I keep running into the same problems all the time. It seems like no matter what I do, the same things keep happening. it's usually money related or with a living arrangements I've been homeless on and off for the last 8 years.

Jobs never seem to work out and I never seem to have enough money to make ends meet. I've been unable to find a decent relationship. the minute things start getting better things just seem to fall apart no matter what I do.

I've spent so many years working on this and I've become very frustrated. I just recently when traveling to do some meditation for awhile. I went through 5 states, visited old friends, and tried to find a new home.

I decided to come home about 2 months ago and I've been getting nothing from the but the runaround from employers, friends, and family. Since returning home I moved into a new living arrangement, the man ended up being an alcoholic and I ended up leaving.

Now I find myself without a job, homeless, and unable to pay my phone bill. I've been working at this for so long, I'm about ready to give up on everything. recently I had an opportunity come up to move to a different city and work with somebody on music.

I could move across the country and start a new life. send things haven't been working out here I figure I have nothing to lose. I lived in the city for several years before and think it might be worth giving it another try. I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong if I'm doing anything wrong, and how I can keep these situations from happening again.

I understand that some of it has to do with responsibilities, but it always seems there is something out of my control that happens.

I've read several books, including the abraham hicks collection and Louise Hay, and several other authors. I've used principles and exercises in the books and things just seem to keep going in circles.

What can I do to eliminate these problems for my life once and for all?

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gabrielphoenix, besides going to sleep at night with thoughts of why you are unique focus while awake on what you may be able to do help others. possibly a recharge of the karma trust company

(03 Dec '11, 01:35) fred

dear gabrielphoenix,

You sound very immersed in what's happening to you... And shouting "NO" at it. What you resist, persists.

Everything you experience is a result of the vibrations you offer. When you keep giving your attention to what you don't want, you keep getting it. You get whatever you focus on, wether it is something you want or do not.

The good news is that you have the power to control your vibration. With dedicated work, in a very short time your life can turn around completely.

The first step is to let go of the resistance to what happens. You are doing everything in your power to stop what's happening, and you've been doing it for a long time. It isn't working. So right now, make a firm decision, that the only thing that is going to matter to you for the next 30 days, is the way you feel. Decide that no matter how bad you feel, how terrible life punches you in the face, you are going to reach for a better feeling thought. Right it somewhere and have it with you wherever you go.

The next step is to set aside 15 minutes to meditate every day (the Abraham meditation CD's are excellent, and if you can't afford it I think it can be found on Youtube), and look for positive aspects in your life right when you wake up and before going to sleep. Also find something or someone you love, to focus on whenever you feel down during the day. Focusing on that for 17 seconds will start giving you momentum to go even forward. Give your attention to what IS working in your life.

And remember - let go of what's happening around you. Don't start making conclusions after every event that occurs, just do the work and allow everything to unfold. If you start moaning about "why isn't anything changing", then that is the vibration you will offer and you will be stuck again. Your work is to train your vibration - once your vibration is dominant, or the way I like to call it - your "default vibration", you will see the change. Until then, focus only on the way you feel. Even when you reach for better feeling thoughts, do it for the joy and pleasure of it, not to get a result.

Good luck!


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Well done Benjamin Great answer.

(04 Dec '11, 04:59) Paulina 1

You are placing all of your power on things around you, instead of change within. You have a set of daily habits that conflict with your goals. Those habits are held together buy your limiting beliefs. These beliefs create your world because you are tied to your beliefs. Your personal history determines how you interpret the world. If those interpretations are out of phase with reality, you will not respond WHEN YOU SHOULD. Procrastination surfaces here. It does not mean lazy, it means your timing is off. Act on things, because they require action, not because it something that you have to do. Take your feelings out of the action, and act just because it is required.


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The Knights Alchemy

Yes Sir!.....You get 100% an A+

(05 Dec '11, 06:20) Paulina 1

Nothing is ever out of your control. Sometimes we live a certain way for so long, it can seem very difficult to change chronic though patterns or routine daily habits. It really all comes down to how strong your desire to change really is.

If you focus on the bad things that are happening in your life 75% of the time and focus on what you want or desire your life to be like 25% of the time then you are going to get the stronger or more dominant side of the negative vibration. If your thoughts and feelings are predominantly focused on the what-isness that is happening in your life right now, that you don't want, then you will keep getting the same over and over again.

From what you wrote, it sounds to me like the bad stuff in your life has the majority of your attention. I totally understand where you are coming from because I am still working on changing my life as well. I've been down some pretty dark roads in my life and have finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired. You just got to what to change more than being in the negative comfort zone.

I would suggest that you go through Abraham's 22 process's in the back of "Ask and it is given" again if you've already read that book. If not, then I would suggest that you definitely pick a copy of it up if the Abraham teachings are something that resonate with you.

