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[Since most of the answers provided were of the "do whatever and it will work" nature, which is helpful in its own way but not what I am looking for, I attempted to clarify the title and the question below. The word "Structured" being used to describe practicing a ritual that is always performed in a similar fashion in order to preserve 'relevance'...]

Not in any profane arts, of course.

I speak regarding meditation circles, chakra rituals / chants, manifestation catalysts, etc.

An update to clarify, and a response to a very good answer from Stingray:

In my belief system all rituals that are created hold a weighted 'power' of their own. This includes mundane tasks such as brushing one's teeth or exercising one's body. Stingray's post explains clearly a part of my belief system which highlights the process of 'creating a new ritual'.

It is my belief that the more energy any person puts into a ritual the more power can be derived from it by anyone who performs it, though the amount of power shared between repeated uses of a ritual depends on the relativity of the practitioners, including space (distance), time, and spiritual relevancy as well.

Now, because rituals are not necessary to perform any physical or spiritual act that means that Stingray's answer could essentially be translated into "Make your own rituals from scratch and power them yourself", which is completely valid and one way of approaching the situation.

I was more-so looking for established rituals that work as a 'catalyst', making things that would otherwise require an extremely powerful practitioner possible for a low level or even 'ungifted' ritualist. So basically I was asking if anyone here knew of / discovered / studied any existing 'catalysts', as all of the things I listed are just catalysts for spiritual energy.

So my question expressed more clearly in each category would be this:

"I speak regarding meditation circles": Physical arrangements of objects or drawings around an individual attempting to perform different spiritual or physical acts, such as healing, channeling, opening chakras, etc.

If someone were to answer yes to this portion of the question then I would then feel comfortable asking questions regarding favorite types / most effective experiences with different types of circles for chakras specifically, but channeling as well.

"Chakra Rituals / Chants": "Ritual" is usually the word used to describe a catalyst that is utilized through any combination of the following: physical action, arrangement of objects, drawings, materials, prayer, chants, words, etc. Yes it can also refer to "anything we try to make happen", but that is not the definition I am using here. Generally chakra opening rituals are either chant only or chant + static physical positioning in nature, which is why I said rituals / chants, even though the first word is inclusive of the second.

If someone answered yes to this question then I would be able to ask about opening specific body chakras, especially focusing on the palms (generally believed to be the strongest external target healing centers) and third eye (generally believed to be the primary source of energy perception)

"Manifestation Catalysts": Though all of these things are 'technically' catalysts, the English language has an issue with multiple definition words. Generally the actual word 'catalyst' is used to describe a physical object of some variety, either unique / identifiable in shape, treatment, or material. Many people use crystals, commonly quartz, others use more fine gems believing they hold some association to very specific types of activities. For example I have heard that ruby is a very powerful healing catalyst, or silver is a very powerful 'general' catalyst for energy recovery.

If someone were to answer yes to this then I would likely bring up some discussions regarding spiritual energy regeneration catalysts, capacity enhancers (spiritual 'batteries' in another terminology), channeling totems, protective charms, etc.

Another update: I suppose I should explain "Not in any profane arts, of course." just to be clear. "Profane arts" is a phrase used to refer to rituals that involve the use of harm / damage / siphoning / or draining; of any combination of self / others / life / or living creatures. This can be directed at any combination of the things I listed above, including in a physical or spiritual sense. Despite often being EXTREMELY powerful these rituals can also be very volatile, karmatically dangerous, and corrosive to the soul.

[Edit: I suppose that I should clarify an important point: I mildly downplayed the level of 'danger' involved in intentionally harming another person without justification. A warning once given to me by a very wise man who didn't claim to be in any way supernatural or psychic or anything, just a guy, who happened to understand life. He said this:]

If you are willing to spill anyone's blood, ESPECIALLY your own, it damn well better be in self defense or defending someone who needs aid, or the one who will be 'damned', is YOU.

I do appreciate the answers provided, they just weren't exactly what I was looking for. Which is why I edited my question.

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welcome to inward quest

(09 Dec '11, 13:09) TReb Bor yit-NE

vote often and vote greatly , and u will learn and teach much .

