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It is oftenly discussed here on IQ about telling a different story etc.I want to know more about this concept.what is this and how to do it.what are your views and opinions.I am sorry if it is repeated question.

regards Zee

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Everyhting that we think is a story in itself or is part of an underlying story.

To understand this, first one must come to an understanding that nothing in this world is true until you say that it is true. Only what you think is true, is actually true (or untrue). Other peoples opinions are also true (or untrue).

There are only four universal truths. Everything else is just perspective.

But you have so much power that you can live in a reality on earth where these four truths can be untrue too...for you...if you want to.

Because of this you have the responsibility and power to choose what you want to define as true.

Therefore you are the producer and director of your own stories. Sometimes it may seem as if others are influencing your story. But they are not. Nobody can change your story. If you think that people and circumstances have power over you, it is only because your personal story says that others have power over you.

Change the thoughts (stories) you think to positive to get positive outcomes.

Change the thoughts (stories) you think to negative to get negative outcomes.

Study Abraham-Hicks material for more practical info about telling a new story. Or learn "reframing" from NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming). Here are a few examples of changing a story (reframing) from negative to positive.

EXAMPLES OF REFRAMING (telling a different story)

Initial frame: "I am in a tunnel and I can’t see a way out."

Reframe: "Every tunnel has an entrance and exit."

Initial frame: "I know I will never be confident."

Reframe: "Being confident starts with having insights about our limits."

Initial frame: "When he/she looks at me like that he/she hates me."

Reframe: "People cover up their hurt by putting a scowl on their faces."

Initial frame: "Beggars are criminals and might kill me."

Reframe: "No one deliberately wants to fall on hard times."

Initial frame: "He/she is out at night and that means that he/she does not love me any more."

Reframe: "Private time away can help you to appreciate each other much more."

Initial frame: "He/she is so boring, stays in all the time and does not have a mind of his/her own"

Reframe: "Thoughtful people put others first and are a great port in a storm — a great source of security"

Initial frame: "He doesn’t want to work. He is no good and a layabout - a typical waster - a drain on us all."

Reframe: "Lack of jobs has forced good and honest people into unemployment. This takes away their hope and breaks their spirit and belief in work."



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@releaser99-thanks alot for detail answer.its means that the thoughts we all the tie busy in thinking are the stories we are telling ourselves.

(25 Apr '13, 12:08) Zee

If we are responsible for setting our own guidelines, can we also set the guideline our impulse thoughts are 'corrected' by our more 'leveled' selves? Making sure our reflex or impulses are controlled, so to speak?

(25 Apr '13, 15:29) Snow

@Snow Could you eloborate what you mean by "thoughts are 'corrected' by our more 'leveled' selves"?

(25 Apr '13, 19:35) releaser99

I mention at times that my Id can be impulsive and not always in a good way. I believe the more 'feral' impulses it provides are leveled and restricted by my Ego and Super Ego, or at least I hope so. Otherwise I'm in big trouble because it isn't nice sometimes. I know I want to always be a positive influence on everyone who wishes to be the same. I've always been this way since I was a child. But my thoughts betray me at times, if that makes sense?

(26 Apr '13, 00:43) Snow

@Snow As I mentioned above: everything is just perspective. To me you have a negative frame for something good. So let's reframe it and tell a different story. Initial Frame: "I can be impulsive and not always in a good way"Reframe: What about "I am blessed because I have the ability to express my emotions purely as they are no matter what they are. Other people suppress them and don't feel any emotions. And what is life worth without emotions? So this means I live life to the fullest."

(26 Apr '13, 03:17) releaser99

Initial frame: "Some emotions that I express are bad for other people." Reframe: "My impulsivity is a great opportunity for other people to work on themselves and therefore to live a better life afterwards. Because everything negative that humans experience is a reflection of their own negative beliefs anyway." Of course you can come up with your own positive reframes. But you get the idea?

(26 Apr '13, 03:18) releaser99
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"Telling a different story", to my memory, is a phrase often used by Abraham with the explanation of changing your vibrational set point.

I personally am not a fan of Abraham (these days), yet this single clause boasts an immence depth of real life wisdom.

If you are unhappy about a life event or circumstance, by all means there are two options. You will either bask in your unhappy feelings and thoughts about it, or you will decide to change it.

