high frequency.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

meditate and walk on the water for 40 days let the light guide you in the darkness.until the water and the light becomes one. o men of little faith why are you afraid.

(15 Nov '12, 21:17) white tiger
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I think from reading the question carefully that your in a place right now where your further away from your tipping point than you would like.

By tipping point i mean the place where you view and judge the unseen reality ( what you want ) just a little bit more real than the present visible reality. Your convinced things arnt working out and this is whats making them not do so.

This may take a little time to change, now it doesnt NEED to.. but in my case it has. Wish it hadnt taken so many years but hey ho...better late than never.

Your core beliefs need to alter, you need to get to a place where you view the unseen reality as being a state that is as real and solid as the one your in. There are lots of techniques to achieve this and you will doubtless learn them all on this site. And they had been tried and tested by far more experienced manifesters than me.

But from a personal perspective the knowledge that a state other than the one i now occupy exists, is in itself a usefull tool to aiding my asperations and ambitions. The very fact that i now know my ideals EXIST and are just as real as the life or state im in now encourages me.

This fact alone has done more to raise my morale, and calm my misgivings than anything else. After all, if something exists already then thats the hard part out of the way ! Were not creating reality, were choosing which one to occupy.

I meditate on my chosen reality until it becomes more solid than the one im in, and then the one im in becomes the one ive been meditating on

It works, work at it. Youll win.



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Monty Riviera

superb !!! I will also do meditation then. @monty riviera

(09 Nov '12, 18:10) Susan1704

I know about LOA since last 2 years. But, then also I am unable to manifest something big, which I desire. This is putting me in frequency where I am losing my confidence. I know LOA is 100% true because everyone is succeeding. I think its tough for me to re-wire my brain. I prefer to write my desire as in manifestation box and forget about it. but, nothing is working for me!! I think I have lot of resistance in me . How can I remove it unconsciously and be in the flow? Right now, everything is going wrong. I cant be in that high frequency.

Change your thoughts and change your life

I know about LOA since last 2 years. But, then also I am able to manifest something big or small which I desire. This is putting me in frequency where I am Gaining my confidence. I know LOA is 100% true because everyone is succeeding. I think its Easy for me to re-wire my brain! I prefer to write my desire as in manifestation box and forget about it. And , Everything is working for me!! I think I have Very little resistance in me ! I Have removed it unconsciously and in the flow! Right now, everything is going Right. I Can be in that high frequency.

When you say "right now everything is going wrong" you mean everything that you focus on is going wrong but there are millions of things going right! Direct your focus on them know that you want what is flowing down stream that you want to be happy and the things that you focus upon that aren't .Are not important. Be grateful for all the little things that work in your life. Your shoes fit, your hair looks great, you can hear the birds sing , your pet loves you.All this is happening "right now"


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woww.. amazing!!! thanks. @ursixx

(10 Nov '12, 10:48) Susan1704
(10 Nov '12, 10:49) Susan1704

Thanks @ursixx thats a great way of reframing ♥♥

(12 Nov '12, 00:08) Starlight

@ursixx - You are really good at this, thank you. There are so many times I read good advice that I know would help me, but I just don't immediately see how to make it work in real life. You sort of quoting a sample stream of thought makes it so easy to see and adapt. :)

(15 Nov '12, 22:01) Grace

@Susan1704 and @Grace Thanks

(16 Nov '12, 16:09) ursixx
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Dear Susan,

In response to your issue:

I think its tough for me to re-wire my brain...nothing is working for me!! I think I have lot of resistance in me . How can I remove it unconsciously and be in the flow?

If you can set aside the time to do the following exercises/experiments, I believe that they will have the most powerful effect:



The second experiment (ME#4) is the most powerful, but you should probably learn to do the other one first (ME#2), as you can use that as a sub-step within ME#4.

These will neutralize the resistance you feel about specific issues, and in turn will allow your manifestations to occur.

