i am feeling damn damn happy and i am smiling a lot ..feeling extremely good so., does that mean there is a vibrational gap between me n my desire?

,...hope u all are doing great n superfyne in ur healths..n yup..."HAPPY WINTERS" to all of u guys....

i am again here with ma new question.., had my exams so, took a break from IQ, but missed all of you very much. u all have become a very precious n important part of my life. i am feeling damn happy today.., i am smiling a lot..for no reason u know. actualy i did abraham's "scripting process" for my upcoming days today morning n since morning, i am feeling so..happy n feeling as such.."i have got the desire tht i am wishing for", i am getting goose bumps of happiness in every few minutes. i am extremely happy but..one question popped in my mind. our stingray said in one of his answers that when u feel excited, there is a vibrational gap between u n ur desire.., but u know guys..i am very sure about this desire.then.., what do u think ..regarding this happiness..,just wanna know ur views on this. looking forward to ur answers. thank you...,

love,light n blessings..

supergirl.... :)))))))))))))))))))))))

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Barry Allen ♦♦

From what I have learned of Law of Attraction, and the impression I get from my favorite teachers, is that what I am trying to achieve is not so much the "end result" or the manifestation, but learning how to just be happy without it. I think it's been a lesson of "happiness comes from within, not from without."

When I first learned of Law of Attraction, my focus used to be completely upon "getting my stuff", which placed me in a constant spin of "where is it? Am I doing this wrong? Why hasn't this happened?" Which was obviously pushing my desires farther away.

I do believe all manifestations are technically instant- they happen the moment all your resistance evaporates. That's why so many things happen when we "least expect it", because it isn't on our minds and we aren't feeding so much resistance into it.

If you think about it... excitement does seem to place our desire in the future, which would be creating a gap. We get "so excited this is going to happen." Future tense:) I'm not sure if that's what he meant, but that's my perspective on it.

That's not a big deal to me though. Being excited and happy is a good thing. Do what feels good and don't worry whether or not you are still creating gaps. Relax, be in the moment and don't over think it. I feel that's the key to evaporating those gaps and releasing resistance- take moments to be in the now and not worry so much if everything makes sense or is going how we want it to go. It doesn't matter what seems illogical or if we are always emitting the correct vibration- trust is key. Just trust that it will happen and it will. Maybe in an hour, maybe in a day, maybe in a week. Who knows- but all you need is that trust.

"Circumstances don't matter, only state of being matters." -Bashar

The 'work' we should focus on is how we're feeling. Since you are feeling good and seem to be in a high vibrational state... I think you're definitely on the right track and on your way to wonderful things. I am happy that you are feeling so good... it's such a wonderful thing, isn't it? Learning how to be happy without a shiny new toy or the perfect relationship is one of the most valuable things I've ever learned, and I believe it's the most important. Every moment is beautiful, we just have to let ourselves see it. :)


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@LapisLazuli i believe your answer is spot on.

(23 Nov '12, 01:31) releaser99

thank you @LapisLazuli..- ur answer is wonderful just like u.. :))))))))))

(23 Nov '12, 03:32) supergirl

@LapisLazuli- Brilliant answer:)

(23 Nov '12, 03:59) Satori

Thank you for the wonderful comments:-)

(24 Nov '12, 11:16) LapisLazuli

@LapisLazuli I agree with the other comments here. Great answer. Thank you for sharing:-)

(25 Nov '12, 00:26) Cory
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Abraham say that we never ever get it all done. We are always in the process of becoming more. The launching of new desires never ceases. This means there is always going to be a vibrational gap to something:)

So, knowing that there is no end destination to arrive at, we can step out of destination consciousness and relax and enjoy being happily incomplete right Now.


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@satori- actualy..very true :))) our 1st priority is alwayz being happy now..,thank you fr the answer :)))

(24 Nov '12, 00:20) supergirl
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