(09 Dec '11, 13:10) TReb Bor yit-NE

Just a note, Leo. We are allowing your account to continue for now but it will be suspended again if you disrupt the site

(20 Dec '11, 10:32) Barry Allen ♦♦

Hmm.. an interesting note. I'm surprised that you identified that I owned both of these accounts, but you directed it at this one instead of another? Anyway, of course, you're welcome to take any action you feel is appropriate. I often enter into discussions here under many different personas, speaking from different perspectives. I've even had debates with myself on more than one occasion... ;) Perhaps I need to be more careful about identifying characteristics.. I mean no offense to you (or anyone) by anything I have ever said or done of course, from any account.

(20 Dec '11, 10:42) Snow

At times I just feel the need to view things from the perspective of another person entirely, and while in these states of mind I will make decisions that do not reflect my actual beliefs.. This is why I choose to have multiple accounts, each acting on their own agendas. =)

(20 Dec '11, 10:43) Snow

Though this comment definitely made me smile.. I suppose I'm simply not as smart as I think I am. ^_^

(20 Dec '11, 10:53) Snow

I've now removed the reference to your real name. However, please remove the accounts as I asked

(20 Dec '11, 23:29) Barry Allen ♦♦

Absolutely. I actually was just in the process of trying to do so and I cannot find a delete button... Please excuse my ignorance, some of the mechanics on this site are a bit foreign to me.

(20 Dec '11, 23:30) Snow

If it would be acceptable to you I would also be willing to offer a 'promise' that I do not log back onto any other accounts from this point forward. Of course you can identify when I have multiple accounts through one method or another, so if I do not follow my promise I encourage you to ban me.

(20 Dec '11, 23:35) Snow

Actually, if it continues, we will probably just publish the information we have accumulated about you so that those who have been deceived, or are deceived in future, can take whatever action they feel is appropriate. We do not feel our privacy policy should provide protection to those who intentionally disrupt the website. If you are having any trouble deleting any of the accounts, please inform Simon Templeton directly of which ones are causing problems and they can be deleted at administrator level. The email address is

(20 Dec '11, 23:56) Barry Allen ♦♦

Listen, I am complying and am apologizing for my actions. I offered a genuine explanation for my actions, and that is all I can offer. If that is unacceptable, then please suspend all of my accounts and I will understand your message. Unfortunately there is nothing more I can offer. If that is acceptable, then please take it for what it is and cease threatening me with violating your privacy policy. Obviously I protect my identity for a reason, and you 'claim' to respect my right to anonymity, and 'promise' to not violate that right.

(21 Dec '11, 00:05) Snow

In ANY case, I would greatly appreciate it if you ceased threatening me and either A: Suspend any accounts you feel should no longer be active under the understanding that I will not log onto any account other than this one from this point forward. B: Request that I leave and not return, I will comply, and you can suspend any accounts you feel appropriate, or not. In either option, I would greatly prefer you respect my right to privacy and cease making threats of any nature, specifically however to that regard.

(21 Dec '11, 00:07) Snow

We do not permit the deletion of questions without having the consent of all those who have contributed answers. It is up to you to obtain that consent. Furthermore, despite what you said, we have noticed you have accessed one of your sockpuppet accounts. We are now considering your suspension from the website

(25 Dec '11, 11:42) Barry Allen ♦♦

Uhh... No. That is not true. I have not used any other accounts since I promised I would not. The only access I made to any account through any site was to log out of the gravitron site, which is responsible for logos. (You will notice my logo was changed.) As for IQ I have not posted any questions, made any votes, or even logged on to any other account since my post above stating I would not.

(25 Dec '11, 11:46) Snow

Regarding the deletion of the post: I understand, that makes quite a lot of sense. I suppose since I feel my question was answered I will wait for the bounty to pass and close it then, assuming that is an acceptable action? Or do I need to seek approval for that action as well?

(25 Dec '11, 11:49) Snow

Regarding the accusation of account duplicity: As a matter of fact, I'm pretty positive I have not even logged out of this account once since I said I would not use any others. If you check your account logs I am sure it will reflect that.

(25 Dec '11, 11:51) Snow

Please send Simon Templeton a complete list of all your sockpuppet accounts so that we can check we have identified them correctly.

