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Hi everyone I just wanted to let you know IQ used to make me feel happy, uplifted and inspired. Now lately I have been feeling depressed, downtrodden and empty here. I used to think the Vortex was a good thing, but now I am not so sure of that. I am seriously thinking of taking a vacation from IQ for a while I need to get myself back into the Kingdom Life with God. Maybe I need to use the time to meditate and pray, to forgive and release.

I just wanted to inform everyone in case I do decide to go away for a while.

Maybe I am just tired and need a rest from IQ for a while, take care.

Jesus be with you... Wade

Edit Update

Thank you so much all my friends for the support, I had a chat with Ursixx yesterday and feel better for it. He mentioned two words from the Lion King Hakuma Matada which means no worries release it and be in the Kingdom of God. I have a small plaque that says "Put your cares in his hands. He will put his peace in your heart." I did just that, and feel better. I have forgiven and released how I felt. But I have a jaded view of The Vortex now that I would like clarified so I'll ask a question on it.

One more thing I see below two friends fighting, it is not worth it for the hurt you feel, "Put your care in his hands. He will put his peace in your heart." Hakuma Matada. :-)

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Wade Casaldi

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

I think everyone gets tired of one thing or another at times. Sure, this 'vortex' sounds purdy dern kewl.. but if you stay in one place for too long you forget where you came from or where you are going. Why do you think it is called a 'vortex'? There is no way out; only a way in. In short: {(DUN DURR IT! ITSA TARP!)}

(04 Dec '11, 06:45) Leo

By the way: Please do NOT be depressed. That's very bad, and dangerous, and bad. And I'm not being tricky about this or anything. I mean it genuinely. That's the problem with all these manifestation methods discussed here. They ignore emotion, which is necessary otherwise we wouldn't have free will..we would just be robots, or puppets, or some shitty combination thereof.

(04 Dec '11, 06:53) Leo

@Wade, do whatever feels right to you. I wish you well :)

(04 Dec '11, 08:56) Eddie

@Leo, for the record: to me manifesting has more to do with one's beliefs than anything else. And I find it interesting that you have obviously not read most posts on IQ concerning manifesting, otherwise you'd know that feeling as if your desire had already manifested was a major part of it actually manifesting. Yet, at the same time, you advise people not to understand the nature of how reality works because it's a trap. Can you see the hypocrisy in your thinking?

(04 Dec '11, 09:05) Eddie

Of course I can. I'm being an arrogant prick, what is your point? I don't believe in "skipping steps" so to speak. You say that steps 1 and 2 automatically happen, and that is 'cheating'. That is breaking the rules. That is like trying to skip numbers while counting from 1 to infinity. Sure, you can say THREE FOUR FIVE INFINITY WOOT IM DONE! But what did you accomplish? So yes, I'm being completely hypocritical, and arrogant, and at the same time I am being neither. That is what I'm trying to explain in all of my writings. "God" made rules for this game, and if you break them there ARE [,,,

(04 Dec '11, 10:16) Leo

...] DIRE consequences. So rather than encouraging people to cheat and 'skip levels' so to speak, I encourage people to start at the beginning, where "GOD" intended, and learn the proper way. What good is it to a child if you tell them to do everything you do exactly as you do it? What will they learn? Nothing. They will listen to your ORDERS, but they will not be able to grow as a person.

(04 Dec '11, 10:16) Leo

To me what you are doing by trying to claim 'absolute' answers to anything (or anyone, MYSELF INCLUDED) is like putting a bird in a cage. Will they look pretty? Yea. But they can't spread their wings, they can't fly, and because of that they will suffocate and die. Birds cannot fully inhale while their wings are wrapped, that is why caging them is cruel. So here is an idea: try wrapping your hands around your throat and see how long you can stay alive. That's what people are doing when you try to play people like puppets on strings instead of letting them be "REAL".

