Hello. I don't know where to start. I'll make sure to post my question in bold, just in case I write a LOT.

Right at this moment I feel weird. It's not that I feel lost. Well not quite. It's more like Im neither here nor there. Mainly because I realized today that I still had a lot of doubt in me. Doubt not towards the law of attraction, but rather doubt in myself and my goals and dreams.

I'll explain my situation. Anyways, I almost made a decision that would have changed my whole life, supposedly. You see, I have this dream/goal that is very unconventional. I want to explore the supernatural aspect of life. I plan to go/live in Hawaii, get a townhouse to live in, and find a mentor who will be sort of like a bridge to that kind of supernatural lifestyle. (The best way I can describe what I mean is to relate it to a book called "dream searchers" by Andrey Reutov ) Right now, There are no visible means for me to achieve this goal. Along with that, there is no visible evidence that what Im looking for is out there. I was planning on leaving home today with only a backpack filled with travelling gear and some cash. My parents weren't overjoyed, in fact they would have preferred I stayed. But I decided to leave anyways. Halfway out of my neighborhood (maybe 40 minutes later) I decided to go back. It just didn't feel right. I realized I wasn't as confident in succeeding. I think the main reason was because there was still not yet any evidence of my dreams manifesting.The path I want to walk is one shrouded in the unknown.

Coming back home, I seriously contemplated if I should just decide to live a regular life. Get a regular job, and to live conventionally. At the very least, I'm sure of the end results, potential, and security of this outcome.

However, knowing all of that, I still chose my dream/goal. Not that there's anything wrong with having conventional goals (like maybe starting a business, things like that). My question is how to become vibrationally ready for an unconventional goal? * One that isn't really talked about in public.

I have not met one person face to face who's lived that kind of life, but reading about it, and thinking about it, and knowing that there might be people living that lifestyle right this moment, as Im typing this; it just makes me more sure that this is what I want.

I admit that I haven't really done the vibe work consistently. However the main reason is because I dont know how to go about matching myself to this kind of vibration. I don't really have any other reference point, besides that "dream searchers" book. I am 100% willing to spend most of my time doing the vibrational work. I kind of already have a technique that I plan on working/playing with. I know of its effectiveness, and I only need to be persistent with it. However, I also want to know what technique you guys have to offer with my situation. Or maybe there's some kind of information you can offer me. If you have any questions, feel free to ask as well.

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"how to become vibrationally ready for an unconventional goal?" "vibrationally ready" is the context, it's your mindset, it's your mental orientation ... when you think of your goal as being "serious" your automatic animal defense mechanism kicks in and you "freeze" caught up in a dilemma ... your mindset is in mode "serious" ... reset your mindset to mode "play" and notice the difference :)

(15 Jun '15, 00:05) jaz

Wow. A lot of very Profound answers! I will wait and see how others answer this topic!

(15 Jun '15, 10:17) lilfrankster101

whenever I wish to acheive a specific goal I always like to keep in mind that the ultimate motivation behind the goal, in fact the ultimate motivation behind all goals ... is to live in a stream of exciting lightbulb moments that blend together to form a river of "happiness"

(15 Jun '15, 23:36) jaz

in other words just live your joy imagine yourself happilly doing what you dream to do and then "do it"

(17 Jun '15, 00:48) jaz
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Hi lilfrankster101

When your goal gives you no conventional way to go about "achieving" it, it may be actually easier to come to it, because it will force you to do the vibrational work, which is the most effective and efficient anyway.

The matter is that when a goal is "conventional", we usually have some, as you call it, visible, physical ways to go about it, ways to attain it. Then it's the physical mind we attempt to control it with.

When we have no such way to go about it, we need to use the clues of how we feel, meaning, our inner GPS. And with the inner GPS we don't need to have the whole map against our eyes, to see the whole path: at every single current second we need to only know where to turn now, and that's always available to us in our feelings.

So if, from every state you're in, in every moment you're in, you just find a thought that feels better to you - that's your GPS showing you the path.

And then it will continue showing you the path, just continue doing the same: not in the meaning to do the same kind of vibrational work or the same decision or whatever, just always find some next thought that will feel better to you - you may want a different process for it, in the next moment, just come again to feeling better than you already feel, and it will continue showing you the path.

Every process that lets you feel better is good in this path. Going general is a good place to start always, try this focus delight, it is always my default process to start with.

