I am asking this question because I have learned that it is easier to move along the spiritual path if one is humble. But I have often wondered if it really is "essential" to be humble...Of course, I have already found this to be true. But do other people see this as a spiritual truth as well?

Blessings to you all this Christmas Day night 2009, Jaianniah

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Humility means getting your ego out of the way, so that you can connect with God or Source energy. As identification with ego implies separation from God or Source, I believe humility is necessary to progress spiritually.

Humility doesn't mean having low self-confidence. To the contrary, many humble people are supremely self-confident because they are naturally connected to Source energy. But they don't boast about that confidence, because they don't have to prove to others that they are worthy. Rather, they are grateful and appreciative of the abundance that comes from being connected to Source energy, and willing to share that abundance with others.

In Buddhism, humility is equivalent to a concern of how to be liberated from the sufferings of life and the vexations of the human mind. The ultimate aim is to achieve a state of enlightenment through meditation and other spiritual practices. Humility can also result from achieving the liberation of Nirvana. When one experiences the ultimate Emptiness and non-self, one is free from suffering, vexations, and all illusions of self-deception. Humility, compassion, and wisdom characterize this state of enlightenment.


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great answer. Yes I think the word humility has lost its meaning

(11 Jul '18, 23:32) Nikulas

If you choose humility in order to become spiritual you are faking it.

If you are humble because you have this desire to be seen or spoken of as a person with humility you are faking it (you secret desire is to over hear others speak of you as being humble).

If you are trying to guarantee your entry into heaven, or you are trying to be among the meek who inherit the world, you are faking it.

However, If you are on the spiritual path & gradually you relinquish your desire to impose you will on others, perhaps because you are allowing everybody to be themselves, and you are accepting them just the way they are, still not allowing them to walk all over you, you will find that humility is a natural side effect.


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The Traveller

Boy I love this question!

For a man, a somewhat more assertive ego does seem to be needed (at least that's my excuse), assertive-problem-solvers that we seem to be meant to be at heart... And of course self-respect does seem to be an essential foundation for any human endeavor...

But, when compared to the number of truly intelligent, powerful and wise beings in the universe, there's no basis for comparison, that any of us could possibly use, to justify being anything but humble, contrite and sincere in all of our relationships.

Would that simple respect: humility and courtesy, become the essential foundation for every contact we have...? As far-fetched as it sounds, humility could reasonably be the foundation for a whole, new civilization.

Too simple you say...?

Well, maybe we need to consider re-examining the power of simplicity.


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The Prophet

There is obviously a lot of wisdom contained within that sometimes brusque demeanour. For the most part a great answer, although I do have to disagree,of course, that a man 'needs a more assertive ego' :)

(08 Jan '11, 13:51) Michaela

Thanks Michaela... Are you 'checking-up' on me ;-) Okay mommy, I'll behave -- just because you care... Well anyway (to get very serious here), My research indicates (I'm speaking with authority now) that more assertive (active) is the way God designed the product... Not so bad... Thanks for your support :-)

(10 Jan '11, 19:56) The Prophet

the prophet every thing is simple! even complicated things are made from many simple things!you need ego even when they talk about death of the ego for samadhi nirvana,enlightement!it is not really the death of the ego the correct word would be to get pass ego! men usely let ego control them! pass ego you control that ego! because you have seen the truth! and doing stuff of the lower state under ego like the animal does not seam to be the right thing to do!yes you can still get mad or fight to protect yourself and other! and it is needed because many men do not control ego and are like animal!

(20 May '11, 04:39) white tiger
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Humility is a set of disciple you indulge in for the sake of perfection, if not to feel, and be humble in the eyes of God.

Humility is also an integral part of all humans, since we are all spiritual beings we all possesses humility to some degree. But some of us indulge in it more so than others, and would be noticed for our humble disposition etc.

Here is a quote from Winston Churchill after World War 11, he humble commented: “I was not the Lion, but it fell to me to give the Lion’s Roar!”


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Inactive User ♦♦

i will tell you something about humility and being humble! even with no ego left when you see god you get even more humble not because of is wrath or fear! but because of is infinite everything(that is why they say that people that meet god fall on there face!) being humble when you meet god give you that feeling of being very low not because god judge you or put you face down on the ground but because he is god the source of all creation he know all he observe all is child! you would feel like 4 year old child in is presence! he is the father you are the child!he would answer all your question but to much is like to little! and what you want to know and what you need to know are 2 different things!you want to know the best way to be humble in life? seek balence master yourself and know that in the absolute truth many truth exist! and each person see different truth at different level! and if someone can see all those truth he can have a better perspective on the absolute truth!and this apply to everything!do not just grasp this and forget it but hold on to it and apply it as a way of being in your life!


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white tiger

How is it that sometimes your typing and spelling and such is in such disarray and at other times (like this) it is almost perfect (un-edited)? Why?

(20 May '11, 07:23) you

i am french i can make error no one is perfect! but i found it funny to finish the response on 0 carecter left! it fit in nice what do you want me to say i have even been ask if i was human!

(20 May '11, 20:50) white tiger

why is it that some people are almost perfect and other are far from it? well micheal it is because of ignorance! how can someone ignorant know one that is almost perfect? they don't have the same standard and way of seing things! a rich person may judge you according to there standard but you may judge them to your standar also! the rich will judge you on the amount you have acquire! and you will judge them on what they do with it! the same as the romain emperor that came to seek jesus to heal is son! he must have judge him to only say to him your son is healed now but when he went back home

(20 May '11, 21:00) white tiger

the son was heal!

(20 May '11, 21:01) white tiger
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in the ascending spiral of conscious awareness,
attributions that make it so, humility is one


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