(25 Dec '11, 11:53) Barry Allen ♦♦

I'll tell you here in public if you like. There is one that you're already aware of, with my real name on it, using the moniker Leo. The other addresses for accounts I actually 'used' in any way were and the one on this account, the email for which is available in my "About Me" section. The question asked from the DJR account was a genuine question, seeking guidance on how I can help some of my younger friends who have trouble with being abused. Helping children with abusive school situations (as this is a situation I faced myself as a child) is something I have trouble w

(25 Dec '11, 11:57) Snow

Questions that are closed are not deleted from the site and so, if you wish, this question can be closed on your behalf

(25 Dec '11, 11:57) Barry Allen ♦♦

Trouble with, and I have tried asking for guidance on the topic on countless occasions, phrasing the question in countless different ways. I didn't mean to mislead anyone in a derogatory manner, but as I mentioned misleading anyone in any way was inappropriate and so I apologized for it, and ceased doing it since.

(25 Dec '11, 11:59) Snow

It makes no difference to me. The main reason I want to remove the content is because I don't feel it is something I should seek guidance for here. The people here offer great spiritual advice regarding 'life lessons' and things of that nature, but to me the question I was asking is not meant for this place. That is why I edited away the contents, because I don't believe I should have asked the question in the first place.

(25 Dec '11, 12:00) Snow

I have been waiting for a response because it was unfortunate to hear that you are again considering my suspension. But as I said before, you can just as easily ask me to leave and never return and I will honor that request. I have no interest in being somewhere wherein my presence is not desired.

(25 Dec '11, 12:09) Snow

Anyway, it is very late here and I must go to sleep. So if I come back and my account is suspended then I'll know your answer, and I wish you all the best and maybe I'll see you on the other side. If not, and not, then I look forward to continuing to learn from those here willing to share.

(25 Dec '11, 12:10) Snow

We need to verify the information you've provided here. If it checks out then we've incorrectly identified an account and no further action will be taken

(25 Dec '11, 12:10) Barry Allen ♦♦

I'm assuming the other account you're referring to is "Locke"? That would be the account that was left logged in on the Gravitron website thing that handles logos. I didn't mention that one because I don't recall ever voting or ever making a single post on that account, as I think I was in the process of making it when I was confronted.

(25 Dec '11, 12:54) Snow
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I view rituals as just "excuses" you give to yourself to get into specific mindsets...physically symbolic ways to communicate your intention for a deeper connection to "Self".

If you use that excuse more than once, you're probably entitled to call it a "ritual".

Seen in that way, any time you physically do anything that has the intent of deliberate focus behind it, you are engaging in ritual. You could argue that ritual is only for "spiritual" stuff, instead of "everyday" stuff, but that seems like an artificial judgement to me.

The ritual of brushing your teeth can be a spiritual activity if you treat it as such. I get many spiritual ideas while fighting with my electric toothbrush.

In fact, I actually get some of my best spiritual insights while engaging in a daily ritual of having a shower - I've lost count of the number of times I've had to leap out of the water, dripping wet, to write something insightful down before I forget it... and that shower ritual has the added bonus of avoiding my wife engaging in a daily ritual of calling me smelly :)

So everyone's a ritualist really :)

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answered 09 Dec '11, 14:56

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i agree with you stingray that it is only a seperation created by the are 3 parts always body soul spirit. and good humour smelly. ha ha ha.

(09 Dec '11, 19:26) white tiger

I agree too for my sinsights mostly come when reading books which I do ritualicticly before bedtime or early mornings. I also keep a pen and notebook ready for if one doesn't you can forget those flashes of insights so quickly.

(09 Dec '11, 20:09) Paulina 1

Indeed. That is an excellent interpretation. That explains very clearly many of the concepts behind creating rituals. I will update my original question because I was not clear.

(19 Dec '11, 02:29) Snow
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Well I am a channelr so my rituals are an everyday thing. I ritualize almost every actvity in my life lol, I am a craeture of habbit even though ia m not sure that ia m answering teh way you wnated me to lol. But I mediatte everyday, connect to my source every day and i use teh same ritual in metitation and mantra to conmnect to him. Thank you. nice to meet you here.

love n light


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answered 09 Dec '11, 13:08

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TReb Bor yit-NE

No your answer was perfectly fine. I'm actually very curious and intrigued, you channel the same being regularly and do not channel any others?

