I've recently discovered the teachings of Bashar, a channelled extra-terrestrial from Essessani. In one video there was a discussion on the illusion of continuity, which is something I'm intellectually comfortable with, (but obviously having a hard time letting it truly sink in).

Bashar basically went on to explain how the location of an object is part of its vibrational signature! A coin in one hand is a different vibration, and in effect a different object to a coin in the other hand. He then said, if one was able to change the location component of the vibration of that coin you wouldn't have to move it to change its location. Again, I'm very happy with that idea, it was like a breath of fresh air to hear!

Now my question is simply, now I understand how the ability to teleport is hypothetically possible in that respect, by sending out a genuine desire into the universe to be able to do it, and then aligning with it...can the universe yield to me? Or are there some things that are sort of off-limits for us humans at least in our physical form?

And if so, why do I not observe people with the ability to do so in my life? (Given that I'm vibrationally accepting of the idea.)

I can assure you its an extremely exciting thought to be able to wake up in the morning, and go for a jog in central park, then for a hearty breakfast in Buenos Aires, followed my a spot of lunch in Tokyo... you get the idea! Even writing that out flung me into a rapturous feeling place!

Much appreciation, and eager anticipation of your responses,


P.S. Could someone please add teleportation to the tags, It wont let me :) thankyou!

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added teleportation tag for you. :-)

(01 Dec '11, 03:23) Wade Casaldi

Yes, physical teleportation is absolutely achievable.

It falls, however, into that category of "possible but not probable"...a bit like tossing a coin 100 times and having it come up heads every time - possible but not probable.

The reason for this is that you deliberately accepted certain limits on your physical existence as a way of enabling you to experience the illusion of separateness and limitedness. There is great value in experiencing limitation.

So while your Physical Self might think it would be "cool" to physically teleport here and there, your Broader (Higher) Self is probably much more interested in the experiences that result from not being able to do so :) From the perspective of the Higher Self, the ability to teleport, even bi-locate, is just normal already.

Having said all that, there is a big "however" coming up...and here it is... :)


From my studies of the teachings of various channeled beings (including Bashar), it seems we are now within a period of history where many of those physical limitations can be re-negotiated because we are in a period where we are moving towards a different (more unlimited) physical perspective.

In other words, there is much more willingness from our non-physical aspects to engage in practices that would transcend the normal parameters of physical living. And there is much more willingness from our collective belief systems, that have thought this physical reality into place, to "move the boundaries", so to speak.

As to why you don't observe people in your life who are physically teleporting themselves around here and there, that's a simple one to answer...

If you truly at a core level of your being really believed it was possible, you wouldn't be asking a question about it here regarding whether it was achievable, would you? :)

And when you reach that level of belief within yourself where you just know it's possible regardless of any physical evidence around you, then the Law of Attraction simply has no choice but to produce evidence of your beliefs in your physical reality.

For more information, see Do scientists just make up their own answers?

Hope that gives you something to think about :)


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i love you! No answer has ever led me off track

(04 Dec '11, 14:17) Nikulas

Glad to help. You're welcome, Nikulas

(04 Dec '11, 14:59) Stingray

Brillaint!! That makes so much sense when I think about it, my higher self doesn't want me to 'beat the system' so to speak! Especially so soon. Regarding what you said about re-negotiating physical limitations, this is to do with us transitioning from 3rd to 4th density right? Its very exciting to think that we may soon be able to start to draw more readily from all that is! :)

(04 Dec '11, 23:04) RFextra

@RFextra - Glad you found it useful. Yes, I believe that transition from 3rd to 4th (and eventually from 4th to 5th) is what it is about

(05 Dec '11, 07:54) Stingray
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I dont know anything about Bashar but teleportation is another thing. I have news for you and it is good news. Yes we all can and do teleport ourselves on a daily basis without even knowing it. Have mind will travel is my moto. We do it in our minds so if you still want that breakfast in Buenos Aires go ahead and imagine yourself having breakfast there and enjoy every minute.

God was so wise when he created the universe and us that he gave us not only safety and security all the natural laws give us but also gave us a beautiful mind that can transcend those laws and enjoy the seemingly imposible. Imagine yourself being teleported and you are.


answered 01 Dec '11, 09:02

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Paulina 1

"Use your imagination"...how beautiful is that? A fine answer!>>>>>>>>>>

(01 Dec '11, 10:49) Jaianniah

It's great that you can go places in your imagination, but not everyone can do that. Some people just aren't wired to see/hear/touch/taste things in their minds. You must get a lot out of reading fiction.

(02 Apr '13, 22:39) Damien

Teleportation is the transfer of matter in the form of energy from one location to another location and which takes place outside of the realms of time and space - how about this;

This happened over two decades ago ... one day he asked the elder shaykh whether it was possible to travel to another place in an instant, as he had heard and read so much about it.

The elder shaykh replied in the affirmative, and asked him if he would like to experience it and he of course accepted the offer so he was asked to walk straight through the wall of the room they were in. When he tried he hurt his face when he banged it against the wall.