It sounds to me like you may be anywhere from 10 to 22 on the emotional guidance scale. Find one or two of those process's in that range and focus on them everyday for at least a month. I personally feel that putting my attention and focus on one or two things at a time makes it easier than spreading out my energy in numerous different areas at once. Make it a habit to practice everyday because the only way to change a long held bad habit is to replace it with a positive new one. If you hit a month and feel no change then continue for at least one more month. A second month of diligent practice with these exercises was the key for me. It just comes down to wanting to really change and having patience with the process.

I would also recommend Stingray's Manifesting Experiment Guide. There a handful of different process that may be very beneficial to you as they have been for me and many others here at Inward Quest. Read through the guide and find one that may help with your current situation.

EFT and FasterEFT are also mentioned in Stingray's guide above but I knew about Robert Smith and his youtube site Healing Magic before I found Inward Quest. There are literally hundreds of videos on his channel that may be of help to you. There are also other EFT youtube channels if you search around a bit.

To sum it up, a few of the easiest things for my personal change and growth have been simply appreciating things as much as I can, feeling good as much as I can in any situation, and clearing my mind of thought as much as I can throughout the day or in other words meditating and be consistent with it. You really do have control in your life no matter how much it seems like you don't. You just have to find what works best for you and turn it into a normal everyday NEW habit.


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This is a great helpful answer Cory.

(04 Dec '11, 04:55) Paulina 1

this is not ment to be rude and it is NOT ment to be juudgemntal, but most of the time we tend to have issues in money or things envolving money is the importance we place on it. My source has great information on this too , it has to do mainly with place values on relationships, do what you love and also make food and things u dont neded to buy . it isnt hard to do and it takes away their power over u from having to depend on money so greatly. here is a link top information on these ideas from my source. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRivKAac0q0#t=12m11s

love n light "



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yep print your own money. then they will not have power on you.smile.

(04 Dec '11, 04:15) white tiger

White Tiger you are a cheeky little bugger arn't you? lol (love your sense of humor and right now the world needs humor).

(04 Dec '11, 05:03) Paulina 1

Quoting from Stingray,

"What is the real difference between a problem, and a challenge?"

All these bad events you have gone through....All these bad feelings are just experience for you soul (contrast).

Follow Benjamins answer here- if you are questioning "why aren't things working out" then know this is a low vibration you're in.

Try some focus block AFTER you meditate.


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Hello gabrielphoenix, i love your question ...

there was a period in my life i was living alone more or less homeless in a foreign country without income and no where to go ... i didn't realize it at the time but it was a turning point in my life ... sure i had read lots of books including Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" and had tried to apply their teachings with little success ...

for me the answer given by The Knights Alchemy indicates clearly the mechanism at work ... here is his explication almost word for word ... "i was placing all my power on things around me, instead of change within ... i had a set of daily habits that conflicted with my goals ... habits were held together by limiting beliefs ... these beliefs created my world because i was tied to my beliefs ... my personal history determined how i interpreted the world" ...

i was literally at a turning point in my life because instead of projecting my energies outwards towards things and people i started to project my energies inwards ... i had already read the book "The Lazy Man's Way to Riches" by Joe Karbo now i was ready to apply it to my life after all i was desperate and had nothing to lose.

The teachings are simple ... i wrote a list of all the things that i needed right now!... a list of all that i wished and a list of all the personal qualities that i needed to achieve my goals ... in short i drew a complet picture of a perfect life ... it is important to get this part right and in perfect harmony ... now i had a blueprint for the future and i applied it daily using the well known technics of medition, visualisation ...

it changed my life forever ... have a great day :)


answered 04 Dec '11, 10:15

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blubird two


What a wonderful and insightful answer Bluebird. You have wisdom which is something not all have. Good for you and may you always prosper. You know how to apply your knowledge which is the most important. I hope GabrielePhoenix takes your advice.

(05 Dec '11, 05:56) Paulina 1

My advice is to get some relief with your money and living situation first and foremost. It will be hard to be in the vortex or doing any interior work if you have to constantly be worried and upset. I would advise staying out of any relationships for awhile and just think of improving your own life and giving it the attention it deserves. Once your confidence has returned, by all means, work with the law of attraction to improve things even more!


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Great answer LeeAnn. It takes a woman to see the difficult side and solve it first.

(04 Dec '11, 05:12) Paulina 1

Dear GabrielPhoenix,

Many people have given you some wonderful pointers here on how to solve your problem and I will give it to you from a humane point of view. Please, Please, please dont throw in the towel. Yes life sometimes gives us a kick in the but and it feels as if we are on a downward spiral and there is no hope but nothing can be further from the truth.