(19 Dec '11, 03:16) Snow

actauly i chnnel hiom,,, and i have channeled others ,many others , but through him, i do not trust certian entities and i know some only come to spread messages, as for e.t. or higher density entities, as for human spirit i connect to them often but never channel

(19 Dec '11, 13:23) TReb Bor yit-NE

Very interesting.

I'd imagine that your mantra is unique to channeling your source as a specific entity, so attempting to use it for channeling another wouldn't be productive. I generally rely on nature to facilitate channeling, such as meditating next to a creek, with an object representing the 'target' I am trying to attract. Any thoughts or suggestions you would feel comfortable with sharing, or details to share about your methods?

(20 Dec '11, 10:57) Snow

@ black dragon,, so u channel too? id love to hear about it.

(20 Dec '11, 14:16) TReb Bor yit-NE

Hmm. I stay away from 'channeling' in the form of allowing another entity to speak on my behalf, or allowing them to directly access my thoughts, or allowing them to communicate to me directly through my own thoughts. The main reason for all of these is the same, which is it makes it difficult for me to distinguish what thoughts and emotions are my own and what are not. Instead I use outside methods for communication, so as to keep myself shielded from outsiders and more importantly to keep outsiders shielded from me. An example of these would be tarot cards, though I do not use those myself.

(23 Dec '11, 05:28) Snow

My attempts (including successes and failures) at the first three have always ended in catastrophe. As the conversations here at IQ move towards topics that are relevant enough to warrant me sharing I will explain some of those situations in more detail, but otherwise it would require me writing another few thousand words that in the current incarnation of the site do not have a 'place' I feel the moderators would deem 'appropriate'. To give a short example of what I refer to just so you have some sort of context to relate my words to: At one point I gained the 'attention' of a being that[...

(23 Dec '11, 05:32) Snow

...] was not benevolent, and not enjoyable to be around. I VERY quickly became capable of "getting rid of it" while conscious, generally through very simple methods as simple as "prayer" [term used for relativity, not because it is the one I would use for myself.] Unfortunately when I would sleep I would not have the same control, and this 'being' would approach me, generally in my dreams. An annoying amount of time and energy was dedicated to "shielding" myself from this "being". I reached a point where if I was ever 'approached' by it in my sleep, I would awaken, and so it could not [...

(23 Dec '11, 05:35) Snow

...] abuse my vulnerability in my sleep. However, this has made me an extremely light sleeper, and so even the slightest sounds or movements around me will cause me to immediately wake and look at the source of the sounds. This is why I now regularly sleep with headphones on while listening to positive music, when I am feeling particularly 'vulnerable'. Moving on: I could provide multiple examples of this 'being' "approaching"/"attacking" me both while awake and asleep, but there is one specific story that stands out to share at this particular moment, and so that is the one I will go with.[..

(23 Dec '11, 05:37) Snow

..] After I became able to awaken myself when "approached" by a "threatening being", but before I was able to get rid of them quickly while in a dazed state, a VERY annoying event began happening. I would awaken, in my bed, in my home, "conscious", but be paralyzed and unable to move. I will spare the details, but suffice it to say that it wasn't a pleasant feeling, and the worst part was trying violently in my mind to control or move my own body and being unable to do so. I would regularly see what perceived as "ghosts" or "spirits" (only ever one at a time during this period in my life, [...

(23 Dec '11, 05:43) Snow

...] (and it always seemed "familiar" to me implying that it was the same "being") and sometimes they would even attack my body. No physical harm would be done, but I would 'feel' it in a manner I cannot describe, and was absolutely not pleasant. Being "drained" is the closest words I can use to describe it, similar to what I would expect being bitten by a vampire would feel like. Now that I've sidetracked myself for ages... The one specific instance I referred to sharing was an instance where I saw a person standing at the foot of my bed, a person I recognized. My former girlfriend, [...

(23 Dec '11, 05:45) Snow

..] whom I still and probably will forever care for. She looked as real as anyone I would see normally, and looked exactly as I remembered her*. Unlike normal when I was in one of these "partially awake" states where I couldn't move, I was able to speak very weakly. I said that this was a dream and she wasn't there, but I wished that she was and that she would hug me. At this moment I examined her closer and realized that she was EXACTLY as I remembered her, but not the most recent time that I had seen her. She looked like she had when we first fell in love, many years before.

