Unless I have the following things, I cannot be happy! Don't even think of telling me that I shouldn't want them! "Honest Abe" (Abraham-Hicks) says I can have anything I want, so tell me how and now?

  1. I want an extra pair of arms so I can do multiple projects at the same time. I can also keep both hands on the steering wheel and text at the same time. Oh, and I need an extra pair of eyes so I can watch the road and text.
  2. The entire world to love me.
  3. Eat anything, I mean ANYTHING, including, but not limited to - chocolate, creme filled donuts, and stay slim.
  4. Have a body and personna that will have men will swoon at my approach. ( I am woman! Hear me roar!)
  5. Have four inch longer legs so I don't have to ever wear high heels again!!
  6. I want to have the knowledge, understanding and following that Mr @Stingray has RIGHT NOW!
  7. To have Valintino make an entire line of clothing for me and give it to me, so he can have the publicity from me wearing his clothing. Would be better to have him PAY me to wear his designs!
  8. I want Versace to come back from the dead and design all my jeans to fit my new longer legs.
  9. I want Manolo Blahnik and Christien LeBoutin, at my feet making shoes for me!
  10. To find all the above on the "narrow path."

So how about it? How can I get all these things? NOW?

Why you waitin'? You not gonna not do what I am asking? Well?

asked 08 Jan '13, 07:53

No%20Brainer's gravatar image

No Brainer

ha ha ha..:)

(08 Jan '13, 08:06) CalonLan

I also want to be world-famous for my humility!

(08 Jan '13, 08:09) No Brainer

It's not what you want. It's the want. And whatever brought you to believe you have anything. Having nothing is life's deal and have nothing forever you will.

(08 Jan '13, 08:18) CalonLan

hahaha :P

Heed this: the only reason you want anything is just to make you feel better. True?

(08 Jan '13, 08:57) Nikulas

11.I want everybody to know that they are on the wrong path and that only i see the whole picture.

12.I want everybody to say "I was on the wrong path. But your intelligent, ironc/sarcastic style made me a better person instantly (made me you). I can see that my approach to life was stupid. Now we can all live a perfect life. I will leave that site for good. Thank you Genius... Goodbye!"

(08 Jan '13, 09:11) releaser99

oOpsss .... secret ... sorry ...

(08 Jan '13, 18:22) ele

Why do you think this is funny?

(08 Jan '13, 20:57) flowsurfer

Keep DREAMING...:)

(08 Jan '13, 23:21) Roy

The Bhudda said there are two basic paths: One is through suffering, the other is through joy - make your choice.

(09 Jan '13, 06:17) No Brainer

@Roy - "Don't dream it, be it. Don't dream it BE IT"

"My, my, my, my, my, my my-my-my, I'm a wild and an untamed thing! Rose tint my world, keep me safe . . . . . ."

------ Rocky Horror Picture Show. :)!

(09 Jan '13, 07:26) No Brainer

unfortunately, that line of reasoning is what often leads to crime

(09 Jan '13, 08:08) fred

@Fred - please explain.

(09 Jan '13, 08:38) Dollar Bill

dollar bill, in his mind it goes like this, immediately taking the easiest way to get what you want. all of nature works within a long range plan and there are little to no short cuts.

(09 Jan '13, 18:58) fred

Why should anyone care what the Bhudda said? He was a prince that decided to become a beggar. I think that qualifies him as someone to ignore.

(09 Jan '13, 19:30) flowsurfer

But of course, ignorant will ignore, for it is a quality of their own.

(10 Jan '13, 01:48) CalonLan

Nielcy said @CalonLan!

(10 Jan '13, 05:00) Dollar Bill
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Hello No Brainer

Good question ... in other words you want to live on another planet;

"You can experience a new reality depending upon your vibration ... you shift to a reality whose vibration is already reflective of the reality vibration you now prefer ... and start looking with your consciousness through the eyes of the version of you that already exists in a reality reflection of what that version of you represents." ref. bashar


have fun :)


answered 08 Jan '13, 08:39

blubird%20two's gravatar image

blubird two

Yes it is you want to live on another planet ;)

(08 Jan '13, 14:46) r0la

@rOla- yes i think you're right :)

(09 Jan '13, 03:24) blubird two

Perhaps we all live on different planets, and intersect from various nodal points where we have commonalities.

Let's not get too serious. This journey is supposed to be fun, right? We are the otters of the Universe, having a good time, en-joying.

(09 Jan '13, 06:13) No Brainer

@No Brainer- hello Mrs. Dollar Bill, "we are the otters of the universe" love it :)

(09 Jan '13, 06:23) blubird two
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Its a fair question , the answer is that you get it by desiring it.

Youve obviously desired it and have a very definite idea of what you want. Good news is that its just been created for you. AND youve even realised that no effort has been involved on your part to have this made for you.

Happy days.



answered 09 Jan '13, 06:25

Monty%20Riviera's gravatar image

Monty Riviera

edited 09 Jan '13, 06:28

@Monty Riviera- good down to earth answer, realization without effort :)

(09 Jan '13, 08:29) blubird two

@No Brainer - This is one of the reasons I love this woman so much! She has a delightful sense of irreverance that keeps me out of "Serious World!" We have been married for almost 15 years and every day, she still surprises and challenges me with her playful wit and wisdom.

She sort of means these things and in some universe she has them. Not so sure about the four arms, though that might be interesting!

I have to say that in "real life" she is worse! This is tamed down from her usual remarks. So don't get too serious, or she will do her best to get YOU out of "Serious World", also.

But understand that beneath this sometimes "sarcastic" front there is a playful and very caring person. She challenges me to think more deeply, and I hope she will challenge you!


answered 09 Jan '13, 07:42

Dollar%20Bill's gravatar image

Dollar Bill


@Dollar Bill That's often the paradox about sarcastic people. Even if they seem to be harsh on the surface, they are often the most sensitive and caring people on the planet. I wish you both all the very best!

(09 Jan '13, 07:58) releaser99

@releaser99 - She keeps me humble, or at least tries to! Not an easy job! She is never mean. She does sometimes startle me and I always stop and listen. I value her point of view.

Often people self-censor and don't want to say things we need to hear, because they are afraid they will embarrass us. So when she speaks, I listen, or at least try to listen! I always appreciate her.

Thank you.

(09 Jan '13, 08:56) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill- her black humor is exhilarating, wow

(09 Jan '13, 08:58) blubird two
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