I don't remember everything that happens while I am sleeping but I do know that often I am dreaming of things that have no relation to normal life. Other times I dream of positive normal life events. So... I am in a state of allowing, am I not? I have successfully "let go", I am no longer "attached", "desperately needing", etc. So what gives? I know this question is going to sound like I'm just making fun of these ideas but I am really not... can I sleep my way out of resistance/into manifestation? This thought came to me because I was thinking about how animals grow and heal during sleep. Am I just not sleeping enough?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

you have free will and you are your own resistance and your own manifestation.you need to change things in this world that you create in not let this world dictate you. that is what you do not get. two options: commercials and face modeling. if not find something better or start your own gig.

(19 Jan '13, 23:14) white tiger

@white tiger I'm focusing on the thought that God (whatever that word means in reality) loves me and will allow me to have the life I want. What you propose amounts to rejecting the idea of God's love for the sake of practicality, and even then is not actually realistic.

(19 Jan '13, 23:46) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer i am telling you the truth.that you want to hide to your self. you do not know your self and are still under your ego control. that is why this world dictate you so easily.ego is darkness,God is light.God love you and hope the best for you,that you Be the light that you can be.,but right now you are darkness all the proof are there.you want to destroy your self,you pity your self,and you think that people that help you are trying to hurt you.get to know your self.

(20 Jan '13, 00:14) white tiger

I am no longer "attached", "desperately needing",...dreams are nothing but an expression of attachment to your wants and desires. If you wouldn't be attached to anything, you wouldn't dream at all.

(20 Jan '13, 07:16) CalonLan

According to Abraham , yes , you release resistance in the sleep state :-)

(20 Jan '13, 07:25) Starlight
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Yes, you are quite right.

Sleeping is an allowing state and if it wasn't for sleep periods, many people who are continually focused on what they don't want (whether they are aware they are doing it or not) would lead lives of much greater turmoil and trouble.

In that sense, periods of sleep act as a vibrational safety valve for many.

However, there is a difference between sleep and meditation and it is important to understand:

  • Sleeping is unconscious releasing of resistance
  • Meditation is conscious releasing of resistance

It is true that if you got yourself focused clearly on what you wanted (not the absence of it) and then just slept non-stop, it would eventually manifest in your reality...but you wouldn't be aware of it because you were sleeping :)

Sure, you could get someone to wake you up once your life sorts itself out but, on waking up, your life would then start to un-sort itself out again to match your conscious resistance-filled patterns of thought.

In order to counteract that, you would then need to give your undivided appreciative focus to what you have manifested as a way of quickly habituating to the "new" physical reality.

While that may sound like an easy way to get your "stuff", it's not all that practical because you have a broader intention to focus consciously within this physical reality and there are physical limitations in place to prevent yourself from withdrawing consciously from it for too long...hunger, thirst, for example. Try sleeping non-stop for a few days and see how well you do :)

For that reason, sleep - while a useful vibrational safety valve - is not a particularly useful method for physically manifesting what you want...if you want to focus for any period of time in this physical reality, that is :)

Meditation (or better, appreciation) is much more valuable because you are able to train yourself to maintain your resistance-free state while being conscious.


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@Stingray- thanks for the clarification :)

(20 Jan '13, 06:20) blubird two

Reading your answer the thought came to me that there are people who sleep non-stop for days, even years at a time (coma patients). Their lives don't really sort themselves out, those that wake up find themselves in very negative circumstances. I've noticed the caveat "if you first focus on what you want"; isn't asking automatic and everything else just releasing resistance?

(20 Jan '13, 06:53) flowsurfer

@Flowsurfer - Your vibration always remains where you last left it so this process will not work unless you are "tuned up" on your desire first before sleeping. Also, you seem to be making an assumption that being in a coma is the same as being asleep, and also that you can judge what is or is not "negative circumstances" for another person. Are you so sure about that? Re: asking - Asking is automatic but your existing habitual thoughts about a subject govern what happens next

(20 Jan '13, 10:03) Stingray

Doesn't that mean you can't just "release resistance" in general or just "get in the vortex", but have to deliberately focus your thoughts in very specific ways?

(20 Jan '13, 15:04) flowsurfer

What you describe as first "tuning up" and then sleeping is actually the manifestation technique which Neville Goddard advocated and used; but it seems to directly contradict the ideas of Abraham that state all we have to do is allow because creation is automatic and if we don't actively push our desires away, they come to us.

(20 Jan '13, 15:19) flowsurfer
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