Are they innate or acquired?

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There seem to be two separate questions here.

One is: Can intelligence, wittiness, sharp mindedness etc be manifested?. The other is: Are intelligence, wittiness, sharp mindedness innate or acquired?

I'll answer the manifestational aspect...

You can manifest anything you like - it doesn't matter what the subject is.

If you can think it, the universe can manifest it.

This is because a manifestation is simply a thought that you have flowed so much energy towards that it has condensed into physical reality. It's a similar idea to when invisible water vapor in the air condenses into something visible like clouds or fog, or even rain.

alt text

You can therefore manifest any thought you can think. If you can imagine it, the universe has the ability to manifest it.

And it's entirely up to you which thoughts you wish to condense...your habits of focusing determine your physical reality

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Stingray has covered the manifestational aspect so I'll attempt to answer the other one - Are they innate or acquired?

I think each of us are born with certain characteristics or personality traits that we acquire due to the overall vibrational setpoint of our gene pool.

That being said,I think we all have the ability to change or develop these characteristics to our own liking by spending time on introspection and self development. This is the best gift we can give both to ourselves and humanity as a whole.


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Thank you Michaela.. Like you said, I guess few characteristics are in the genes and few acquired.. And introspection and self development is the mantra and may be a dab of focusing on what aspect of knowledge we want to improve will help too.. Thanks again..

(09 May '10, 16:09) AVBhat 1
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