So I have a quick question.

(almost) every morning and night i got through a routine of affirmations and different sayings.

I have a list of about 12 affirmations I say, I also say the "Self confidence formula' from Think and grow rich. I also have a Monetary affirmation extracted from think and grow rich and finally I have one affirmation I say 40 times in a row.

Am I doing too much? Am I not focused enough to secure results? Or is it because I'm not adding enough emotion? or because I'm not consistent enough?

Thank you for your help.

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Chris 2

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Only you can know if you are doing too much and you find that out by examining the way you feel when you say the affirmation.

Figure8Shape's answer refers to the three step process of creation (for both physical and non-physical beings).

Most people think affirmations fall into Step 1 (Asking) but, actually, they fall into Step 3 (Allowing).

The Asking happens naturally just by you living your life, and you really only need to get clear on what you want once if you want to ask consciously and then the universe takes care of the rest.

The general rule for affirmations is that if, after saying the affirmation, you feel better than you did before you said it then it is helping you with Step 3.

But often people say the affirmation while noticing they don't have the thing that they are affirming about. In this case, the affirmation is self-defeating and it is time to take a break from it until you feel better...that is the time when you are doing too much.

To sum up, affirmations do not create your reality so there is no value in repeating them mindlessly. They simply give you a chance to practice putting yourself in a place where you can allow the vibration that will attune you to the reality you want.


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Look, only one person can set a pace for your spiritual growth: YOU!

YOU are the One that is making ALL of this work. By ALL of this I mean EVERYTHING in existence is their because of YOU.

In this time on Earth we are ascending. It means we are integrating EVERYTHING from our past lives into One lifetime. Right now you can learn lessons in weeks that would take you a few lifetimes before. That is simply how it works now, so the thing is not to leave ANY stone unturned.

So if it goes to affirmations, meditation, remote viewing, multiple orgasm, lucid dreaming etc. ALL of them are just PERMISSION SLIPS. It means that NONE of them by themselves aren't worth much, but YOU make it work. One part that makes it work are YOUR emotions. Emotions of




are the language of the Spirit/God/Infinite/ALL That Is. Practicing them every time of the day can be very powerful.

Trusting what is happening to you is One more thing. The problem with 'newbies' in whatever discipline they start off is not to look at the people that are ahead of them and be 'aww-struck'. They put them so high up, wanting to be how they are, right now, and feeling inadequate if they can't deliver. They don't consider that those people, masters or gurus or whatever, have been on that path years and years ahead of them and that change is a PROCESS. It takes time.

In fact the mere thing of realizing that you need and want to change is the BEST thing you could ever do. This one spontaneous thought, one feeling, simply, ONE DECISION on your part has already put you in a treadmill that will get you where you need to go when you need to go there. The hardest part is to ACCEPT that what you are doing is right. It is, trust me. Every single person here, I bet, had his doubts in the beginning is what he is doing right? Is he doing this wrong and this right? It's normal because we are used to seeing instant gratification for our efforts. If we don't we tend to stop doing this thing and choose the easy way out.

There's no room for that in spirituality. In fact the journey that you're on IS the GOAL. You may think right now that your ultimate goal may be to achieve something great, for example acquire large sum of money. And this thought may 'trick you' into making yourself abundant in ALL areas of your life. One day you may simply wake up, having a great sum of money in your account, but also a great relationship, great friendships, being friends with Bono and much much much more. In fact ALL that your imagining right now, everything that you think your dream life WILL look like, your greatest or fondest vision of life is, in fact, the least expanded version of your life that your Higher Self, your True Self has for you. The best thing you think now, for example having a beautiful girlfriend, to the Higher Mind she would be also smart, caring, loyal, crazy in bed, her father would have a private jet and season tickets next to Jack Nicholson for the Lakers. You get the picture?

So what you need to do is follow your EXCITEMENT every moment of your life. How do you do it? Very simple. Out of ALL possible things you could be doing right now, which One is the most exciting thing for you? Take your time and assess it with care. It can be as little as talking to a friend, taking a walk, smiling to someone, writing a blog, meditating, affirmations and so on. It doesn't matter, but you have to follow that thing to the BEST of your ability. It doesn't mean to look for instant results, but when meditating set everything else aside for that 30 minute, when talking to a friend don't think about your next appointment but truly listen and speak from your heart. After you do that CHOOSE the next most EXCITING thing for you. And so on.

After doing this long enough you will go on a path when you can easily assess what belongs in your life and what doesn't. It's gonna be easier to choose the things that you love to do. We are in our essence luminous beings made of light, made out of unconditional love and out of sheer excitement. That's why if you wanna live your grandest life you have to be your grandest self. And following your excitement, following your bliss is the most powerful and fast way of taking to where you need to go.

One more thing is to be EN-LIGHTENED. It simply means lighten up on yourself. Relax, take a deep breath and let all expectations and presumptions about your life crumble one by one. TRUST what your given and work with it as a gift that has been given to you to reflect what you need to change about yourself. Take RESPONSIBILITY for your life. YOU have made yourself to be in the place you are now and you are the co-creator, together with ALL That Is, which will bring YOU to your highest truth, your highest purpose in life.

