After a good while of researching the law of attraction, studying abraham hicks and even a variety of religions that speak of "creating your own fate" I realize the majority have come to the conclusion that NOTHING is impossible when these laws are applied correctly and that it is all a matter of perspective concerning how powerful the human mind actually is and that everything comes down to belief and faith. Literally nearly every teaching concerning the law of attraction and in nearly every religion it says in some way, shape or form that "nothing is impossible".

Well, what I find funny about this is the fact that the same things teaching that "nothing is impossible" actually have quite a few rules about what you can and cannot do (I'm NOT talking about any dogmatic religious beliefs, just the "reality creation" concept and what can be achieved with the mind through faith and belief). Instead of giving examples I encourage you to look them up, because I found quite a few. Nearly every law of attraction guru or self help person who has spoken about the law of attraction has a set of "rules" of things you can't do with it.

Why? Now, I'm not saying if someone applies these laws in hopes to become superman and gain super powers that the next day he is going to be flying to work in a cape, but what I'm saying is that if everything is a matter of perspective and belief, who is to say that we can't make our own standards and rules of what works and what doesn't? Just because person A who whole heartedly believes in the law of attraction says we can't use it to manifest something that HE believes can't be manifested, doesn't necessarily make it true. Use your imagination, don't be ridiculously farfetched either and you'll see my point. This may be an odd question, but do you think we can actually transcend these "golden rules" on how to use the law of attraction by using, of course, the law of attraction? I believe we can to some extent. There is no sense to me in being "realistic" with this poweful law at hand.

I think some rules are necessary, but to say we have absolutely NO power over certain situations in life, whether they be influencing others, being invincible or even transcending the supposed "time lapse" of our manifestations, it just seems like a massive contradiction to say there are things you can't do all the while preaching that "nothing is impossible".

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"The code is more what you'd call guidelines than actual rules."

Some things people say aren't possible because they don't know or can't themselves. Other times it is because of personal aversion to the topic at hand. Sometimes it's because there are repercussions or dangers which the person couldn't be ready to handle because of the questions they're asking.

Ultimately there are no rules about "how to use". Some of the most talented do things nobody else does, and that's mostly the point.

(10 Sep '13, 05:47) Snow

@lex There are really no rules. But one might say "Ok, then give me proof. I want to see it before I can believe it." But we must believe it first, before we can see it. So if you are not a vibrational match to those "miracles" you want to see, you won't be able to see them. But paradoxically, when you believe first, they no longer appear to be miracles to you. And they feel just normal and seeing them in physical reality is then just the next logical step.

(10 Sep '13, 09:42) releaser99

I understand where you are getting at and I do agree. Also, could be a way of easing beginners into this concept. If one were to explain this law to a bunch of skeptics who know nothing about it by using "far fetched" and grandiose things as examples I bet the majority would've quickly turned away from it. Either way, was just wanting input from other people. Thank you guys, really appreciate it :)

(10 Sep '13, 22:38) lex
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"who is to say that we can't make our own standards and rules of what works and what doesn't?"

We Can and we do. Everyone does.

"There is no sense to me in being "realistic" with this poweful law at hand."

Our reality is what we make it. We are only limited by our belief patterns and our imagination.

I built up my belief system by small things first. FI Parking places. Right in front of where I wanted to visit. Within two minutes, if not sooner, there is a place, no matter how busy and how many other shoppers.

At first it seemed strange, but it happened with such regularity that it seems strange if I have to wait the full two minutes.

Then I upped it that I would not only have a parking place, anywhere, but I would be able to get a seat in an otherwise crowded restaurant by just walking in. Now this seems "normal", also.

Building on this, things that once seemed difficult have become easy.

But do realize that the LOA operates impersonally. It is as constant as the law of gravity. If you are a good person or "bad" it works the same way. It attracts hurt as well as help.

You see, we live in an inclusionary universe. Whatever you say "yes" to will manifest. ALSO whatever you say "no" to will manifest. I used to find this disturbing until I realized that it is far better to turn your attention away from so-called negative situations, and never to fight them.

Just turn your attention to something joyful, or at least, pleasant and you will see how many "problems" solve themselves.


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Dollar Bill

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That's what I believe as well. I've had discussions with other people aware of the law of attraction and they seemed to believe otherwise which inspired me to ask this question. Thank you

(10 Sep '13, 22:24) lex

if the supposed rules be
manmade or imagined it
will be finite with limits

if we search further the truth
will cancel the noise of
the oscillating opposites


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Very well put. I agree, I believe we haven't even scratched the surface with a lot of this stuff and it's potential. Thank you for the response

(10 Sep '13, 22:25) lex

Well, it is absolutely possible to influence someone with law of attraction. Abraham Hicks did not deny this.

In fact, they encourage it. Abraham always says to keep a happy vibe so that others will be influenced to be happy and then you all can vibe together. The one that really doesn't want to be influenced by your happy energy will just leave - but most like happiness and will take the influence.

Right now, I am influencing you just through words alone. I'm influencing you to see things through another perspective, just as you were influencing me to do the same as I read your words.

EVERYTHING is an influence, the question is which influence do you wish to be under and which influence do you wish to give to others?

Keep in mind that influence is different from "control". No you cannot "control" someone through law of attraction. If that were the case, then law of attraction would not be real because law of attraction says you get what you are vibrating so how can someone who is vibrating their own reality be completely controlled by you ? The only way I can see is if they attracted this without meaning to, and in that case, it would be taking advantage of the person on one hand - but on the other hand it will be helping them to see what they created for themselves.

I guess people "use" other people this way all the time. Thinking about it more deeply, I guess it IS possible, but do you really want to be putting off a vibe that says "I take advantage of people and use people"?


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Yea I understand. This wasn't based on being able to influence people. I do think that subject plays a larger role in life than it's been played off. Whether it be influencing your boss to give you a raise, an angered and unenlightened family member to stop with incessant conflict or even a friend into loyalty and respect. I think it can be done. If deep down were all seeking to be "happy" or free (what I prefer to call it) then I think the one who is has the powerful ability to influence others

(24 Sep '13, 02:47) lex

into that mindset nor do I see anything wrong with that if you're intentions are good hearted.

(24 Sep '13, 02:50) lex

It would appear on the surface, that there are limits to what you can or cannot manifest using LOA. Can a person grow a new limb, make themselves walk again after their spinal cord has been severed or make themselves disappear and reappear on an inhabited planet in the Andromeda galaxy? It would appear that there is no evidence of any of those 'miracles' being possible, but of course maybe in some other parallel Universe (if parallel Universes do indeed exist) those things have been achieved.

In the meantime, I will stick applying the LOA to my life in baby steps and work my way up... and then, who knows what the future holds? :)


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colino green

Who is to say a lot of stories from religious texts or things we percieve to be "myth" didn't actually happen, concerning people performing miracles? Like you said, although we have no actual proof of it I definitely say some pretty "out there" things could actually be done. I just think we haven't even scratched the surface concerning what we can do with our mind. Regardless, thank you for the response :)

(10 Sep '13, 22:31) lex
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