And then you can try many other processes (Babemba for example, or Hero Journey, or Letters that you can use to communicate with yourself in that attained state, or your Inner Being, or someone who already lives it, or Questions for tuning in, What's in it for you, or Thanking for desire as achieved, or however), just go with you :)


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Olga Farber

It is possible to come to a place of the "supernatural" feeling totally normal to you. The fact that you've intended it now has your inner being all fired up. Just let each day unfold now and hold the vision, the intention, do your best to stay in the now moment, to keep your resistance level low.

@Jaianniah, posted a video on here where a teacher states something like: 'what was once unreal feels real and what once felt real now feels unreal'

That's the place that you can reach. You can look at wars and murders and 'terrible' things with a feeling of this is utterly ridiculous and so transient but, still, such a waste of time when there's joy to be had. You look at the physical world almost as if everyone is an actor acting out situations that are deemed serious but you see as just a snapshot of a reality from a highly limited (dark, if you like) perspective. It's just the perspective of being cut off from Source energy, Source power. That side of the world all seems UNREAL.

On the flipside, creating money or anything you desire out of thin air on demand or reading someone's vibration (energy) knowing their thoughts or playing with "time" seems so very everyday, so very REAL.

Just keep on the road you've created. It's already done this reality you seek. As Abraham often says, 'you can't go back now you know too much'. Good luck and enjoy it all!!! So much fun to come for you :)


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@Yes I can't find the video you were refering too. Is it in this discussion? Also, thanks for your input.

(15 Jun '15, 19:33) lilfrankster101

@lilfrankster101, The video is in the question "It All Comes Down to Choices" :)

(16 Jun '15, 08:26) Yes

Hello lilfrankster

If under "supernatural" you mean paranormal abilities, psychic abilities - like teleportation, bilocation, telekinesis, materialization, telepathy and so on, I too was interested in that a couple of years ago.

I stumbled upon a PDF book called Miracle Mastery which seemed very interesting so I bought it. In the book you can find explanations, personal experiences and of course techniques for developing psychic abilities. It is written by Dave DeBold who claims to be a scientist and that he has researched psychic abilities for few decades. So he says he wasnt born with psychic abilities but he earned them himself through various techniques. All of the results that he got over the years are accumulated in his book. The book itself is written very scientificaly if I remember correctly, I don't have access to the PDF anymore but I could look for it once again. There are many techniques and explanations why they work; I can only remember that one of the first techniques that must be done were breathing excercises/techniques so that the body can be prepared for accumulating lots of energy in the later stages of your endeavor.

At that time, few years ago, I was very doubtful, lazy and my attention was jumping from one thing to another so I did the excercises only a few times and literally closed the PDF and never opened it again; so I don't have much to tell you from my own experience, unfortunately.

Ok, now a little thought that came to my mind: why do you want to "isolate" yourself? You can do your excersises while working, studying - doing whatever you would do in your "normal" life, can't you? You can surely find enough free time to do them.


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words are a fickle little thing, arent they? I dont really know how explain exactly what I mean without coonfusing others, but I sure as hell know how to feel it.

Thanks so much. I'll check the pdf out, as well as one called "power of now". I've been seeing those 2 books at random places, so I figured they will help. Again, thanks

(15 Jun '15, 06:32) lilfrankster101

I was just wondering why you are calling this goal "unconventional"? I would guess that you are going by what is "normal" in today's society. Who is to say, though, that it is normal for you? There seems to be conflict in you: shall you do "normal", or shall you do "unconventional"? You yourself are calling this goal "unconventional". I just want you to be sure that you are going along with what you really want deep inside.

I truly wish that I could do what Cheryl Strayer did in the movie Wild (this movie is based on a true story). Cheryl's mom died; she felt lost without her mom, and started getting into trouble. Cheryl decided to straighten herself out by hiking the Pacific Coat Trail- about 2,663 mikes of walking. It would be great to drop everything and spend a year away, to get myself back on track as she did. But I know that I am not physically able to do such a hike. The goal seems so "true" and "perfect" for me (because I love nature, and did a lot of hiking when I was younger), but I am not sure I could actually do it with my older body. Just the fact that I question it tells me that it is not exactly the goal for me. What I have done to satisfy my urge to be part of nature is to set myself towards getting back to the outdoors. First, I decided to dive back into the nature in my own back yard. That is something I do not even have doubts about.

