I've been taught by many that in order to manifest something into reality, you have to first believe that you already have it. It's not enough to just want it. You have to "claim it", as they say. So, if you want health, you have to first believe that you're already healthy. If you want money, you have to first believe that you already have money.

They go on to say you have to put positive emotions into the desire, and on top of that, you can't think any negative thoughts, and on top of that, you have to drop it and stop thinking about it. So you have all these steps you need to take for creating your reality.

My question is, can you manifest something simply by desiring it? wanting it? Regardless if you dwell upon it or let it go, regardless if you think bad thoughts or not, regardless if you have happy feelings about it, regardless if you believe you already have it or not. You know what you want, and the thing you want is going to happen.

Can it be as simple as that? Or do you have to go through all these steps? Thanks.

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It's all about expectation.

If you visualise and feel that you have the money you want already, you automatically expect it to come to you.

So it will come.

If you feel bad about your desire, then you don't expect it to come to you. Because you doubt it, or you feel guilty or (insert negative, resistant emotion here).

So it won't come.

If you take action and you know without the shadow of a doubt that your action will manifest the thing you desire ... then you expect it to come to you.

So it will come.

If you take action and you doubt that your action taking is enough or appropriate, then you don't expect it to come to you.

So it won't come.

Thus you don't really have to put incredibly happy feelings into your desire. Contentment is enough to create expectation. If it's a desire or in other words something that you want, it is positive and feels at least content by nature (otherwise it wouldn't be a desire. Because if you don't expect a positive feeling out of your desire, then why should you want it? It's not logical. We only want things because we think we will feel better when we have them).

Expecting without the shadow of a doubt is enough to manifest desires. No exaggerated emotions needed. But in order to really expect it without the shadow of a doubt, you cannot associate it with negative feelings. It's not possible. It contradicts the positive nature of desire.

Having that said, it helps immensely if you feel more than contentment (e.g. joyful) if you think about your desire. Because you get to "expecting mode" faster!

So it comes faster.

Try something to proof that. Try expecting without the shadow of a doubt that you will wake up tomorrow and be alive... and see what happens...I promise you will wake up and be alive... just kidding of course:). But the point is that everything we experience in life is pure expectation. You know those musicians that expect to die before the age of 28? Guess what happens to them? :)

So to answer your question

Can you manifest a desire by simply wanting it?

Yes, you can manifest everything simply by wanting and expecting without the shadow of a doubt that it will manifest.

How you get to expecting mode is your own choice. Do it with tools (e.g. visualisation) or do it without. Do it by trusting in god or do it by just trusting in yourself. It's your choice.


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Exactly expectation is the key, that is why we can just want or need as long as we fully expect to get it. :-)

(26 Feb '13, 10:23) Wade Casaldi

Hi releaser, well what about when you expect someone else to come into your life? If i have expectation will he/she come into my life?? Does not it get tricky here?? What about their free will then?

I would add that if you keep it general enough and have expectations then that for sure will come...

(27 Feb '13, 16:40) abrahamloa

@abrahamloa The Universe always responds to the essence of what you want. To paraphrase it responds to how you want to feel. When you think about that person, her/his look, smell, character etc and expect her/him to come to you, you feel something inside. This exact feeling will be fulfilled if you expect it to be fulfilled. If the person you thought of is the perfect match to this feeling, yes, you will manifest that person. If not, you will still get the essence of what you want in other ways.

(27 Feb '13, 17:28) releaser99

ok now that is clear since you said its ESSENCE. But in your post you have not mentioned it. Many times there are lot of people who write Ask and ITs Given, whatever you imagine its done, expect and its yours. But thats not true. Its only the essence thats going to happen. Since they leave that out, lot of people following get confused and think they are not getting what they want since they are focused on the specific.

(27 Feb '13, 18:29) abrahamloa

because if you only say - Ask and Its Given, then to me it means whatever in the universe including specific scenarios. Or they say you have a magic genie... but what kind of Genie do i have if i cant attract exactly what i want?? .. anyway no worries.. just saying its the essence should be stressed to make things more clearer

(27 Feb '13, 18:29) abrahamloa

@abrahamloa Specific scenarios are often the essence of the specific emotion that you want, but not always. Btw people aren't confused and think they aren't getting what they want because they "only" get the essence. They do because they really don't get the essence of what they want. The essence isn't a "cheap imitation" of that what you want. It IS the REAL thing. If you get the essence, you aren't confused, complaining. You feel joyful and totally pleased. Because it is what you really want.

(27 Feb '13, 18:46) releaser99

You can be as specific as you want. The feeling that results of that specific desire/imagination/wish will be a very specific one too. This specific feeling is the essence of what you want. And you will manifest something physically that represents that specific feeling in you.

(27 Feb '13, 18:56) releaser99

so are you saying anything that i dont get is always a cheap imitation? i totally disagree. sometimes you really want something but basically you were not really at a place to receive and yes i agree that you were not aligned to Source and thats why you did not receive it. I can accept that as truth but not that it was cheap imitation. You did not get it because of your own insecurities possibly but i cant call that a cheap imitation.

(27 Feb '13, 18:57) abrahamloa

sometimes i also hear people say, Universe will bring you what you really want. And thats a cop out too. I know better what i want. Universe may not give it to me since i was not aligned enough and created doubt fear etc and thats fine, then you move on, learn to be aligned and get something else later. But that still does not mean Universe knows better what i want.

(27 Feb '13, 18:58) abrahamloa

@abrahamloa No, I'm not saying that anything that you dont get is a cheap imitation. I'm just saying that the essence of what you want is NOT a cheap imitation of your visualized specific desire.

(27 Feb '13, 19:00) releaser99

ok thanks got it. Sorry i dont mean to argue... but it gets clarity by discussing different viewpoints from others... it took some time to know to just focus on essence and dont get attached to actual form or at least that seems to work better for me ... i resonate pretty well to your viewpoint now...

(27 Feb '13, 19:06) abrahamloa

@abrahamloa You are welcome. No need to apologize :). And I agree, arguing can clarify things and sometimes be fun too :).

(27 Feb '13, 19:10) releaser99
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This is how I have manifested mostly. I have a need or want and know I'll get it.

It is a trust that God provides and will provide. I know that the want or need of something means that I'll have it. It is mine already because of my desire or need of it.

Please understand this is not a pining want like, "Oh I wish I could have this." It is a confident want or need from an abundance conscious. It comes from a belief that if it is a need or want then it will be filled. I just trust, know and don't worry about it.


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Wade Casaldi

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