Sometimes this keeps repeating and that means we didnt learn our lessons the first time arround or it could mean that we believe life will treat us in that fashion so it does. Sometimes unintentionaly we get into victim mode and keep thinking why Me? Why does this have to keep happening to me? What have I done to deserve this? This of course saps all our energy and our spirit feels beaten into hoplesness for we don't know where to turn.

Your priority right now is to find a place to live and feed yourself. Anything else is secondary. Put all of your energy and strength (everyone has a reserve tank of emergency energy and strength) into finding a roof over your head and a way to survive.

The way to do this is to stop resisting what is and simply accept that it is happening (I'm saying accept, not give up) at this moment in time. Now you have to use that reserve tank of strength and give your problem over to God. I dont know if you believe in God but whatever you believe in give your problem over to them. In other words dont think those horrible thoughts any more simply know that the mightiest force and power in the universe is working on your problem and will find a suitable solution that is just right for you. Talk, explain what the problem is or write a letter to God explainging all your problems and than let it go. Faith and belief are needed here so tell yourself you have faith and belief and believe it 100%. You see we are never alone and if only we remember that God is not only with us but also in us all the time any problem can be solved.

This of course doesn't mean you can sit and do nothing for you still have to do the work yourself. The old saying God helps those that help themselves holds true. You just have to listen for the intuitive guidence you shall receive and act on it. You shall receive it of that there is no doubt.

Once you have a place and can survive now is the time to change your life. The quickest way is Love. I'm not talking of romantic love although that is great too but of love for life. Yes I know it is very difficult to love life when all you get are major problems but if you put love into your life your problems will diapear that much quicker. Give love and you shall reveive love. Love Kitties and puppies and flowers and nature and rain and the sunshine and the fact that even though you have had it rough you are still here and still kicking. Find something to love every day and love shall warm your heart and raise your vibration like nothing else. I said LOVE not pitty and there is a big differance.

It will take some time but in time you shall see a differance and doors will open that were previousy closed or even better new doors will open for you and a new life shall welcome you with open arms.

There is however one very important thing you have to do to acheive all of the above. You have to lose your repetitive negative, victim thoughts and replace them with positive and loving non judgemental thoughts and that especialy mans not judging yourself no matter what. Love, respect and apreciate yourself for you are worth it and no you don't have to have done anything to deserve that for just being you makes you worth all the worldly and spiritual love after all you are a temple where God resides. That's more than good enough.


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Paulina 1

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I think you have done well to notice the problems in your life and the patterns therein and you want to do something about them. From the reading that I have done these things will give you more enjoyment in life and help you cope when life gets hard.

Firstly recognise that we only react to what is outside of us, real or imagined. For example last week I was just starting to get some money together and in my head I had imagined that this would continue and I had imagined the money put aside for my children's christmas presents, bills paid etc and then the toilet broke. I reacted to the imagined order, not the toilet breaking, in a bad way.

I tried EFT, meditating and visualisation with no success. I was still reacting badly. Then I thought, this is how I react. At this moment I am reacting like this. I can't react differently but I can fix the toilet and spend the money. I still felt terrible but I moved my legs and arms and kept going. I accepted this was how I was feeling and took those feelings with me, they didn't subside much but the toilet was fixed and my overarching purpose of becoming more aware was achieved, albeit not in the way I would have planned.

Secondly, the research of Mihaly Csiikszentmmihayli, shows that we derive intrinsic enjoyment from changing chaos into order. In other words from working on the things with our concious will and mastering it. Again the toilet, not a nice job but having planned it and approaching it with the intention of doing it well, and not quickly, I got a sense of enjoyment from it.

Thirdly, give your life meaning. Mine is to become more aware and recognise the things real or imagined that I react to. You might need to discover yours, but don't force it, it will come. Heidegger says that it appears when we are overtaken by the mood of anxiety; so don't push your moods away they may be helpful.

Finally, remember its not up to you. Your energy to create comes from the things that you are reacting to, they are the things that get you moving. Think about what is getting you to move across the US, what is giving you the energy to do that. I had a toilet outside of me with a big hole in it. This was giving me the energy to kick it, shout, stomp up and down and finally examine how and why it had produced these reactions. In the end I got some enjoyment from it and lots of awareness of who I am. But being human, I stil would have preferred money to appear from nowhere and the problem to disappear. We don't like pain even when it's beneficial.

Hope things get better, alan

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Alan Crabbe

Alan, please don't set your postings as Community Wiki otherwise you will not receive any reputation points for them

(04 Dec '11, 16:52) Barry Allen ♦♦

I applaud your answer as it shows that first and foremost we are human and yes we can overcome things that bother us at first and enjoy them anyway.

(05 Dec '11, 05:59) Paulina 1

well solve what you can and learn to live with what you can't. you are responsible for your self. but you are not responsible of the decision of other people but you can learn to deal with it. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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