(04 Dec '11, 10:18) Leo

So, @Eddie, for "the record", I agree entirely that manifesting has more to do with one's beliefs. One. ONE. ONE'S BELIEFS. What do you think the word ONE means? 1, one, un, uno, single, one. The person, the person themselves. THEIR beliefs. They must start with THEMSELVES, and THEN, once they can stand on their own feet, they can begin to try the next step, and the next one.

(04 Dec '11, 10:19) Leo

I dare you to try teaching a child how to walk by tying their hands up to a roof and leaving them hanging there until their back straightens out. See how well that works out.. Why do you think I always quote Bruce Lee whenever I say anything about MY OPINION? "Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and ADD WHAT IS SPECIFICALLY YOUR OWN." The last step is the most important part there, and by claiming an 'absolute' beyond "GOD"s rule, which is the ONLY ABSOLUTE, you are in effect, defying god. Do you think he would appreciate that? I'm pretty sure he'd be pissed..

(04 Dec '11, 10:21) Leo

well leo the only absolute is truth. has for the bird trap in the cage he is making that cage by himself with fear belief and ignorance. if the men that was thinging he was trap and see that he is not is he not free to escape is delusion?

(04 Dec '11, 18:03) white tiger

i made a error of typo.if the men that was thinkinghe was trap.

(04 Dec '11, 18:08) white tiger

also leo the way that you are being is it serving you? you said:I'm being an arrogant prick, what is your point? are you righteous in doing that? if someone comes to you with that attitude will you like it?for man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.But I tell you that anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to his brother, 'Raca,' is answerable to the Sanhedrin. But anyone who says, 'You fool!' will be in danger of the fire of hell.

(04 Dec '11, 18:22) white tiger

Well that is the point right there, isn't it Senor Tigger? God promises that he will punish those who piss him off. That is VERY clear in the Bible. He doesn't say how, he doesn't say when, and he doesn't need to. All I know is that if I'm doing something wrong then there is an all powerful God out there who can throw lightning bolts. I haven't been struck by lightning that I know of, but I coulda forgotten, who knows. That being said: When god wants me to stop acting the way I'm acting, he will tell me, and I'm sure he will do it in a very clear manner. So.. Ima keep being me [...

(04 Dec '11, 22:56) Leo

...] You keep being you, and when we see one another on judgement day (whenever that may be), I will stand before whoever is there judging me and I will tell them that I only ever did what I believed in my heart to be the correct choice for me and everyone I cared about. If god decides that my actions are bad enough to send me to hell for all of eternity so I can burn and die, then so be it. God knows better than I do, and that's why he is the one who can send people to hell, NOT I. But I figure it this way: If god was gunna send anyone to hell, and was able to at any time.....................

(04 Dec '11, 22:57) Leo

Why hasn't he already sent me there ?? Or maybe he has? Do you know, WT? Am I in hell? Or am I not? You seem to claim to know everything.. so riddle me that one, boss. is god gunna send my ass to hell for acting the way I do?

(04 Dec '11, 22:58) Leo

well maybe you are making your own hell or did the though never cross your mind. in the same way you judge you will be judged.

(04 Dec '11, 23:04) white tiger

if you want to stay in that little cage it is your problem not mine. you have free will and are responsible for your self.

(04 Dec '11, 23:05) white tiger

does the truth scare you at this point leo? that you cannot control your self? who is the one not thinking about what he is doing or how he is acting? yet i stay in harmony i know that you are a better person then that poor image that you are sending.

(04 Dec '11, 23:15) white tiger

Exactly! I'm responsible for ME! You are responsible for YOU! And I like my 'cage', thank you. And I'ma continue liking it for my whole life. And when god gets tired of my 'sinful judgement' or whatever you are saying, then I'm sure god is plenty strong enough to lop off my head or zap me with a bolt of lightning or shoot me with a sniper rifle, or maybe since he is god he will do all 3 at once just to show off. Have fun WT. Maybe I will see you around some day. But somehow.. I sincerely doubt it. ;)

(04 Dec '11, 23:15) Leo

you won't need to tell annything god will tell you. god know all and you cannot hide annything from him. his judgement will come alot faster that you think at the judgement day.also you think that i am the boss why do you think that? because i tell the truth. and you are jalous that i do not suffer those hindrance that you are still stuck in? and yet you still act that way. did you not learn annything? or you think that you can do better then me?