(23 Dec '11, 05:48) Snow

As soon as I noticed that, her face changed, still resembling herself but with a few grotesque modifications, akin to what one sees in the movies when a part-human/monster creature exposes their 'dark side'. The being moved forward and moved to kiss me. As soon as they got close I felt extreme agony, and that "draining" feeling I mentioned before. This went on for an unknown period of time (seeming like eternity, probably closer to a dozen seconds at most, but I honestly have zero perception of how long it really was), I was able to 'reject' the being, they left, and I have not seen them since

(23 Dec '11, 05:50) Snow

It is because of events like this that I am extremely paranoid and defensive when it comes to topics of supernatural nature, especially the macabre, because I fear that the more understanding of me any "being" has the more vulnerable I am to attack from them. This is why I am extremely careful about whom I share my identity with when discussing topics of this nature, and also why I am extremely careful about whom I share my beliefs with in real life. (Actually, I don't share my beliefs with those I know personally, with less than a dozen MILD exceptions to that rule.)

(23 Dec '11, 05:54) Snow

Also, it is worth noting that there is another reason that holds weight as to why I avoid "direct channeling", as I like to refer to it as. It seems to me that when one is "channeling" an "outsider" (as I call them), the outsider is limited by the knowledge and experiences of the "host" when they attempt to express ANYTHING, be it actions, thoughts, or emotions. And so, since my eyes are almost always bigger than my stomach I often seek answers to questions that I lack the language skills necessary to explain, and so "direct communication" would be impossible, or likely lead to [...

(23 Dec '11, 08:48) Snow

...] Very extreme misinterpretations as to what the "outsider" was trying to say versus what the "host" was hearing them say.

(23 Dec '11, 08:49) Snow

And another thing worth noting I suppose. This "being" has in the past and still continues to (on varying occasion depending on how vulnerable of situations I allow myself to enter) approach me using animals as a host, and in some extreme situations even people. This largely is responsible for my fear of the dark. Whenever I come across anything that is being controlled by this being it is usually extremely easy to identify (generally by looking at the eyes of the one in question), and it seems that the "other" is limited by the normal instincts of the one that it is "puppeteering" at the time

(23 Dec '11, 09:07) Snow

And so, when controlling a benign "host" the "other" is unable to force them to do something that directly contradicts their nature. This means that if I am aware of my surroundings then the "other" is unable to "surprise" me so to speak, and so I am unthreatened by them. However, I have definitely had more than one occasion wherein a normally calm mannered animal will become spooked (horses are a good example) and become a threat to me. Whenever this happens it seems that the animal that is "attacking me" (in its mind "defending itself") gets a bit of an extra "push" in the [...

(23 Dec '11, 09:11) Snow

..] lethality department.. All of this is one of the main contributors to my paranoia, and myself being human my paranoia as it pertains to something that may or may not be a real concern (this "other" I refer to) can at times overflow into other aspects of my life, such as normal social interactions or even intimate relationships. At times it can be very difficult to distinguish when I am being cautious because there is something to be cautious of, and when I am being cautious because I'm being unjustly paranoid. And this is what brings me to one of my favorite quotes...

(23 Dec '11, 09:14) Snow

It's bad to be paranoid, unless there is someone out to get you. ;)

(23 Dec '11, 09:15) Snow

ty so much for sharing,, im not bg on reading alot fo te time whne im on because i sualy chekl through emails nd get of quik,, but u held my attention and i thank u for ur message with ur exeriances,, i wil have to read them agian i am syure b4 i sink all teh info in,, bt ty very much abd we will have to contct each others oemtime,, n talk a lil more,, ty lnl rob

(23 Dec '11, 20:53) TReb Bor yit-NE

Absolutely. The same to you my friend. I look forward to the day that we do. ^_^y

(25 Dec '11, 11:00) Snow
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One thing Avatar EPC talks about is getting out of ritual and waking up to conscious living. Example: the alarm goes off in the morning you hit the button automatically. Now you get up shower brush your hair etc... Everything every day the same day in and day out, living a life asleep as time just passes by every day. We need to act and think consciously to Live Deliberately not in some dazed ritual of a life.