Next the elder shaykh held his hand and asked him to close his eyes and they smoothly walked through the wall together. When he opened his eyes he was doing the tawaf (circumbulating) around the kaabah in mecca. He was physically there, jostling among the thousands of people ... "How to be in places at the same time"


and here's how to walk through a wall;

all atoms are 99% non physical, including the atoms in your body and the wall

ffalt textff

all you need to do is maintain a dynamic harmonic relationship between the atoms in your body and the atoms in the wall thus assuring that the physical parts of the walls atoms and the physical parts of your body's atoms repulse each other so as to never collide as the two objects gently traverse one another.

alt text


answered 01 Apr '13, 11:28

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ru bis

@ru bis - Very interesting. According to Richard Whitwell, Thomas Troward, one of the first New Thought authors, witnessed a man walking through a "closed" door while serving as a judge in British India (see p. 61): http://www.newthoughthistory.org/resources/Thomas-Troward---the_teacher_and_the_man.pdf I know there also some clips of Bashar instructing in how to teleport, and wonder if he has also said something about passing though "solid" objects, etc..

(01 Apr '13, 11:44) lozenge123

Yogananda's Autobiography also contains several accounts of bilocation.

(01 Apr '13, 11:44) lozenge123

thanks for the link @lozenge, yes there's quite a lot of evidence of bilocations and people traversing solid objects

(01 Apr '13, 13:41) ru bis

There were a number of saints, mystics and other Christians who they claimed could bilocate or teleport such as Padre Pio.

(21 Jan '23, 21:02) ele

Count St. Germaine was said to walk through walls. I think he was also into telepathy, bilocation, teleportation, etc.. Not a Catholic saint - esoteric, an ascended master - Theosophy.

(21 Jan '23, 21:08) ele
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Nicola Tesla was experimenting with this concept using energy. He not only believed it possible, he was trying to figure out how. The same thing with photographing thought, he was working on the how and skipped the if.

I have seen scientists say the same thing about energy signatures determining location.

I have read stories of teleportation, and there are, "Transported in the spirit" stories in The Bible. So to point out if it is possible, it has been done, it is more than just a wonder of if it could be possible, it is.

To achieve this we need to operate from a higher domain of possibility than we presently occupy. Einstein said that we can not solve a problem from the same level of the problem. We sure can't from below it either, so we need to raise the domain we operate from.

So we will never teleport as long as we are operating from the domain of the physical. We need to operate from a level of actually nonexistence of matter. Pure energy, so as long as we try to transport this object from here to there, we have hindered the achievement of this by believing in this object and this location or that location. That is way below the domain of possibility still thinking of physical! But if we can get to thinking of any object as nothing more than energy and any location as nothing more than frequency...

Now we are operating from a much higher domain.

Edit added, this was originally to comment ru bis's great answer. It got too long, so I added it to my answer since both of us seem on the same page.

I think for us to transport we have to stop knowing and believing, "This is me. "

In other words operate from a domain beyond the physical body. If we believe our consciousness, what makes us, "us " is in the body then it is impossible. Or maybe at least possible to transfer someone other than ourselves because we as the operator need to exist to function to transfer. But if we raise and realize we are not these bodies, now we don't need the body to function and can do with the body what we want.


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Wade Casaldi

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yes Wade, thought is pure energy and matter is form; thoughtform


(01 Apr '13, 14:08) ru bis

@ru bis yes exactly, this is the domain we need to think on this from. :-)

(01 Apr '13, 14:23) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - Nice post. Not sure if you saw it, but Bashar discussed this same sort of thing in a really old clip from the 1980s: http://youtu.be/MAz8TJ8hyYs?t=1m38s "We need to operate from a level of actually nonexistence of matter" Or, maybe it's helpful to redefine "matter" as something non-fixed, non-rigid, and non-permanent? It's stated clearly in the New Testament, that these powers weren't only limited to Christ, but are available to all, as are listed throughout I Corinthians 12.

(01 Apr '13, 15:58) lozenge123

"thoughtforms" ... when we wish to manifest something into our lives, we visualize it in thought, that is, we take pure energy(thought) and arrange it in such a way so as to create the object of our desire, thus our thought energy has now form and form is matter. The object eventually manifests itself into our reality, in other words we have slightly modified our reality dimension. It's a kind of slow motion partial change of dimension or location ...

(02 Apr '13, 02:59) ru bis

now imagine the same process applied to the whole domain of our reality and acting at the speed of thought, we have effectively changed our reality instantaneously and we have projected ourselves, by our thoughts, to a different geographic location.

(02 Apr '13, 03:05) ru bis

@ru bis Wow mind blowing stuff! But it does seem plausible and even the domain Jesus worked from.

Cool stuff to ponder!

(02 Apr '13, 17:16) Wade Casaldi

@Wade, mind blowing; it all depends in which dimension you are, in other dimensions instantaneous teleportation is probably a commonplace practice ... as Paulina 1 points out we all teleport ourselves when we change locations in our imagination :)

(03 Apr '13, 02:17) ru bis
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I have answered other questions like this one...All of the time, I say the same thing:

God created our Universe with set and predictable physical laws.