(04 Dec '11, 23:31) white tiger

leo i hope you live a very long life. and do the best you can with it. experience and enjoy.

(04 Dec '11, 23:39) white tiger

Hmm. Well, IDK Mr. Thief in the night.. I gotta tell ya, I went outside for the sunset out on the highway and I was cleaning up trash for hours. Not only did I not get attacked from the shadows, but none of my belongings were missing from my house when I got home.. =/ This is my point: It isn't OUR place to say judge or don't judge. It isn't OUR place to tell people what is right or wrong. It isn't ANYONE's place to be responsible for the direct creation, modification, or destruction of GODS WORLD, EDEN! If you think god is so smart why would he make the world so easy for stupid humans [....

(05 Dec '11, 02:06) Leo

To fuck it up? Anyway: You should also experience and enjoy LIFE. When was the last time you went outside? =/ Fresh air is cool, bro...

(05 Dec '11, 02:07) Leo

well leo if this world is so easy why so many question? and why did you come here?to be a stupid human? to seek confrontation? how is that serving you right now? if it is so easy why do human seek god and enlightement? why do human pray? why do human have hope for this world against war iniquite injustice poverty disese etc. you that are so great and find it so easy why do you not solve all that for every body? it is easy to judge? maybe once you stop judging and getting angry you will see things differently.

(05 Dec '11, 04:13) white tiger

maybe the fact that some stupid human full of ego seek power to quench their desire and are fucking things up like you say ,it is the cause of all this.

(05 Dec '11, 04:19) white tiger

but like i said you that are so perfect find answer to all this? or are you here only to judge and criticize?

(05 Dec '11, 04:29) white tiger

it is easy to judge and criticize. i will give you example: some might judge someone crazy because he talks with alien. did the walk a mile in is skin? some might judge someone for anny reason or belief. are they in harmony are they helping each other or making more harm then good?who are you to judge another? i tell you in truth many people judge other people daily but if they walked a mile in their skin they would change their judgement and eventually stop judging.

(05 Dec '11, 04:57) white tiger

Ugh. I gotta tell you mr tiger.. Trying to read your writing gives me a headache. It's great that you can use punctuation, but I'd rather you use caps lock than just droning on. It's boring sounding, ya know? Makes reading what you write... well, BORING. Anyway: When did I say someone was crazy for believing in aliens? I believe in aliens. I believe in angels. I believe in god. I believe in the devil.

Curious question: Do you like the series Star Wars? If so: Who do you think is "The Chosen One" as the "Prophecy" foretells?

(05 Dec '11, 05:07) Leo

what harm did i did to you leo. why do you want to see my face so much? do you judge me has being a crook? yet i did not ask anny money from you and i never will. did i judge you? did i not tell you the truth?

(05 Dec '11, 05:07) white tiger

When did I say I was judging people for beliving in aliens anyway? Will you please stop misquoting me, it is kinda insulting. I have never once said my opinion was law, or right, or wrong. Merely my opinion. I've been VERY clear about that, haven't I? Allow me to say it again: "Adapt what is useful, Reject what is useless, And add what is specifically your own!" Why do you think I always prefix my writings with "I BELIEVE" or "I THINK" or "IN MY OPINION"? What is so hard about that for you to comprehend? It is actually very simple.

(05 Dec '11, 05:08) Leo

You never harmed me. When did I say you did? Wtf. Why do you keep thinking I'm attacking you or something. You get defensive so easily.. Just because I don't agree with what you have to say doesn't mean I am attacking you or trying to harm you.. I am merely stating that you and I are different human beings, and as such we see things through a different perspective..