The same holds true for you. Perhaps you want to "pick up and go", but does not seem a "perfect fit" for some reason. So what does? Perhaps you could start with doing it one day a week. You want adventure, but something pulls you back to "normal". So stretch yourself differently. Or perhaps you can think of some other way to satisfy this in yourself.

As far as preparing yourself for this "unconventional" goal- it would be just like preparing for any other goal. I have found that by breaking the big goal into little mini-goals, I can get there more easily than trying to get there in one big chunk. Use the successes of the past as a template for this goal. Apply what worked for those to this new goal.

I wish you luck in whatever you decide for your future!

Jaianniah ♥


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Thanks for your answer. I will totally break down the goal into smaller parts/sections

(15 Jun '15, 06:29) lilfrankster101

Well first of all thanks for the question. You are like similar kind to me (do not regrett it).

From My practical experiences.... I understood trying to unconventional; results in directly fight with the human being those are in front of you. Because people living with that conventional zone get disturbed by your thoughts of unconventional. And as the degree of unconventional increases the people never mind to kill you.. if you are easy target to them.

For that what I suggest you is if you really want to be unconventional try to set a highest goal in your life. So that as of now if you think of it you should feel 'no way I can't achieve it.' If you are ready for it. Best of luck for your journey and remember not to curse me.

All the way be strong and cheerful.


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I'm not serious neither funny.

(16 Jun '15, 07:03) PERFECT GOOD

Dear lilfrankster101, it seems to me that you are in the midst of an "awakening". What you are experiencing is similar to what many of us have experienced. It's as if a loud alarm clock has just jolted you out of a long slumber and it is time to reawaken you to the reality of your existence. That is, your existence as a "soul" or, spiritual being if you prefer.

What you want to explore are the 'metaphysical' aspects of your existence. Metaphysics is the study of the nature of reality and delves deeply into the non-physical aspects of that reality. (Supernatural is a term that is rarely used anymore except when referencing paranormal activity) Regardless of whatever you want to call it, (supernatural, spiritual, metaphysical) it all boils down to learning about your true self -you the soul- and the reality that exists beyond the realm of time and space.

To do this you will need to explore your inner self and you can begin doing that right where you are, right now. No 'goals' are necessary. Goals are plans and projections into the future. What you want to explore, however is outside the realm of time where there is no future and there is no past. There is only an 'ever present now'. You also do not need to go anywhere. What you want to discover is within you. Therefore, you can find what you seek wherever you happen to be. This will always be the case regardless of where you choose to live.

You will find your greatest 'mentor' is your own inner or "higher self". Once you have established a connection to this guidance, you will need no other. However, until that connection becomes clear I can only suggest some of my personal (and popular) favorites. These teachers and the information they have to offer can be found easily online. So, stay home, save your money or move wherever you like. It does not mater. You can achieve your "goal" :) from the comfort of wherever you happen to be right now.

Try reading" Seth Speaks" Channeled by Jane Roberts. The Seth material is widely considered the first and foremost of all the channeled information being spread throughout the world today. Any serious student of metaphysics including the other channels I will suggest will have studied the Seth material. Most will have read "Seth speaks" and "The Nature of Personal Reality" I have included a link for Seth Speaks (both are available online at no cost)


For Information on The Law of Attraction, (probably the most significant subject to learn for application in everyday life) you can watch the Abraham videos (channeled by Esther Hicks) on You Tube. You can also download "Ask and it will be given" by Esther Hicks for a clearer understanding of this subject.

Watch the "Bashar" videos (You Tube) for some fascinating and straightforward information about the soul, the higher self and our "human" existence. Bashar is a hybrid from an extraterrestrial civilization. He is being channeled by Daryl Anke. (And yes, ET is very much a part of any metaphysical exploration).

For information dealing with the nature of time and 'living in the moment', check out "The Power of Now" by Eckhard Tolle.

Finally, for some clear information concerning spiritual guides (your personal friends residing in the non-physical realms), information about past lives and life after life or (between lives), I would suggest reading Michael Newton's "Destiny of Souls" and/or "Journey of Souls", both available here.


These are just a few of the many sources of information available to you online. I suggest them because the information they are sharing resonates with me most clearly. As I said earlier, you will have to go within to determine whether the information "feels" right to you. I am certain that some of it, if not all of it, will.


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