For those moments when you have less time, I would try EFT. Just go to Youtube.com and type in "EFT Tapping" followed by your issue ("money", "relationships", "anxiety", etc.), and a large number of videos will come up which you can try. Meditation has already been recommended, and I second that as well. Hope this helps!


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thanks :) @lozenge123

(10 Nov '12, 03:07) Susan1704

@Lozenge123 @Susan1704 I have found that the Focus block/wheel is bar far and away the most effective method of changing beliefs. I absolutely agree with Lozenge here.

(12 Nov '12, 05:20) Catherine

I think in a a lot of ways you need to build confidence. You have to crawl before you walk - so maybe in your case you should ask for small things and build you confidence on those successes. That way you also build faith which in turn will bring you those "big" things that you are seeking.

This may not be what you want right "now" but filling the in between time with other smaller things helps. Try asking for simple things as a test like (just an example) "I'd like to see a big orange flower." It could be anything but as your wishes or wants are manifested you'll go "Ah ha!" and you'll feel a lot better about the process. :)

Also make note of every time something you've thought about manifests and maybe keep a diary or a journal about it. Even writing them down as a list is a big help and a reminder for when you feel your confidence and faith slipping away.


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@halcyon - Thanks a lot. what you do for manifestation of your desires? I tried using small things too like attracting particular sweet by writing in diary, "I am so happy and grateful now that I am getting to eat this sweet today"Thank you thank you thank you. But, its didnt work :(

(08 Nov '12, 20:20) Susan1704

@Susan1704 - my situation is a bit different because I was manifesting before I even knew what manifesting was, so I came into this 'knowing' that it 100% works. In my case the act of me just saying offhand "You know, I'm really in the mood for <particular food="">" and it would just so happen that would be we would have for dinner - this is in a situation where I had no control over this nor did I mention it to anyone that did.

(08 Nov '12, 20:29) Halcyon

This has worked to get me a variety of things that just happen to show up for me, including my first car. At the time I had no idea it was called manifesting, but each and every time something would just come to me I would be amazed.

The thing is that you can't just give up if it it doesn't work one, two or maybe even three times. It's also been mentioned that expecting something slows down the process. Each time I have gotten something it came as a complete surprise to me. Just keep trying!

(08 Nov '12, 20:32) Halcyon

I've also never really written anything down for things to manifest for me. It's usually from my off-hand comments about thinking that having something would be nice. Once, however, I did write some things down that I wanted and I burned it with a candle and the next day things changed (in this case, my car was taken away from me and had been for a while - after I burned a paper saying I wanted it back, out of the blue it was returned to me).

(08 Nov '12, 20:34) Halcyon

@halcyon : thank u so much for your detailed reply. one last ques- what u do to remain in highest frequency everyday?

(09 Nov '12, 01:54) Susan1704

@Susan1704 - for me to remain the most happy is to be constantly distracted by life, I'm always doing something, making, drawing, dreaming. I really try to steer clear of negativity of negative thought, which can be a trial on some days! It becomes easier especially if you can find happiness or beauty in the different parts of your day. If I find myself starting to drift or to get bogged down in thoughts that I'd rather not, I quickly shift my focus to something else

(09 Nov '12, 02:04) Halcyon

Mentally wiping away unwanted thoughts is a trick I use to overcome such thoughts.

Really being into my moments of happiness is essential for me and enjoying the little things in life. They all form a bigger picture, much like the little things that can manifest.

I used to become very bogged down in thoughts and would spend a lot of time in a downward spiral, but after I mastered the mental wipe, it has become easier to control my moods and outlook.

(09 Nov '12, 02:09) Halcyon

Daily time for yourself is also very helpful. I need a particularly large portion of time for myself, but the time you need may vary. I sometimes use this time to meditate - which can just consist of listening to music that I like with my eyes closed. Other times I find that I feel very vibrant if I am singing from my heart to music I find that makes me happy. This can also vary for you. You should find things that make you feel equally as uplifted and happy.