(05 Dec '11, 05:09) Leo

well some say it and some think it. i did not say it was you that said someone was crazy i was only making example.well if you find me boring to bad for you. and for your curious question yes i liked starwars and saw all 6 movies the chosen one was luke skywalker.

(05 Dec '11, 05:21) white tiger

I believe the only person I said was crazy, was myself.. Anyway, OK. Well, I'm done with this site again. Probably for good for realzies this time. See you around buddy, I wish you the best in everything you do. ^_^ Have a wonderful life, wherever it may take you.

(05 Dec '11, 05:22) Leo

and he got a hand from his sister leia who also has the force.but it seams you only saw 3 movie or am i mistaking?

(05 Dec '11, 05:29) white tiger

well have a very long life leo. and see you around also buddy. well maybe you are not has crazy has you think and has long has you keep trying to improve your self you eventually will progress.i wish you the best also. experience and enjoy.

(05 Dec '11, 05:33) white tiger

If you would like, WT, I will give you a hint as to the true morale of the story behind star wars. Actually, I will TELL you the true morale of the story, and you can figure out the rest all by yourself. You are a very intelligent person, that is for sure, but you've been believing one thing for so long you forgot what it means to make a mistake and learn, and grow. "The path to hell is paved with good intentions."

(05 Dec '11, 07:23) Leo

i am over belief leo. all is all ready understood. and yes i can still learn and grow. i learn from my mistake and from the mistake of other also. if you want to share something go a head. and you might know the path to hell but do you know the path to heaven?

(06 Dec '11, 00:20) white tiger

what good is it to learn all the info on spirituality if we don't ever have a chance TO USE IT HUH? that is why we feel down, to test ourselves , love n light

(06 Dec '11, 21:23) TReb Bor yit-NE

who is fighting wade?

(07 Dec '11, 03:22) white tiger
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Sorry to hear you are feeling empty here, Wade. We all feel flat sometimes and often it passes, but you know best what you need to do. If there is anything I can do to help you feel better, please let me know. Best wishes....


answered 04 Dec '11, 05:28

LeeAnn%201's gravatar image

LeeAnn 1

Dear Wade,

Am going to miss you for you have helped so many with your special way and we sorely need people like you here. Just know that you are loved by all here at I.Q. and any time you feel down and out just allways remember that there are people in this world that appreaciate you and will miss having you arround. Whatever you decide make sure it is what is best for you and if ever you need us we shall be here for you.

Go with God, miss and love you friend.

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answered 04 Dec '11, 06:19

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Paulina 1

If you are suffering from depression e-mail me or send a message on facebook and I will do all in my power to help. Just remember sometime we have to go through this so that we know what others are going through so we can help them better. This too shall pass and you will be a stronger person for it. Hang in there you shall overcome with Gods Grace.

(04 Dec '11, 06:34) Paulina 1

I understand the feeling. One thing that I do is, I don't read all the questions or all the answers. For example, I didn't read the question about being stupid when not in the vortex, untill I read an answer of yours that made reference to it, so I went back and read it and the answers so that I would know what you are talking about. Actually there are several posts that I didn't read until I saw references to it and went back and read them.

I also noticed a bit ago that the feeling here has changes since I first came. I told some people to visit the site months ago, but the feeling is so different now, I don't know that it's a good time to bring new people. They certainly would not experience the great questions and answers that were happening a few months ago. However, I am sure we will have better energy again, so I keep checking back.

I do hope to see you around here again some day. Peace and blessings

Edit: 12/6/11 For example, I read an update about the two friends fighting. I did take a peek to see who was fighting, and decided not to read the fighting comments. I choose not to. I try to not watch, read, listen to things that would bring me down. I may not learn some things about the world or people, but I also expect that things will change. We are all changing and growing. If I ignore the things I don't like and expect, appreciate and enjoy the things I do like, then I am creating for myself a better place. As applied here, my experience is based on what I choose to read and how I choose to respond to it.

