I found a shop with a lot of gemstone balls, very expensive all of them. I bought one Jasper one, that I thought pretty and that I could afford. But the seller didn't say what kind of jasper it is. I hope you can help me...The sea greenish bands are translucent, while the brownish bands are not. Looks like Saturn planet or something...I took a picture. Ask me any questions you like.

Jasper Ball

Another question: I haven't had much luck with my crystal (actually glass) ball in scrying. Do you think Jasper would do? The jasper ball is small, little more than an inch in diameter.

I'd like to hear your thoughs about this.


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BJ, I am really familiar with crystals...but I am not completely sure what you have there- I need a better picture! Jasper is a form of quartz- so what you have there is a colored quartz ball! The best material for scrying is a clear or slightly cloudy large quartz ball- a crystal ball, in other words. They are quite expensive. The ball you have is too dark. You can email me for more complete help.




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I mailed you several times, Jai. It didn't seem to work :P

Please email me instead. You'll find my email address in my profile. :)

(25 Nov '11, 14:35) BridgetJones09

It is jaianniah@yahoo- are you using all lower case and also spelling it right? Try it and see! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(25 Nov '11, 18:32) Jaianniah

I wrote it alright...need more info though...@yahoo.com? I sent them to: jaianniah@yahoo.com Please confirm this! Thx! x

(27 Nov '11, 14:59) BridgetJones09

That is correct, but for some reason, I am not receiving...I even checked my spam folder..PLs try again...Otherwise, we can chat at 9 if you can>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(27 Nov '11, 21:19) Jaianniah

Sorry, failed to see your message. Could you please please mail me instead??? Do it at bridgetjones09-map33@yahoo.com.ar Thank you sooo much! x

(28 Nov '11, 14:21) BridgetJones09
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