I often think of what could possibly been in the void before the Big Bang. I have a pet theory, which is based on no particular scientific or religious reference- that God was alone, found it pretty awful, and created the Big Bang out of Himself. Then He set into motion the possibility that someday, Beings would fill the Universe, and come to Know God, and Love Him.

In other words, God got lonely.

But is it also possible that God perhaps was actually created with the Big Bang?

Probably not, but then- where did He come from?

I thought this would be a fun subject to toss around.

Happy New Year's Eve, 2009! Love, Jai

asked 31 Dec '09, 19:10

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in the bng bang he become aware. and started to create the universe.

(24 Sep '11, 22:30) white tiger

in fact he is eternal the alpha and the omega he is absolute and the truth.

(26 Sep '11, 02:05) white tiger

imagine being alone but you have all power what would you create. would you not procreate someone in your image with the potential to become like you?

(26 Sep '11, 02:06) white tiger
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I think God existed before the Big Bang occurred.

It is often stated in religious writings that God has existed always: He did not have a beginning nor will He have an end. But it is really difficult to understand that concept. How could He exist without being created in the first place? But if someone had created Him, this grand-creator must also have been created.

Maybe it is a concept we can not understand from our current perspective. Nonetheless, I am sure that EHEIEH is the one that is, and had no birth and will not have death.


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I think He existed then, too. As we are supposedly made in God's image, then I think that God must have feelings...thus my idea that He was ultimately- lonely. At least, if I was alone in a vast void, and had all the powers of Creation, I would have whipped up a little company, too...Thanks for your perspective, and answer...Jai

(31 Dec '09, 22:10) Jaianniah

All this answers are very good. Let me add my belief. Before the Big Bang there was nothing, a void. The only thing was a Hummm. Soft but eternal. This was and is "God". It is nether male or female. This Hummm, vibration slowed down enough to form matter. Not all of It slowed down just a small part that created the universe. The universe that contains everthing. We are part of that vibration which makes us part of God. This to me rings with truth. This is what I believe. Thanks. M.Z.


answered 22 Oct '11, 12:32

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M. Zapata

@M.Zapata-i very much enjoy this simple and profound explication

(22 Oct '11, 12:41) blubird two

Before God created the big bang, She knew that She was the Absolute. In the Absolute No-thing exists so there was no way for God to experience that which She knew She was. So She created the big bang - duality, relativity and contrast in order that She could experience all that She is, through us, the infinite parts of Her Self - Her children.

That is why Self Love is of primary importance for remembering and in getting closer to God :-)

And as for God's eternalness with no beginning and no end. I put this in with many other paradox's I've found. I believe that one day we may indeed be able to understand the meaning of it once our perspective changes. Namaste.


answered 02 Jan '10, 03:44

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I think God or eternal conciousness has always existed.

However, this concept is hard for us to grasp as we are human beings who live in this time and space dimensional reality. This reality has also led us to believe that all things have a beginning and an end.

In my opinion, our time and space reality does not apply to the whole universe (and other parallel universes) and as long as we are in these physical bodies, the fact that eternal conciousness has always been there will not be an easy concept to grasp.


answered 02 Jan '10, 17:45

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Pink Diamond

I find it very fascinating that the other universes can be governed by different laws. Imagine that there is a world you cannot see, hear, smell or touch, because there are no correspondences between those two realities. It is like trying to play a videotape with a DVD player.

(11 Jul '11, 15:13) Asklepios

I believe that the big bang was a black hole that reached critical mass and came apart. That dark matter is a figment of peoples imagination because they can not understand the fundementals that drive our universe, just like magnatism has a south and north pole or two opposing forces, then why is it hard to believe that gravity may behave in the same manner attracting and repelling simalar material, as for GOD I also beleve that GOD evolved from a shall we say a creature like humans that evolved into a being with the ability to see past, present and future, to be able to interact at all points in time guiding us and leaving us alone to see what we will do. A more accepted word would be "Ascended Being" someone who elvolved to the next step in the evolutionary ladder. We are electrical in nature, bio chemical but electrical just the same. Suppose we can evolve into a being that does need a physical body that needs food to restore its chemicals to continue living, instead becoming pure energy, and if we evolve into pure energy, what would be our boundries then, Heat and cold would not affect us nor would vacumn or pressure. Gravity would not have an affect on pure energy either. maybe the ability to go forward and backwards in time would not be a limitation either. I have given you a possible explanation but you have to decide what fits best with your beliefs.


answered 02 Jan '10, 19:14

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What is God WAS the BIG BANG?

..and we are all fragments of Him? The Out Breathing.


answered 09 Mar '10, 22:17

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Inactive User ♦♦

You used the word fun subject to toss around, so let us make it fun. There is a story on page seven: "The Order" in a book called The Looking Glass What Do You See? I think it may answer some of your questions in a fun way about the Big- Bang, and God etc. You may also find this story very entertaining, and some food for thought. Have fun with your reading, and share your thoughs with us. Happy New Year All!

This is another perspective, from Google search.

"Both" or other answer

•It is possible that God created the universe by way of the Big Bang. There is currently no physical way to prove this to be true or not. There is no doubt that the universe is expanding, and if the "film" was "rewound" to the "beginning" of things, then a "Big Bang" is a most probable logical start. Recall that science is not out to prove God does not exist. It proves what it can, and illuminates other things, like an expanding universe and a possible explanation for how it got to be the way it appears now. • God did not create the universe; the universe was created by means of the big bang and that is final no questions. God does exist no doubt but he did not create the universe, a small ball of plasma kick - started the universe. Just think what the world would be like without gods to worship, it would be chaotic. • Yes and no. the human mind is a powerful thing. And some believe our universe is made up of many dimensions and planes of existence. If you follow the path of The Christian faith, Then God created the universe. Some would say something created God, and something created that, and so on and so on. Or, you could just believe that the Big Bang did it. In this belief, with all of the multiple planes of existence, every thing is true, and at the same time false.


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Inactive User ♦♦

This article appears to be copied from http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Did_God_really_create_the_universe_or_was_the_universe_created_by_the_Big_Bang . If you are going to quote other websites or articles, please quote your sources. It is not sufficient to state "Google search". Thanks.

(05 Jan '10, 06:19) Barry Allen ♦♦

Will do in future. Thanks you.

(06 Jan '10, 00:21) Inactive User ♦♦

what will happen when the universe reach its full expanding potential and explode again seen from the outside it is big bang but it was always there.

(26 Sep '11, 02:12) white tiger
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The major feature of the Big Bang theory is that the universe was once in an extremely hot and dense state that expanded rapidly (a "Big Bang"). This rapid expansion caused the young universe to cool and resulted in its present continuously expanding state. According to recent measurements, scientific evidence, and observations,[2][3] the original state happened around 13.7 billion years ago (see age of the Universe),[4][5] which can be referred to as the time that the Big Bang occurred.



answered 24 Sep '11, 22:28

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white tiger

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lets look from a different angle,
life was waiting to materialize,
it was missing the incipient shock
to let it loose.
the plan was given to the builders


answered 22 Oct '11, 22:56

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