So, this is about the second time I dreamt of my crush last night within maybe two or three weeks from when I last had another dream with him in it. No, I haven't been thinking about him at all. I'm over it, but I'm not sure if these dreams keep appearing because I never bothered to confess how I feel about him. I've graduated and so we're off to college now. I'm not sure if this is just my subconscious dealing with this repressed emotion/regret for never really talking to the guy (I've talked to him a few times but never friended him) by having him appear in my dreams.

Months before I remember I also casted a little love spell where you write the name on the paper, I wanted to burn it and remove it, but it fell under my bed and I can't find it anymore. (I think I attempted to reverse the spell but doing another spell but I forgot if I ever did.) The spell was to put the paper underneath the mattress, and I placed it on top of the wooden panel of the bed frame and must've fallen. This bed has drawers all around and so, theres no huge gap to dig in and try to reach my arm underneath the bed.I've also lost my aventurine crystal, which relates to the heart chakra I believe. No matter how much I've searched near my desk by my bed I have never spotted it. Can this be a coincidence or have any meaning to it all? Is there some sort of fate/destiny to be playing a part of this?

I've never bothered asking about this, because I just forgot about my little high school crush, but him just appearing in my dreams and the fact I also lost one of my crystals, maybe there is some meaning behind all this that I just can't ignore anymore. Can someone help me decipher this, or am I just thinking too much?

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@Wanderer- I posted an answer yesterday which (sort of) pertains to you. It's just a little old-age wisdom/flashback/hot air that might help you. Here's a link to that answer: Hope it helps (or amuses lol!) Love, Jai

(01 Aug '17, 18:50) Jaianniah

An easy way to answer this is to repetitively repeat something like: "Why do I keep having dreams of (person's name here)? before you fall asleep but you have to wake up afterwards (try and make the question short, so that way you can easily repeat the question before you fall asleep. You have to wake up afterwards so that way you can remember the answer your subconscious gave you in the dream), it's similar to the technique of repetitively telling your mind to wake up at a certain time before you fall asleep;Like saying, "I'll wake up at 6 a.m."

Note:This can be done with different subjects too. I.E. :If you have conflicting thoughts about a College you want to go to, etc


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Please use your power with respect for the other person's free will at all times. I do not know the exact spell you used, but spells that can impact another's free will are discouraged by the more studied Wiccans.

So what would I advise? Send blessings to your crush, not out of a need to gain his Love, but because you cast a Love spell on him.

I think I know how you must have felt to feel the need to cast such a spell, but know that it is not really the Crush whose Love you seek. You must learn to love yourself regardless of whether you have another who reflects that love back to you or not.

It is good that you cast a reverse spell. While I do not know the power behind the original spell, consider this as square one. A clean start, to learn how to use Magick with full knowledge of the Law of Three. In the Law of Three what you put out returns to you three fold. Yet, in more recent times it has been returning three fold to the power of three.

So use you spells and power responabilty and respectfully. Do not be like those misinformed witches that attempted to cast a spell binding Trump months ago. For by the Power of Three they bond themselves three times (to the power of three) the amount they did Trump.

You are powerful and can impact the world. I advise mainly doing blessings and blessings will return to you. I am not a Wiccan myself, but like to meditate to send blessings to something that distresses me.


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