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Example: this morning I had a dream that I was in space looking at the earth, the sun, the moon and some comets have pass between the sun and the earth. Has anyone had a dream like that?

asked 03 Dec '11, 01:30

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white tiger

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Wade Casaldi

I liked this question and wanted to help you with the proper wording and punctuation. I'll answer below. :-)

(03 Dec '11, 05:36) Wade Casaldi

It seems to me that you may have been "Out of body" I remember one time I dreamed I was in a building walking up a hallway and and everything was weird like liquid reality everything moved like not solid. I was sucked through a window out into the universe but where I ended up was the void. It was amazing! There was nothing below me, above me, to my sides as far as the eyes could see! I was just floating in nothing, it was very cool!

That was similar to your experience but mine didn't have planets and stars it was void.

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answered 03 Dec '11, 05:43

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Wade Casaldi

in meditations i ofetne travel in solar sytem and often outside but when i am not fimilar with teh areas of teh places like i am within our (sol), i often let my will cary me. this is very very higly connected to my dreams because dreams and astral projection are one and teh same. Just dffrent ways and tecniqus ot do so. sleeping is our natural astral body when meditation is forced conssiesly.

love n light,


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answered 03 Dec '11, 02:18

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TReb Bor yit-NE

i knew that you would be the one to answer rob. i hope you are doing well my friend. so what do you suggest that i do discover the why or play pool.

(03 Dec '11, 03:52) white tiger

yes i know sometime it is better to observe and let our higher part do its job.example: like fixing space time etc.

(03 Dec '11, 05:11) white tiger

ty my dear freind, yes, it was very great question.

(03 Dec '11, 14:26) TReb Bor yit-NE
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I agree with Wade-- it sounds to me like you were out of your body, and you saw outer space. Shirley MacClaine wrote about this in her book, "Out on a Limb", which was just about the first "new Age" book. She actually went to the moon while out of her body, and she said it was beautiful to look at Earth. Do not be freaked out by this; I used to fly anywhere I wanted to when I was young. I left my body at will and traveled everywhere. I was five when an angel told me I could not do it anymore. I remember how devastated I felt- and how my soul felt crammed into my body after I last traveled.

You are NOT crazy at all!

Blessings and Peace,


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answered 03 Dec '11, 06:01

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well i am not freked out. it is just very weird to understand. why the light will be block from the earth by those comets and the light is shifting to the moon to reach the earth.

(03 Dec '11, 06:30) white tiger

sometime i dream of pretty weird stuff to understand. i know that i must see this or take part in it. you could say that often my higher self do job and want me to see and play my part. but the stuff my higher self is doing is often over my understanding. i do not know if anny of this make sense.

(03 Dec '11, 06:36) white tiger

you could compare it to watching a artis for the first time. the artis ask you a question and he start to do is art work you do not know its art but its is wounderfull and you grasp what he is doing but you do not grasp all of what he is doing or how he is doing all that.

(03 Dec '11, 06:43) white tiger
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