I hope this has helped you. :)

(09 Nov '12, 02:11) Halcyon

@halcyon- same here, ..i used loa before i knew "there is something like this exists". but,after joining wth IQ.i have discovered tht we ..people,like u n me,who manifests just by simplyly wishing it once..,anything n everything have developed more of our psychic abilities.

(09 Nov '12, 02:11) supergirl

woww. thank u thank u thank u. @halcyon

(09 Nov '12, 18:08) Susan1704
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I received @Samadohn's answer in my email, and this one from Rejuvenation Lounge right after it. Wonderful synchronicity, so I thougt I'd share:

Take An Unplanned Day: Sure its important to relax your body but its also vital to relax your life.

When nothing is flowing – do nothing!

Your soul is craving space to be heard. Besides, going around in circles creates more going around in circles.

The answer (to whatever your question) may be as simple as taking an unplanned day. Who would have thought!!

Youll know, without a hint of hesitation if an unplanned day is the perfect reset button you need right now. Let go of all the doing and simply be for a while without a purpose. Open your front door and go wherever your feet take you. One step at a time.

As your day unfolds allow yourself to be lost in the slowness of every moment.

And slowly but surely youll - release your tight grip on life loosen any stuckness call back your scattered energies clear away the cob webs drift gently back to your centre refresh a repetitive mind shift your mood and replenish your spirit.

Give your beautiful busy life some much needed breathing space go forward and flow to wherever your intuitive guidance takes you.

Imagine the endless joyful unknown possibilities, clues and guidance that may unfold before you. Magic is waiting. Take an unplanned moment:

Ok, so the thought of an unplanned day is way too much. Why not start with an unplanned moment?

My recent unplanned moment was a beautiful open eyed meditation with a palm leaf. Perhaps 20 or 30 minutes in total. I allowed myself to soak into her essence. And soon I discovered I had much to learn from a seemingly simple leaf that I had so often ignored.

Nature is incredibly wise and generous when we bring slowness to the moment. I learnt about trusting deeply, staying strong yet incredibly flexible with each gust of wind. Worry and fear did not exist as I understood I could shine brightly always, never losing my colour. I left feeling patient, calm and complete. Bliss.


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@grace- wow.... amazing advice.. thank u so much.

(15 Nov '12, 23:51) Susan1704

A big part of this is our habit- when we try to make big changes- either in our thinking or our environment- the subconscious usually comes up with ways to pull us back into what our habit is- this is called the cybernetic mechanism ( there is a video about it here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBVGsR_zr0Q&list=FLL4gr3hhUXdZM6Y4Sx3rrZA&index=11&feature=plpp_video)

i think the best advice I can give to you is to constantly keep staying in the place of making discomfort and changes- and being in new environments to raise your vibration David neagle talks about this in terms of trying to make money: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzEdwxTlK0c&list=FLL4gr3hhUXdZM6Y4Sx3rrZA&index=1&feature=plpp_video


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@Kanda I like those clips. It does explain that barrier you have to break through.

(19 Nov '12, 13:33) Catherine

@kanda- thank u so much :)

(19 Nov '12, 18:53) Susan1704

@Kanda: "If you train yourself to think the way you want to think" great advice!

(20 Nov '12, 00:19) ursixx

maxwell maltz was a favorite of mine , maybe the early 80's. I'm not sure of the exact time frame-I was thinking of him yesterday..

(20 Nov '12, 06:24) clearheart
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Whenever I feel the same way, I leave it alone for a while, think or do something else (to the point where I do or think about nothing), cut me some slack, give me some time.

It will pass, if I allow it to go away.

It´s just that I´m not making room for the new and fresh to come into my life.



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@Samadohn- Yeah.. I think I also need to do tht.. Thanks.

(15 Nov '12, 16:30) Susan1704

@Susan1704 , lots of wonderfull advice here so I just want to say

do not underestimate the power of the Chill Factor and

Know that You are Loved by Source and all is in Divine Order alt text


answered 15 Nov '12, 22:34

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@starlight- yeah..I know universe will do everything fine

(15 Nov '12, 23:51) Susan1704
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