im 18 and i have been reading the master key system and have been following the steps thoroughly. But at times i feel lonely because I'm the only one out of my peers who believes in the master key teachings. I have become more aware of things but in the end i feel lonely because i can talk to them on a deeper level. The same situation applies to relationship s. I admit i get a little to protee and stressed but i fear for them. That i can't help them. It just gets difficult. I still remember the teachings when going through my day but its hard not being what you used to be.

I'm curious on what other people have to say

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young thinker

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Why does it get difficult and how does it get difficult? Think about what you would gain if you really found someone who believed the same teachings as you? Yes - there is really not much difference because you would still have to apply these teachings individually.

If you feel lonely, you can be sure you are not the only one who feel this way, but think on the bright side because you have all of the people on this site to talk to or ask any questions you want if at times you come across any troubles or problems while practising the methods/teachings.

Personally for me, I have been reading and following these teachings for a year or more, and until now I have yet to find people who really believe in the same stuff as me but that doesn't really bother me as much as before anymore. It's something that you will get over it as the time goes by, just be your normal self while you are with your friends and practise the teachings during the time while you are free/alone.

I always have this belief that people will come and ask you automatically about these stuff once you have mastered them to some extent that they are evident in your life... if not you might be put off by their remarks instead and stop following these teachings.


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I am practicing the teachings but the funny thing is that while reading and practicing the teachings situations arise that apply to what I'm learning. Its like I'm being tested. Its difficult because i love the people in my life and i feel like I'm leaving them behind but as said above i feel lonely. But I'm aware its for the better. But you both offered good advice thank you.

(27 Oct '11, 02:29) young thinker

what do you mean you are leaving them behind? They are not going to disappear from your life, you will still have the ability to contact them whenever you want

(27 Oct '11, 04:18) kakaboo

Welcome to I.Q. young thinker. It is wonderful to know you are evolving and I'm sorry to hear you are lonely. Sometimes it seems sad as we evolve and realize that we are leaving some of our peers behind. Do not worry about them for we are only responsible for our own evolution and when your friends are ready they will evolve too. It is good of you to want to help them but remember we can't force people to accept what we believe if they are not ready for it. It is to each his own and in their own good time.

Soon new like minded people will come into your life and you will have friends that you will be able to talk to and debate your knew way of thinking. Look forward to this with excitement and it shall happen sooner. You could inquire if there is such a group in your area that meets on a regular basis and a good place to start is your library. Like minded people usualy seek each other out. Just the fact that you are here on I.Q. proves this for here you are welcome to discus and ask anything your heart desires about your new way of thinking. There is no reason you cant enjoy your old friends to a point but dont push your way of thinking on them if they arn't ready.

Here is wishing you lots of new and exciting like minded friends.


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Paulina 1

Well said Paulina.

(26 Oct '11, 03:50) Cory

I know and i predicted that answer but thank you i still wanted to hear someone else say it to and its nice to know someone listens.

(27 Oct '11, 02:11) young thinker
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