Are there intercourses within human behaviour, its consequences and responsibility with regard to Universe's possible ethics?

There are many humans acts that end in massacres (Auschwitz, Hiroshima, etc), wars, terrorism, killings, environmental disasters, abandoned children or sufferings and, more near us, the PSI aggression in mass or individually.

What is the Universe - or God - attitude? Only let run the rules of Universal Laws?

Is there an ethics of Universe? The humans have a declared ethics, but how many people respect it? I don't just believe that only the humans invented the ethics. And the 10 commandments of Moses? Are they only pro form? They will work only at last judgements? And until that? On our times, who think about? The "weak-minded"?

What about you?

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Preparers of the Way

make sure that the things that you are choosing with your free will are those things and only those things that are aligned with what you believe to be your truth, your joy, your excitement, your love, your creativity..

Refine and streamline yourselves to be the reality you prefer to be, to be the person you prefer to be, so you can have the reality that is reflective of that person.

(12 Mar '13, 21:32) don
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I think the ethics of the Universe are within each of us, at the core of our being, and are based on the one Universal Power that outlasts all others - Love.

Those human acts and disasters that you mention are not driven by the ethics of the Universe but rather by the fear based human ego. Anything we do from a place of Love cannot hurt another human so when we are in alignment with the Universal or God attitude, we are always operating from a place of Love. When we operate from a place of fear, we are capable of doing things which at other times we might condone.

For each society and culture the human ethics seem to differ, hence we have to discern for ourselves what feels right and is in alignment with our Higher Self. We can use things like the 10 Commandments as guides if they feel right but ultimately going within and listening to our intuition will put us in the right direction.


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Reality is divinely indifferent.

A mother doesn't care what part her child plays in his games; one day bad-guy, next day good-guy. The Is doesn't even know about our illusions and games. It only knows Itself, and us in its likeness, perfect and finished."

-- Richard Bach


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Sincerely, I'm very sorry for you, Vesuvius. Being unfeeling, YOUR Universe could be barren, dryasdust and cold. Your Universe is suffering by an old "masked" depression, (hided beyond hyperactivity). Maybe you don't liberated an old, big frustration, or truly non forgived someone very important. Forgive me if I am not right.

(27 Apr '10, 12:26) Gleam

I really liked the quote Vesuvius and I think you're right on! keep your light shining! namaste

(15 Sep '10, 09:59) daniele

Mankind is evolving, seeing similarities and not just separateness. Looking at ethics on a spectrum one (or cultures/ societies/ nations) could play somewhere between the materials of the earth and the spirit of the mind; of selfishness or always giving. As we evolve so do our ethics, and maybe some day there will be no more need for killing over them.


answered 26 Apr '10, 23:39

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