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answered 04 Dec '11, 14:09

Fairy%20Princess's gravatar image

Fairy Princess

edited 06 Dec '11, 15:33

Yes I enjoy your answer and agree, we need to forgive more often give our problems to God live in The Kingdom Life avoid the negative. :-)

(06 Dec '11, 16:26) Wade Casaldi

well wade i understand you i feel the same thing. there is a strange vibe lately.i would say a vibe of uncertainty. well wade i appreciate you and hope you come back soon until then have a nice rest. and come back to us fully recharge. experience and enjoy.

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answered 04 Dec '11, 05:48

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger

Why don't you add a picture of yourself on here, WT? Just curious.. ;) ^_^

(04 Dec '11, 06:46) Leo

Unless of course you actually are 'in the form of a white tiger' or however you introduced yourself to me. In that case, I'd advise against it, CUZ TAKIN PICTURES WITH NO THUMBZ IS HARD! =/

(04 Dec '11, 06:48) Leo

to answer your question leo because it is not needed. why do you want to see my face so much?the fact that i am sharing with you is much more important then what i look like.that i show you a picture of a white tiger or my face in the sun will it change annything?

(04 Dec '11, 07:35) white tiger

Men will tell you, 'There he is!' or 'Here he is!' Do not go running off after them.

(04 Dec '11, 07:38) white tiger

if i prefer to come to you has a thief in the night what is it to you?

(04 Dec '11, 07:40) white tiger

That is exactly 'what it is to me': You would prefer to be a coward and approach someone in the darkness. I like the sunlight myself.. But hey, maybe I'm just INSANE. Who knows? ^_^

(04 Dec '11, 08:36) Leo

it is not about being a coward or being brave. it must be that way. eventually you will understand.

(04 Dec '11, 15:33) white tiger

leo to help you understand: the message is more important then the messanger.if you cannot accept this there is no remedy.

(04 Dec '11, 16:39) white tiger
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I, too, am disillusioned with IQ. I keep plugging away at it, but sometimes I feel as you do; you know I do.

The emphasis here on manifesting seems to fight alongside of Godliness. I just cannot believe in a system that makes the Universe a slot machine. If you know the secret to pulling the crank, you can get anything you want...

That is just horse doo-doo.

I hope everyone here will show you that you are deeply loved and cared about!

I know I love you VERY MUCH and Care about you VERY MUCH!!!!



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answered 04 Dec '11, 13:07

Jaianniah's gravatar image


Manifesting and law of attraction are working with the laws of the universe, and those laws were put into place by the Creator who loves us and wants us to be positive and happy, and have what we need. But you know this! The slot machine vision was funny, but it doesn't work that way. Sorry that you and Wade feel disillusioned; feelings change sometimes. Love and friendship always, LeeAnn

(04 Dec '11, 13:21) LeeAnn 1

Have you watched this video? It is awesome and might help sort this out for you. It really helped me.

(04 Dec '11, 14:11) Fairy Princess

oops, you have to rewind it. I don't know why it's in the middle.

(04 Dec '11, 14:12) Fairy Princess

Sometimes people eveolve and leave old things behind as they move forward in their own inward quest. We are but travelers that pass by till we learn what we have to and than leave for others to follow. I'd love both you and Wade to stay for you are part and parcel of all this but I do understand that peoples lives change and they must do what is best for them and move on. Love you both. Vai con dios.

(04 Dec '11, 16:30) Paulina 1
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Hey Wade A vacation is a good thing. You know here in Sweden we get 4-5 weeks every year by law! So take a break do something fun or relaxing. Have a Merry and Joyous Christmas with the ones You love. And then come back and tell us all about it ;)
The Kingdom Life with God and The Vortex I would think in your case are the same thing.Two different names for basically the same concept.


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answered 05 Dec '11, 07:02

ursixx's gravatar image


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