The basis for so many questions are based around time and money. Would it not be better to get a grip on our own perspectives rather than try to manipulate the universe?

My perspective? I am choosing to be more of an objective observer. The business of is-ness. Focusing on love other than that. Thank you. I also choose to use time and money minimally, enough to play by this games rules. I do not want to totally exclude myself :)

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what is your own perspective did you find it yet?

(08 Nov '11, 00:59) white tiger

Our own perspectives are our individual universes.

The external reflects the internal.

It is often easier to deal with externalized issues (because of the increased detachment from them) than internalized ones...just like it's easier to see what the solution to other people's problems are while it can be much more difficult to see our own.

I don't think there's any better or worse approach. They are just different ways of living.


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Once again Stingray you are wise.

(07 Nov '11, 15:51) Paulina 1

We're creating our own universe each and every moment with the thoughts we choose and thus the perceptions that arise from those thoughts.If by the Universe you mean the Source or creator of All That Is, then I don't think it's something we can actually manipulate... to me manipulate suggests trying to control something in a devious way and I don't think we can ever do that with the Universe ( and I don't think it's what you really meant in this context).

However, I do think we can access it's power by aligning ourselves with that higher frequency by consistently trying to choose better feeling thoughts and giving our attention to that which serves our own well being. I think when we reach a place of predominantly feeling good, things like time and money won't matter because we'll be living from a place of abundance and will always have more than enough of what we need... including time and money.


answered 07 Nov '11, 19:26

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A very enlightened answer :)

(08 Nov '11, 01:42) Eddie

Thank you Eddie :)

(13 Nov '11, 03:52) Michaela

No matter haw much we understand that we are spirit and have all that we need we are also physical beings of this physical universe and weather we like it or not we have to abide by it's physical rules no matter whose dream we live, ours or Gods.

Time I understand is an ilusion but tell that to many, many travelers waiting at airports to board a plane and see how far it gets you. You have to respect what we here on earth call time.

Money makes the physical world go around and unles you are a God when it comes to manifesting you have to respect the rules of money as well so that you can pay all those wonderful bills and buy food to feed yourself and your family.

There is nothing more satisfying one can do as a human being than to manipulate and create and change for the better the world and all in it to serve us rather than to leave it to chance and allow ourselves to be manipulated instead. To be a co-creator is what we were ment to do otherwise we wouldn't have had the equipnement (body, mind, spirit). To just let life happen is good when the going is good but I think those atributes are our human right so that we can change and manipulate life for the better when the you know what hits the fan.


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Paulina 1

Doesn't it have much to do with our upbringing and the way society is formed. It is the nature of our capitalistic way. Time is money .Make haste not waste. Stop wasting your time.
You are right it is better " to get a grip on our own perspectives" And teach others this too.
But it is what we do best is manipulating/creating our universe.To learn that we have all the money/time we need and there is no shortage. To be free of the lack/fear mind-set is another way to create your universe.


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if by illusion you mean imperfect vision,
then it may be only a matter of individual corrected compensation.
when viewed as an untruth, a misrepresentation or a deception,
the rules of the game would need to be a societal change.
when in rome do as the romans do,
but where does one go when rome seemingly rules the world?


answered 07 Nov '11, 18:54

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well it is because of desire. so much wasted time and money for desire. but is it really something you need? why not enjoy the now? it is better then running after illusion. you desire money? you will never have enuff. you desire time? well if you are running after desire that you do not need where will you find the time to enjoy the now? experience and enjoy.


answered 08 Nov '11, 00:57

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white tiger

The reason "money and time" are an issue, is because the knowledge of them being an illusion is intellectual only. Very few have actually realized this fact in a true and genuine manner. It is like reading a review about a 5 Star Hotel, and actually staying in one. "Changing perspectives" again, sounds great.. however, very few have the knowledge or will to actually change their perspective on things. Hence the 99% are caught in the cycle of suffering.


answered 08 Nov '11, 02:20

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Good answer Dionysius.

(08 Nov '11, 21:29) Paulina 1

Thank you......

(14 Nov '11, 06:35) you
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