In a recent question, Stingray posted this as part of his answer:

It's not our times of birth that influence who we become...but it's because of who we have become (over many previous incarnations) that we choose our times of birth.

In some advanced mystical studies, there are claims that one can even attempt to predict someone's next incarnation because their particular personality make-up can only incarnate during certain astrological periods that are in harmony with it.

That and following things said immediately formed the topic question in my mind.

For the above to be true, someone would have to retain the same "personality make-up" through all their incarnations, at least to some extent.

It seems that through many teachings I read or hear, there is this idea of each one being a particular, unique individual. I even recall hearing this in a clip from Abraham-Hicks, it went something like this:

If someone you knew in a past-life met you today, they would still recognize you, as you are the same person [with same traits].

That's actually probably not a very good paraphrase, but it gets the same meaning across that I got from it when I first heard it. Unfortunately I can't find the clip...I think it was on youtube though.

However, I also know that aspects of personality can be changed (I've done so myself)...and in theory if one could imagine oneself as someone different then it should be possible to realize.

So my question then comes to - if we can change personality and behavioral traits - then why do so many teachings focus on the "specialness" of each "facet of the diamond" as an [important?] expression of The One (or other similar ideas)? Are they just wrong about this - or is there some core part of us that is unique and unchangeable?

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Nice Liam, I have been considering this question as well. Love and Light

(29 May '11, 12:34) Brian
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I fully agree that we can and do change behaviour and traits, however I think it's important to remember that although we often do change, those original traits are still contained within All that we are... we don't deny those traits but integrate them as part of our whole being, we just no longer allow them to be the controlling force in our life.I think we do contain the same personality make-up but it expands with each incarnation.

Although we are all part of the One or the Whole, we still remain special or unique in our own individuality because, although someone may have traits and behaviours similar to mine, no- one else can express them in quite the same way that I can. ( At least that's my take on it :))


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Hi, this is a quote by Chetan Parkyn in his book titled, Human Design, Discover the person you were born to be. I think it offers a great answer to your question.


"We live in an age that promotes the belief that you can be anything you want to be. However, your Human Design is who you were designed to be. This ofcourse, re-energizes the old age debate of free wil verses predetermination.

""Are you seriously telling me that I am saddled with this design and there is nothing I can do about it?"" asked one female client, sensing some kind of restriction being applied and wondering weather it was all predestined. Many people ask similar questions and my answer is always the same. ""Each design is a blessing that, when honored, brings about fulfillment and satisfaction."" The focus is not on restriction but on the freedom that comes with the ability to be your true self.

If anything therefore, Human design is the promoter an cultivator of personal freedom, because there is nothing more freeing than being allowed to be yourself. This system does not remove or tamper with your freedom of choice, nor does it predetermine your life or fate. It does predetermine your make up and true nature, but within that predetermination lie your freedom, truth, happiness, and integrity. a predetermined design brings freedom when honored.

Working with Your Design

Imagine life as a journey that has to be made across water. Your design is a sailboat and you are a sailor. Any experienced seaman knows the design and capability of his boat, and uses the elements to make the journey. It won't matter that differently designed boats may be able to chart a more direct or quicker course; he works with what he's got, trims the sails, and steers the most expiditious course in alignment with his design and the prevailing wind and weather. Because it is a journey, not a race. Like life.

You, too, must understand the strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities of your design in order to enjoy the most effective journey, without comparing yours to anyone else's route, strategy, or tactics. Being well aquainted and comfortable with your own vessel is a strength in itself and allows you to set a true course. If you attempt to copy the sailing styles of other boats, your boat can get into difficulty.

Any sailor appreciates that you sometimes have to tack and zigzag, depending on the tides, winds, and waves, and so you also need to harness your design's particular cababilities in alignment with your true nature. Ultimately, everyone's destination remains the same--A place called personal fulfillment.

Learning and Laughing

Finally, I like to remember one thing: life is not all serious when you stand back and breathe.

We only have to look at a dog wagging it's tail, a bird chirping on a wall, a tree dancing in the breeze, or the moon beaming its reflection onto the ocean to realize both the beauty and the simplicity of a life at its most natural. You, too, can dance to your own tune, and be simplicity itself.

I appreciate that the demands of the modern world can be overwhelming and make everything appear a pressured blurr, with little time to appreciate the present because we are so bound by our yesterdays and daunted by the tomorrows. If only we could accept that life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved. If only we could step back and see that to nurture our nature leads, with practice, to self-acceptance that transmutes into a self-love that dances into the challenges of life.

This book has been all about embracing a unique and personal design, but the one trait we were all designed to share is the ability to come to our senses and ultimately laugh at the ways of our world. We can laugh at ourselves, at others, at rule systems, and at the somtimes ridiculous jokes that fate seems to be playing. If I have learned anything from giving Human Design readings, it is that so many people are needlessly wraped up in unnecessary dramas, angst, confusion, and chaos that are nine times out of ten generated by too much thinking, or the fact that their happiness is being denied by themselves or others.

We are now entering an era when we can no longer deny our truth or sell ourselves short in this way. It is essential that we honor and trust ourselves if we are to interact honestly with our world and move forward together.

Human Design doesn't ask you to be anybody new. It simply invites you to be the person you always have been, deep down. It cannot provide a quick fix. It cannot guarantee fulfillment. It cannot do anything other than guide you to the truths within. And ask you to keep smiling."

Love and Light


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You are never the same in life to life but you are similar in teh over all soul. So it is yes and no. Your sopul does takes traits from one to another .

love n light ,



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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