Just now, I have been feeling a sense of foreboding. This has happened to me before; thank goodness, it does not happen often...

When I was thirteen, for example, I just had climbed into bed when I "felt" the presence of a man standing at the foot of my bed. I was frightened, and got out of bed. I went to my parents, who were watching Johnny Carson, and I told them that a man was standing at the foot of my bed. Something about my demeanor made them take me seriously. My Dad checked out my bedroom; he even went outside to see if anyone was there. Nothing.

The next morning, my Mom got a phone call- my Grandfather had been found dead...they said he died at just about the time I "saw" him. This was my first premonition.

I have that feeling again. I know something somewhere is very wrong. I prayed about it, but I still feel that sense that something bad is about to happen.

What causes this? How can it be explained?

By the way, I have also had "good" premonitions, too. Once, I "felt" lucky. I bought a lottery ticket on a hunch. It was a winner. I continued to have the feeling, so with my profit, I bought another ticket. It also was a winner. I still felt lucky. So, to test my "feeling", I went to a different store, and bought yet another ticket. It, too, won. This streak went on five consecutive times...Just last week, I felt a "nudge", and directed Wade to look in a stack of spiral notebooks for a certificate he had been missing for months. The thought just popped into my head that the certificate was there; I was absolutely sure.

It was.

Why do we get these feelings? How can they be explained?

Blessings, Jai

P.S.I will let you know if anything comes of this "feeling" I have tonight....Stay tuned.


I ended up calling my ex, just to report that I was worried, and that I was having "one of those feelings". He said he was fine, but a few hours later, my daughter, Kim, called. She said the premonition was about her...She told me she was very sick, and was close to needing to go into the hospital. She had had a very bad night...Interesting, huh? The moment she called, the feeling left me.

Thanks for reading!


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well jai everything happens for a reason. you just need to be aware enuff to know why. experience and enjoy.

(16 Nov '11, 01:06) white tiger

well jai this happens to me sometime also. once when i was a teenager i was playing with nunchaku that a friend add lend me.and after a fee day when i was going to a party. i got the feeling that i should not bring it with me. that same night the police have search me and found the nunchaku. those feeling have served me many time in my job other wise i would not have been able to catch some people when doing my job. it also happen with people i give them chance to make the right choice but it always end up the way i know it would.has for the presence at the feet of the bed i have add this when i was a teenager also. i was sleeping and feeling the room around me almost has if i could see it. i knee that i was sleeping on the left side of the bed usely i sleep on the right. then i felt a presence in front of me so i have open my eye and sitted on the bed and there was a person shape at the foot of the bed looking at me and 15 second later it went away. in my case no one i know has died so it was someone visiting. also for premonition you can have some in dreams. so jai experience and enjoy.

also i have forgot to answer the question what cause premonition? answer: your awareness. think about it you are aware at the level you are aware. if you would not be aware you would not experience it.


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white tiger

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I agree; it is based on awareness or sensitivity. As you become more aware and senstive, or open to these experiences, they increase. Perhaps something is about to happen. If so, you will be glad you were prepared.

(15 Nov '11, 03:22) LeeAnn 1

well for me i let it come everything happens when it is the time for it to happen. and if i need to know something i will know it.

(16 Nov '11, 01:04) white tiger

Hi Jai, We are all interconected and that can easily explain our premonitions. The interesting thing is that we can also time travel (for lack of a better word) subconsciously for there are things we will get a premonition about and it only occurs in what we call the future. Yes we can know things before they happen so that means that on some level we can know what is to come. Psychic ability is very common among us and it seems that the more you notice it the more it will happen.


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white tiger

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