If God did not embed these laws into the fabric of our cosmos, everything would be unpredictable and chaotic. 2 + 2 would equal 5 sometimes, and 8 other times. Gravity would be normal one time, and a second later, be like the gravity of Jupiter. We, as humans, would never know when or if or why to anything. Nothing would make any sense. It would be unlivable.

Because of these laws, we can and do thrive...but also, are limited as to what we can do. Now, you mention in your question the word" hypothetical". This word means that in some way, anything at all could be possible...so hypothetically, yes, we could teleport. But really? No. Tesla was trying to figure out "transporters", like on "Star Trek". This technology is possible someday. Maybe.

In the meantime, I guess we are going to have to live with the immutable laws of our Universe. God wanted us to feel safe.

Blessings, and Peace,



answered 01 Dec '11, 03:25

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Jai I loved this answer it is one of your best. Good girl.

(01 Dec '11, 08:53) Paulina 1

Thank you so much for the praise! Paulina, you are such a wonderful addition to IQ! I am glad you are here.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(01 Dec '11, 10:48) Jaianniah

Hello RFextra, teleportation should be possible using physical levitation coupled with vertical and horizontal control.

In our physical world there are four fundamental interactions, two of these interactions have their range limited to the nucleus of atoms and from a practical point of view can be excluded ... the other two forces in presence are gravity and electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Both have unlimited range throughout space, gravity is the attracting force between all physical bodies, EMF is a physical field produced by moving electrically charged objects and is reversible ... the pull of gravity is insignificant compared to EMF e.g. a metallic needle will float on water due to hydrogen bonding, once the surface tension is reduced by adding a film of soap, it sinks.


Hydrogen bonding is EMF in action ... the important point to remember here is that a tiny variation in EMF creates an anti-gravity effect.

happy hunting :)


answered 26 Dec '11, 06:21

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blubird two

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@blubird vertical and horizontal energies ... hmmm radionics?

(31 Mar '13, 10:44) ru bis

@blubird ionisation is one of the principle ways in which radiation transfers energy to matter

(31 Mar '13, 13:32) ru bis

Believe It or Not :-)

Check out this clip , it has more than 1 take , next ones are slowed down , I enjoyed it very much and sure does make you think . Pay lots of attention to light/energy at the third run through


Cheers SL


answered 02 Apr '13, 19:28

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Fantastic video. Thanks for sharing.

(02 Apr '13, 22:37) Damien

Every electron in your body is teleporting all the time. An electron isn't a discrete particle, its a probability wave that travels through space. Electrons quantum tunnel through energy barriers that the particle shouldn't have enough energy to get across. If you look at where an electron is at any given moment, there's a near 100% chance it will be at a given point. So we think of it as that point. But that's only where its likely to be. The probability that it is outside that point approaches 0 as you get further away from that point. But approaches 0 and are 0 are not the same thing. Its technically possible for one of your electrons to jump across the room, although its incredibly improbable. Its also possible for every atom in your body to jump across the room instantly, although again, for all practical purposes, the probability is almost 0. Its so close to 0 that in the lifetime of a trillion universes, its unlikely to happen once. But it is possible.


answered 02 Apr '13, 22:34

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In this radio show clip, Sandra Walters talks a bit about teleportation - the whole show is worth a listen but the discussion about a new style of teleportation takes place in the first few minutes .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XA6HZYWXGO4


answered 05 Feb '14, 10:33

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I understand that it as "simple"as going into your heart with the intent of reversing your cellular rotation.Thanks Catherine...

(05 Feb '14, 11:19) Roy

I read somewhere that everything that we create in our world is a reflection of the human potential. That everything we have made is something we can do. Therefore, if we have made flying machines, we can fly, and if we made fax machines, we can fax ourselves.?

I believe that we can do these things and the key is to dump the baggage that weights us down. Fear, anger, hate, jealousy, greed, etc... will keep us from doing these things that could be misused by the people holding these negative thoughts and feelings. When we come to a place of pure love, peace, joy, harmony, charity, and faith, then we free ourselves to do these things because we are light then. It is a built in safety. :) Afterall, we don't want the bad guys teleporting into our homes and govt offices and stores, etc... and taking what they want. So to ensure that people would not misuse thes abilities, they have to rid themselves of the fear, anger, hate, jealousy, greed, etc...


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Fairy Princess

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it seems to me that this is a simple thing, that can be done in a few theoretically possible ways. but first you folks are thinking of this in the wrong way, think of space as more of a sheet bundald up in a dryer its constantly changing shape. The process that the Emmasi was speaking of was phase shifting, if you could change the subatomic vibrations of an object to match that of another object it could pass through it, and if there is a fold in that region than it would appear to move without moving. i think that this is also know as traveling on a teseract. im buisy at the moment but i hope this helps in some way


answered 05 Jan '12, 13:26

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