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How often do you think about spiritual and metaphysical subjects in your daily life? Put another way, has understanding these kinds of ideas become a natural and normal part of your life or are they just things that you think of and talk about from time to time?

How important do you believe these subjects, concepts and ideas are?

asked 10 Dec '11, 04:55

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(11 Dec '11, 02:59) Eddie

I agree with White Tiger! I think about Spiritual stuff all the time.

God is the Center of and Reason for my life!

I also think about this site a lot...I guess I have much here that interests me and challenges me...Else I would not be here! I believe you will find that we all have pretty much the same view...One way or another, the inward quest and search for meaning in our lives seems to be a big part of the people here on IQ. It is like asking policemen how often they think about bad guys, car accidents, and domestic disputes.

To be serious, I do not understand how anyone could not think about spiritual stuff...For me, it is (as WT said) like breathing.

Blessings and Peace,



answered 10 Dec '11, 05:42

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how many time do you breath? how important it is to breath for you? is it the quantity or the quality that counts? if a men talk from experience about a subject another men that has have the same experience can understand it and relate. but if one that did not have the experience is searching he cannot relate then he will read lots of things with out knowing what it is about. if you are looking at how much though you should have about it? i will say has often has neccessary. experience and enjoy.


answered 10 Dec '11, 05:15

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white tiger

So often and so completely that it is no longer a thought, a thought-of-no-thought, as it were.

It is good to cultivate the 'observer' within, to foster a connection so that your spirit is always present in your actions and your thoughts. At first it will come and go, but there is no rush, and it cannot be rushed. It isn't about spending 24 hours a day in contemplation though. It's about each time you make a decision, testing yourself lightly for the guidance of your own spirit in making the decision. At first it's just major things, and then less important, and then trivial and minute, and finally there is no moment of testing - you are living by the guidance of your spirit all the time, and it is your natural state.

I've known a lot of people to feel 'less-than' because they don't think they are 'spiritual enough'. But, it isn't something that can be manufactured, and it's a journey of growth and realization that should be cultivated with patience and joy. If you maintain both of those qualities throughout, then your spirit will shine through your actions and in your thoughts all of the time, whether this is your conscious intention or not. Whatever you do, do with patience and with joy.


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answered 14 Dec '11, 05:41

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Brian 3

Every thought is a spiritual thought


answered 10 Dec '11, 07:06

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Hello you - yes very true, but many people don't realize it ... have a great day

(14 Dec '11, 07:33) blubird two

when i see the sun set or the moon rise,
after examining my consciousness at end of day,
as i have my first cup of coffee in the morning,
when i see acts of compassion

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answered 14 Dec '11, 11:13

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