As we all have various lessons to learn while here on Earth, is this the primary purpose for our existance? Is Earth the school for learning in the world of form?

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I would say yes, but not so much for Soul Growth, Because the Soul is perfect. It is for spiritual growth or in other words, Character Growth. Like the energy that allows a lightbulb to shine. This energy is the same in all of us (the Soul) Now we all have a bulb around this light (the character). Some are dirty and the PURPOSE is to clean that bulb to allow the most light shine.


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Wonderful answer. Thank you!

(14 Aug '10, 16:51) GS415

Yes, that answer seems to me to be spot on RPuls, and exactly corresponds with dalek thinking! And though dalek terminology is very different from your own, the underlying concept is nevertheless identical (where humans say 'soul' daleks say 'Self' = the 'nucleated i' / where you say 'lightbulb' daleks say 'mandala'). So yes, that's a Very Good answer there!

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I'd entirely agree with RPul's answer, but also add that from a dalek perspective the primary purpose of Life (at the individual level) is to create an accurate mental map of Reality and how it actually works (as opposed to how we'd like to think it works!). And whilst a great deal can be learnt from the accumulated wisdom of religion, philosophy, and science, reading the ideas and opinions of others (their mental maps, often written whilst still under development!) will only take you so far. In the end each individual must rely on themselves to construct their own map, a process that incidentally cultivates what daleks call 'Qualities', things like Integrity, and Humility. It's a very difficult undertaking, but ultimately a very rewarding one too!

So Life is a bit like learning to play the piano from scratch ... you could read a hundred books on the subject and be very well-informed about it, but having done all that reading, would you in fact be able to play the piano ...? Well, of course not! In the end, you have to 'teach' yourself - the textbooks are useful for comparing notes with other pianists, but inevitably you must learn to play your Self, and thus become a true sovereign individual, through developing your own unique style ...

All of which is why the attribute most highly prized by daleks is "the ability to think for oneself".

OK then,
All The Best!


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WTH is a dalek? almost sounds like daralic. lol

(15 Aug '10, 00:50) RPuls

Well, I'm sure if you ask Mr.Google nicely ;), you can find out lots about D/daleks! And a Google image search will provide an avalanche of pictures for you too ... D/dalek cakes, cute knitted woolly daleks, paper daleks ... all sorts! Mind you, those Google Daleks are for the most part what's known round my neck of the woods as your actual BAD 'uppercase' Daleks, whereas us lowercase daleks are an entirely different matter altogether! So there's good ones and bad ones - just like humans in that respect! All The Best!

(15 Aug '10, 01:58) Account closed

LOL, thanks, interesting word

(15 Aug '10, 04:03) RPuls

Love this answer, these analogies. I'm on my way. Don't know where I'm goin, but I'm on my way... :)

(13 Nov '12, 08:52) Grace
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I believe we're all here as individual expressions of God or Higher Spirit or All That Is, etc. I also believe in the process of being individual expressions, we're here to express and live in JOY.

Have fun!!!


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The purpose of your physical life is Joy.

See: Is life really just about living in a state of bliss?


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@Stingray - This answer is what leads us to all the other answers. :) Love it.

(13 Nov '12, 08:56) Grace

the wisdom discusses our stay on earth is to unfold soul consciousness, lessons learned through the sacrafice of the separate self.


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There is no purpose as such to our existence, non at all.

We exist because we exist, we can persue whatever goal,purpose or ambition we decide to, but our existence is above purpose,motive or action.

We need no purpose, WE ARE. We always have been and we allways will be.Were outside of the false concept of time,matter or distance. Were outside of any attempt to catagorise us,rationalise us in any way explain our existence or purpose.

Its ok to have no purpose or to have purpose.



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