I want to congratulate you now, because YOU are already there, as are ALL of us. What we are doing now is re-membering, which means we know precisely who we are, but we forgot playing this game on Earth. In fact our process of re-membering has lasted for almost 500 thousand years, but the cycle in now coming to an end. Don't get left behind and worry about the details. TRUST, TRUST and TRUST more in life. If you do, your life will become the purest expression of unconditional love and passion. I promise you that!


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Well you are certainly enthusiastic, I'll grant you that!

(23 Nov '09, 04:01) Vesuvius

What an uplifting answer!

(05 Dec '09, 14:25) Michaela

I think affirmations serve the following purposes:

  1. They help us understand what we want by organizing our wants,
  2. They help keep us focused on the things we want, and
  3. They help us control our self-talk, the background chatter that occurs in your mind which can sometimes be negative.

For affirmations to be effective, I think they have to be spoken with desire and conviction, and accompanied by an image in your mind of the thing you want. How many times you say the affirmations matters less than the desire and conviction that accompanies the saying. The desire and conviction is what will plant the affirmations into the unconscious so that your mind will begin working in the background to achieve your wants.

Speaking the words should be accompanied by the feeling and emotion of having the thing that you are speaking about already in your life. In this way, you harmonize your energies and bring them into alignment with the things you want.

When I first tried this, I had several pages of things that I wanted. They included the kind of person I wanted to be, the kinds of relationships with people that I wanted to have, the skills and abilities that I wanted to develop, and the possessions that I wanted to own. In retrospect, I think that initially making the entire list was a good idea, but it would have been better if I had subsequently focused my attention on just a few of those things at first.


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As difficult as this may be for some to believe, the Creative Process is very simple. There are THREE steps:

  1. ASK (your responsibility, which comes naturally because desires come naturally)

  2. IT IS GIVEN (not your responsibility, this is the work of the Universe and the Universe provides every single time. KNOWING this without question is key.)

  3. RECEIVE (your responsibility! The answer/manifestation is given however YOU MUST BE IN RECEIVING AND ALLOWING MODE---you have to be RECEPTIVE!!!)

Step #3 is often misunderstood. This is the step where YOUR vibrational frequency MUST MATCH the vibrational frequency of your DESIRE. Again, your VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY MUST MATCH THE VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY OF THAT WHICH YOU DESIRE. So in other words, you MUST BE IN RECEIVING MODE in order to manifest your desire. Period. Your desires are always heard and felt by the Universe, however unless your vibration is a match (you are in ALLOWING mode), you will continue to feel that your desires have been overlooked.






All the best to you!!!


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Well, I am not sure what to say about what is happening with you. It is about how you feel. The affirmations are one of the various ways to convince you conscious mind that the things are possible with you. The reason why we have to do this is that unless and until your conscious mind is convinced meaning that you believe that this is possible with you, your subconscious cannot create it in real for you. You have to have unwavering faith and belief that whatever you are saying is possible. Till what I have learnt, this is how it works... If I am wrong please correct me..


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In my opinion you shouldn't go with so many affirmations at a time. Imagine that you have to do 12 projects in a day. You manage to do it but their quality is poor. But if you had 12 days for 12 projects, their quality for sure would be remarkable. It is better to keep your mind focused at only one affirmation. You are not in hurry, so choose only one of them and stick with it. I for example keep repeating one affirmative phrase for one or two months, until desired change in my character occurs. It is not wrong to repeat lots of affirmations like you, because you keep your mind in the positive mood. But if you wish to make remarkable changes, give one of your wishes a full focus.


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One thing I have learned from my studies is that ritual (as you just said you have a whole ritual for saying your affirmations) needs be backed by faith. This is so hard because I see it even in churches at times a dead ritual that has no power because the priest lost what he once had that feeling of awe that he was doing something so sacred and amazing. It became like a job unfortunately, saying something once with authority, command, power and faith is better than a thousand times lackadaisical just going through the motions.

In karate it is exactly the same when you watch a kata performed with focus (not only in body but mind) power and authority, it is truly impressive, the Karate Ka is living the kata in the moment, nothing else exist but what he is doing presently not even past or future moves but the movement he is presently on. Now same kata watching a Karate Ka practice from memory with no feeling maybe some power but mostly just going through the moves, that could put you to sleep, it is almost like the Karate Ka is saying the whole time am I doing this right?

This is to cause an affect and make an effective change in experience of the future reality, however affirmations are more for reprogramming our minds to think differently, to see things differently. They are meant to re-wire our brains so that we can make changes, in this way it is good having affirmations always and always around us reminding us. I do believe it is better with thought as well as just affirmations also to push old limited thoughts out, I could have affirmations all around me and if I cling to my old limited thoughts they don't sink in, they get the (subconscious level now) "yeah right we'll see" treatment.


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Wade Casaldi

Almost certainly doing too much. Try not to become stale; i.e. ensure you are appreciating the meaning and still feeling that each affirmation is relevant.


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Adrian A

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