Another example is holidays, there are so many rituals associated with holidays that have lost their meaning. Why do we do this, who knows it is just something that we always did and has been passed down for many generations. It completely loses it's meaning and thus so it completely loses it's power and wonder. But if you consciously do these rituals there is a sense of awe and wonder and a sense of the power of what this is for. Example: Christmas putting out the Manger with the Nativity set, it is nice it reminds us the reason to remember Christmas but for most little else. It is just a traditional Christmas ritual, it always was done we do it now. But what if when we put that out we focus on the meaning? What if we use it as a conscious focal point to contemplate just what really happened for Earth over 2000 years ago. To use it to really appreciate and honor Jesus and think this was when God came to humanity to teach serve and save us. We are filled with a sense of wonder and awe now looking at this little representation of the most amazing miracle for all human kind the birth of the Christ.

That is taking an old routine dead ritual and bringing it alive through conscious attention and contemplation. So it is better to awaken from the routine rituals of everyday and Live Deliberately.

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answered 10 Dec '11, 05:07

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

That which exists through itself is called Meaning.

(10 Dec '11, 16:21) white tiger

understand the meaning and put it to rest. experience and enjoy.

(10 Dec '11, 16:22) white tiger

An excellent lesson, one I would encourage people to learn long before they decide to pick up manifestation.

(19 Dec '11, 03:13) Snow

Thank you White Tiger and thank you Geo.

(19 Dec '11, 04:51) Wade Casaldi

Geo I believe a ritual done consciously could be a powerful thing. It must never become routine no mater how often done. It should always be a conscious purposeful event.

(19 Dec '11, 04:57) Wade Casaldi

A fair point, but what makes it a conscious and purposeful event will most often be the objective you are trying to reach by performing the ritual. For example, if I am using a ritual to heal a loved one then the ritual may be mundane and something I have done countless times before, but the desire to heal and protect those I love makes it unique and powerful. The ritual is merely a catalyst to amplify, multiply, or add to the conscious and purposeful application of spiritual energy.

(19 Dec '11, 09:28) Snow

well leo become the ritual. 2 have to agree in the house. experience and enjoy.

(24 Dec '11, 02:29) white tiger
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I do the Rosary when I need a Ritual to center myself. This may sound rather tame or even silly to many people, but I assure you, it is a very powerful system of prayers, and in its entirety, can bring me to an Alpha State quite well. Of course, that is not the point of it. The point is to become closer to God.

How does it work? Through the repetitive praying of the Hail Mary (Ave Maria), I am drawn deeply into the life of Christ and am centered on various aspects of His life through the meditations that come after each "decade" of the Rosary.

It is a very beautiful and richly rewarding practice, as many people have found. I am NOT a Catholic, but was instructed by Mary to do this when I was 24. At that time, I knew nothing about the Rosary, except how to sing "Ave Maria" as a church solo (Never realizing exactly what I was singing at all...Sad, but true). I have learned in the intervening years how wonderful is this set of Prayers, and why so many millions of people have continued to do the Rosary.

I would like to say as a footnote that I do not like the term "ritualist". I was abused by Satanic Ritual Abusers, and that word, to me, connotes something dark. This is just a note- please do not take it personally at all. I would prefer "meditation practices" or some other phrase, instead.

Merry Christmas,



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answered 22 Dec '11, 18:21

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There is no reason to 'protect' your statements with expressions of 'support' in case of 'disbelief'. I've found that most often the most powerful forms of 'support' for anything we are trying to do in life are often also the most simple. "Big things come in little packages", so to speak. I do appreciate your sharing, and yes, I do understand that despite not holding religious ties to that specific sect you finding a 'practice' that works that was inspired by them. This is why I study every religion I can, because I sometimes find useful information or teachings from all of them.

(23 Dec '11, 04:01) Snow

Regarding the terminology 'rituals' and the abuse, I understand why it would trigger an unsettling response in you. Such is the nature of being hurt unfortunately. If it would be more desirable we can search for more positive or simply alternative methods of describing what I refer to. The reason I avoid use of "prayer" is because I feel it associates the "power" of the actions to "God" "Himself", which does not reflect my beliefs. Unfortunately as I regularly complain this is the problem with English, there are too many duplicate definitions in words that causes potential for miscommunication

(23 Dec '11, 04:08) Snow

Many rituals everywhere. Many evoke positive results , shop around.

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answered 10 Dec '11, 07:10

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