Let's say one day Nikulas gets hungry and decides he's going to bake up a delicious chocolate cake. In the midst of preparation, he's adding flour, adding sugar, adding more sugar, and then he takes the eggs out of the fridge but drops them onto the floor. Every single of them smashes and creates a disguisting mess on the floor.

Whilst yes, he is angry this has happened, and all sorts of stories begin enveloping in his head, "Now I've got no eggs", "This is going to take longer than I thought", "It's not even finished yet and I've got all these dishes to clean."

Ok, cool. But if he's going to get that cake finished he'll need to buy some eggs. He needs to start telling a different story.

The Japanese culture, from even ancient history, really utilises the philosophy of taking all energy to fix problems rather than observe the problem itself and contemplate it; doing so only strengthens the existence of the problem. Fix problems is not even the way to describe it, it would be more wisely put as create solutions.

Once that cake is made, though the history remains Nik dropped the eggs, the story changes and in the end, the cake gets finished. What a lovely narrative that is, don't you think :)

Bashar really takes this to the absolute extreme with shifting perceptions about things permanently to otherwise create the same effect. You've probably seen discussion of this on IQ lately, like http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/77354/would-you-share-your-personal-insights-on-using-bashars-method-for-breaking-addictions

You can take this concept and apply it to anything. Actually, in manifesting things, you're always telling a different story to feel better about things. This is where Stingrays famous focus blocks come in.

You're feelings are the author of your life. Get them to tell a different feeling, and you'll start creating a new world. However, remember, you cannot stop the pages from being written, even after transcending the human body.

So "write" something interesting!


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@Nikulas-Thanks a lot for your kind answer.am now very much clear what is the concept.

(25 Apr '13, 12:10) Zee

I have heard Neil Donald Walsh talk of this.

He said we all have personal stories of whoa we carry around like proud battle scars.

"Some idiot pulled out in front of me! I'm lucky I didn't get killed getting here!"

Does that sounds like someone happy to be at your party?

Same incident, different story.

"I am so glad I made it to your party! I was on the highway doing 55 and someone pulled out right in front of me! God is so good, he kept me calm where I could quickly swerve off the road just past the ditch and apply my breaks. The guy kept going, he didn't notice or care so I thanked God and said a prayer for that driver to keep him and anyone else safe."

"No, no I wouldn't call him an idiot, he either didn't see me, or maybe he let frustration and impatience get to him. The important point is I made it to your party unscathed! I'm glad I came!"

Wow what an adventurous story! It is fascinating, has some scares but also a great ending!

We tend to forget the ending and get stuck in the bad part.

We ask someone how are you. They proceed to tell us every ach and pain, every sickness. But everything they say stops there, they don't tell the full story because they get stuck in the bad part.

We need to break through to the other side, "Right now I have this cold and my system is feeling lousy. But that is the amazing thing about our body defense systems. All those symptoms mean your immune system is working on the problem! I'll be better and feeling great again soon."

That is a interesting story, much better than, "I'm sorry, I have a cold, I feel lousy. My nose is running, I keep coughing I am miserable."

So not only are you spreading a cold, you are spreading a miserable story to go with it!

Then there are those stuck in the past holding on to "This always happens to me" stories.

People that expect bad luck or to get hurt or sick or dumped or stay broke, gain back weight, or fill in the negitive blank here __.

We can't afford "This always happens to me" stories. Unless it is like this...

"Wow I found more money! This always happens to me! My life is great!"


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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi-thanks for another great reply.so its mean we should be carefull what we are thinking and saying.so taht we can create better reality.

(25 Apr '13, 12:33) Zee

@Zee Yes exactly, we really don't like living in our whoa stories. We feel, stuck, like we have no choice, that is our lot in life. That is the story we are accepting about ourselves, but we can change it to great endings. We can say "I stuck it out and through it all I made it!" That is inspiring! Read the story of Helen Keller part way through. It is sad, depressing, unfair ect.. But now read it to the end WOWWEE what a story of triumph! What an inspiration!

(25 Apr '13, 13:05) Wade Casaldi

@Zee Even telling Helen Keller's story. We could say, that poor unfortunate woman. Imagine having to live like that all your life! Or.... What an amazing woman, she shows no matter what comes our way we can conquer and raise to the top! She could be remembered as unfortunate or amazing, I like amazing myself...

(25 Apr '13, 14:00) Wade Casaldi
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