I have a really important decision to make.

How can I go about making this decision without messing my life up?

You see, in the past, I have always made decisions without really doing much more than acting on my feelings. While this might be okay sometimes, in this case, I want to use my head...and my heart, both!

In this decision, my head is telling me one thing: be sensible, be practical, think about the future. But my heart is telling me something very different. My heart is screaming, "Do what you love to do!" But what I love to do may not pay too well...perhaps. I already know I need to make some good money. But I do not want to get "stuck" in a position where I end up hating my life.


Love, Jai

asked 16 Nov '11, 07:22

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nothing is stopping you to use both use both in perfect balence.experience and enjoy.

(17 Nov '11, 00:56) white tiger

LOVE to you my dear friend.....

(29 Nov '12, 08:02) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Hi Jai, to make up your mind use both head and heart. Take a quiet moment and visualise and imagine that you made a certain choice. Live this choice in your mind for a few minutes. Take note of how you feel inside. Are you feeling happy and relaxed? Is all as it should be? Are there no telltale signs of doubt and insecurity? If so than this choice is for you.

Now imagine that you took the other choice and live that in your mind for a few minutes. How do you feel now? Is there and y tensness in your body? Are you doubtfull? Is there a certain uneasiness? If so than this choice is a mistake.

Take the choice with least resistance but think it over logically as well. Use your head too. The best would be if you could somehow do both for a while to find out if you will be able to suport yourself in the choice you love.


answered 17 Nov '11, 05:31

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Paulina 1


I loved your post Paulina; very good advice.

(17 Nov '11, 21:54) LeeAnn 1

You have to decide what is more important to you, making lots of money or doing what you love. The Bible says to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things (food, shelter, clothing) will be added unto you. The LOA says that you will receive according to your beliefs/thoughts/feelings. So, if you do what you love and mix that with the faith that God will provide, then you should not need to worry about money. The only thing in your way is your faith, beliefs, thoughts. If you believe the starving artist version, that is what you will experience. If you believe that you can do what you love and have what you want and need, then that is what you will experience. So, decide what you want, what will make you happy. Then discover what is blocking you from that and use EFT or focus blocks, or any of Stingray's manifesting experiments to eliminate the fears, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, etc... that keep you from what you want. Blessings


answered 16 Nov '11, 14:15

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Fairy Princess

"[…] if you follow your heart, your heart is connected directly to your higher self and soul. And your soul knows better than anyone, for you. It knows better than the wisest, or longest living entity in this universe. Because it IS you, it is part of you and it is what you need. So follow the heart and you will never be lead wrong." -Treb Bor Yit NE

use meditation to distinguish diffrence form ego and heart.

love n light



answered 17 Nov '11, 18:53

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TReb Bor yit-NE

I have to recommend a great book that guides me to the proper decision each time. It's called "The Right Questions: Ten Essential Questions To Guide You To An Extraordinary Life" written by Debbie Ford. Really inspiring!

Briefly, the book suggests to ask yourself before make up your mind:

  1. Will this choice propel me toward an inspiring future or will it keep me stuck in the past?
  2. Will this choice bring me long term fulfillment or will it bring me short term gratification?
  3. Am I standing in my own power or am I trying to please another?
  4. Am I looking for what's right, or am I looking for what's wrong?
  5. Will this choice add to my life force, or will it rob me of my energy?
  6. Will I use this situation as a catalyst to grow and evolve or will I use it to beat myself up?
  7. Does this choice empower me or dis-empower me?
  8. Is this an act of self-love or self-sabotage?
  9. Is this an act of faith or an act of fear?
  10. Am I choosing from my Divinity or am I choosing from my humanity?

answered 18 Nov '11, 02:04

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Wow those questions make it more confusing for me personally! How did this help you make the better choice? Would love to hear more about that process. Thanks for the share

(23 Nov '12, 12:39) Kanda

Well, it helped me @jupiterios. It turns out that I even have this book, so thank you for sharing and reminding me!

(23 Nov '12, 13:21) Bedazzled

by being in harmony in all things. the perfect balence. experience and enjoy.


answered 16 Nov '11, 11:59

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white tiger

you decide what is important for you,
does it have to be cast in stone
or can you opt out in a year or two,
if the expected task is not too wretched


answered 16 Nov '11, 21:46

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